Best 3 Prestige Cat Trees & Kitty Condos You Can Buy Reviews

You want the prestige for your cat and that’s why you’re interested in prestige cat trees and kitty condos?

You’re in the right place because here, I will tell you a little more about prestige cat trees and what are the best models you can buy. Whether you like big or small cat trees, I will cover them both.


What You Need To Know About Prestige Cat Tree Brand

What you need to know about prestige cat tree brand?

Since they don’t have the official website, I will tell what I have found out, and what is most important to know.

About The Prestige Cat Tree Company

The prestige cat tree is a handcrafted cat tree from the United States that truly wants to provide prestige for your cats and kittens. They are producing high-quality cat furniture and other pet supplies, from treats and toys to feeders and odor suspensions. They are offering big and prestige cat trees, cat perches, cat towers, and condos for decades that both, you and your cat, will love.

Prices Of The Prestige Cat Trees

They are a little bit on the pricey side since almost every cat tree is over 100$, but you can find a simple cat tree or cat furniture for less on the sale. This is quite reasonable because the prestige cat trees are big and very good quality furniture that will provide your cat with everything it needs. They are not overpriced, and for what they offer the ratio of the prices and the quality is good.

Where To Buy Prestige Cat Trees

As I said in the beginning, considering they don’t have their site, could be the perfect solution. Known as the most famous and best online retailer has available three prestige cat trees that I will introduce to you in the next chapter. is a user-friendly site where you can easily find and choose the right furniture for you, compare it with others and read what people have to say about it.

Three Best Prestige Cat Trees

Prestige Cat Trees 130098-Neutral Staggered Cat Tower Cat Tree

About Prestige Cat Tree 130098

This prestige neutral staggered cat tree is big multi-level cat furniture. This cat tree gives a lot of space for activity which is very important for pets’ physical and mental health. After the play of the mind and the body, your cat or kittens can lay around and rest on one of the multiple perches.

Prestige Cat Trees 130098-Neutral Staggered Cat Tower Cat Tree

What The Prestige Cat Tree 130098 Has

It provides a tall position of top perch as the perfect spot for a lookout. Cats have to observe the environment all the time, and on the top, she can feel safe. Besides the top perch, this big cat tree has other four perches and numerous sisal and soft posts, for the play and for sharpening the claws.

Materials Of Prestige Cat Trees

For the prestige cat trees, quality materials are important and they are dedicated to them. The frame of the cat tree is made of solid wood for a stable and safe playground, and the whole construction is carpeted with thick high-quality plush. The posts that help sharpening the claws are made of unoiled sisal rope.

Prestige Cat Trees 130098-Neutral Staggered Cat Tower Cat Tree review

Size And Colors Od Prestige Cat Tre 130098

this prestige cat tree’s overall dimensions are 72 x 23 x 23 inches and it weighs 72 lbs. Even though this is a tall cat tree, it is easy to assemble, taking 4-5 minutes and requiring no tools. Including the simplicity of the construction, it will also be easy to fit the cat tree into the interior because it’s coming in neutral only colors – Beige, Gray, and Taupe.


  • tall, multi-level cat tree
  • suitable for large cats and multiple cats
  • three neutral colors
  • high-quality materials

Prestige Cat Trees 130014-Neutral Main Coon Cat House Cat Tree

About Prestige Vat Re 130014

The second prestige cat tree on the list is also a big one. It will make your cat joyful with all of its possibilities. Your loving cats or kittens can jump, play, rest, scratch, sleep peacefully or hide in need of private moments. With its high-quality solid construction, it’s perfect for extra-large cats or for multiple cats at once.

Prestige Cat Trees 130014-Neutral Main Coon Cat House Cat Tree

Possibilities Of 130014 Prestige Cat Tree

At the bottom of the cat tree, there is a significant roomy condo where your cats can snuggle and sleep. After the cats wake up they have plenty of space for play and exploring – one spacious middle perch, three-round top perches and big soft and sisal-wrapped posts. Cats can jump up and down, inspect the surroundings and sharpen their claws.

Materials Of 130014 Prestige Cat Tree

This prestige cat tree is handcrafted from solid wood and made in the United States. It is covered with thick, extremely plush household grade carpet. This will provide your cat safety and feeling of coziness and warmth that they will adore. The