5 Best 3-Tier Cat Tower & Tree Condos To Pick In 2022 Reviews

You are not satisfied with regular cat trees with just one or two levels?

Your kitties are not entertained and don’t have too many spaces?

Then you probably need a product like the best 3-tier cat tower or 3-tier cat tree.

In this review, I am describing the 5 best three tier cat tree products which you can look for and should consider buying. Read the review and choose which of these products is the best for you.


Interesting Facts To Know When Buying 3-Tier Cat Products

Choose The Brand

You are probably interested in knowing which brand you should look for? Well, there are lots of them on the market and all of them are different in design, material, size, color, etc. Some of the best are The You&Me, IRIS, Petmaker, etc.

3-Tier Tree Good Solution For You

If your kitties are playful then you know that they have to be entertained all day. One level cat tree is not the right choice for you because kitties will be bored. To make sure they will have fun all day 3-tier cat trees and towers can save you.

One Kitty Or Multiple Kitties Joy

However, 3-tier cat trees and towers are not only multiple cat’s joy. If you have just one kitty she or he will be very happy too. It is your decision which brand you are going to choose and how big the tree is going to be.

Wallets Choice

With this kind of product, you are going to be satisfied at every level. Your cat is going to feel happy and your wallet too. There are cheaper ones and expensive ones. You can choose whatever suits you best. The prices are moving from 30$ to about 100$.

Web Pages

Most of these products you can find on Amazon.com and order as quick as possible. However, the products are available on the brand’s web pages like pawz.com, youandme.com, etc. You can ask for any information on the brand’s web pages.

Best 5 Three Tier Product Reviews

Small 3-Tier Cat Tree

Iris Cat Tree Condo

Small But Beautiful

This product is showing how one product can give quality and space-saving. The Iris cat tree brings your pet happiness on three levels. A very cute designed tree is all that you need if you want something small but beautiful.

Iris Cat Tree Condo

Three Perches Three Heights

It includes three levels or specifically three perches in three different heights and scratching posts. Your kitty can climb, jump and rest in a soft place. Kitties can pick a level to enjoy. It includes a cute paw print on every perch too.

Enjoy For Many Years

The tree is built with very sturdy components and heavy-duty hardware so your kitty will be able to enjoy for many years from buying the product. It doesn’t take too many spaces and the dimensions are 19.7×19.7×27.6 inches and weight of 15.5 pounds.

Iris Cat Tree Condo review

Small Tree Small Apartment

It is very easy to assemble because it is smaller and it takes a couple of minutes to build it. Perfect for people with a small apartment. It is also very easy to maintain it because it can easily clean with the brush or vacuum cleaner. It is affordable too.

One To Three Kitties

The tree is made for single-cat owners or multi-cat owners and every type of cat is welcome. If you have 3 cats it is perfect but if you have 4 or more then it’s not the best choice because of the space on it.


  • includes three perches
  • soft and sturdy material
  • paw print included
  • space saving product

Cheap 3-Tier Cat Tree

Petmaker Cat Tree

Have Fun And Sleep Tight

Petmaker tree is made for sleep and play. This is a very interesting cat tree because of its design and material. Your kitty is going to have so much fun on it. Joy is spreading on three soft levels.

Petmaker Cat Tree

Mouse Toys And Extra Balls

It includes three levels. There is a panel on every level and on two levels there are raised sides. This tree is different from the first one because it includes two mouse hanging toys and a cheese wheel containing three balls for your kitty’s adventure.

Soft Plush Tree

The tree is made from sturdy material and it is all covered in soft plush fabric. It comes in a beautiful tan color. Its size is medium with the dimensions of 19.5×19.5×27.5 inches. It is going to look good in every space for sure.

Petmaker Cat Tree review

Non-Expensive And Easy To Maintain

This product besides it’s beautiful it is easy to assemble and maintain. You can build it alone and also clean ti alone. All you need is a brush or a vacuum. The best thing is that it is not expensive.

All Cats And Kittens

Every kitty can enjoy this kind of tree. The toys are making it more fun than it is alone. It is recommended for all cats and kittens from 10 weeks and older. Bring the fun in your cat’s life with this product.


  • raised sides on two panels
  • toys included
  • recommended for all cats and kittens

Tall 3-Tier Cat Tree With Scratching Post

MidWest Curious Cat Condo


MidWest cat condo is made to embrace kitty’s instinct to lounge and play. This design is different from all trees in this review. Your cat is going to feel like home.

MidWest Curious Cat Condo

Unusual Condo

The unusual condo includes three different levels. Two cat cubes to rest and hide, 3 tier cat scratching post on the side for maintaining your kitty’s claws and on the top, there is a high rise cushioned bed for snoozing and enjoying the view.

Fits Great In Your Home

The tree has a strong, sturdy construction and it comes in beautiful brown color. It is made from faux suede and synthetic sheepskin. Because of its beautiful color, it will look great with the furniture in your living room. Dimensions are 14.6×14.7×30.4 inches.

MidWest Curious Cat Condo review

Easy To Storage And Travel With It

This condo is great because of its assemble and easy maintaining. The thing that makes it different from the other products is it can collapse flat when not in use for easy storage and travel.

Multiple Cats Accommodation

The condo is perfect for any type of cats and it can accommodate multiple cats. The size is not important so if your cat is smaller or bigger you don’t need to worry. You will be happy and also your cat will be.


  • soft faux suede and sheepskin material
  • made for multiple cats
  • it can easily store and travel with it

Gray Three Tier Cat Tower

Pawz Luxury Cat Tower

Unique And Luxury

For cat owners who want to buy something that looks luxury Pawz brand is the best choice. This unique design makes this tower different from others. Your little friend is going to be thrilled with it.

Pawz Luxury Cat Tower

New Experience

This cat tower includes two private apartments for cozy relaxation, a panel on the top which has the possibility of bird-view trough the window and scratching post with different material for your kitty’s claws different experience.

Quite Safe And Sturdy

The design is well balanced and quite safe and sturdy for cats to play. It is all covered in plush for your kitty to enjoy it. It comes in a beautiful gray color which will look good in every room and the advice is to put it near the window. The dimensions are 17.7×19.7×33.9 inches.

Pawz Luxury Cat Tower review

Extra Help And Spare Replacement

It is very easy to maintain and the cover on the top is removable and machine washable. You are going to get instructions and also you can find the video on Youtube for extra help. The hanging toy can be removed and replaced. The spare replacement is included.

Cat’s Fun And Room Decor

The tower is made for every kitty and the size is not important. It is better for multiple cats because they can have fun together and rest together. And it will look good in your home for sure.


  • safe and sturdy material
  • easy assembly and maintain
  • spare replacement included

Floor To Ceiling 3-Tier Cat Tree

Max & Marlow Cat Tree

Tall And Durable

For cat owners who want a product that is floor to ceiling and at the same time durable then this is the right brand for you. The simple design will look great in every room you put it and your kitty can enjoy multiple levels in different heights.

Max & Marlow Cat Tree

3 Different Heights

It includes three perches in different heights which satisfies your cat’s needs for climbing and enjoying the view. Your furniture will be safe because this tree includes scratching material so the cat can enjoy without destroying your home.

Adjustable And Stabile

The product is very adjustable because of its possibility to firm it to the ceiling and it makes it stabile. It is made from sturdy material. It comes in a beautiful combination of a lighter and darker gray colors. Dimensions are 19x19x90 inches.

Max & Marlow Cat Tree review

10 Minute Assemble

The great thing about this type of tree is that it is easy to assemble. It only takes 10 minutes and also it is easy to keep it clean. You can clean it up with a dumped cloth and that’s it.

20 Pounds Cat And Kittens

This tree is made for any type of cat and kittens. They can jump without fear that the tree will not handle it. It doesn’t matter if you have one cat or multiple cats but their weight has to be 20 pounds and not more.


  • floor to ceiling tree
  • easy to assemble
  • made for cat and kittens up to 20 pounds

Conclusion: Why You Should Consider To Look For 3-Tier Tree & Tower Products?

The best 3 tier cat tower and tree products to look for in 2020 are MidWest Curious Cat Condo and Pawz Luxury Cat Tower. The first one is great because of the different designs and because you can easily collapse it flat and store it. The other one is perfect because of all spare replacement is included and it has many possibilities.

If you want 3 tier cat tree product but you want it to be very big then you should read floor to ceiling cat tree review. Maybe you are more for shelves because of room decor so you should read cat tree shelves review. If you are satisfied with something smaller but at the same time very sweet then you should read my review about the cute cat tree.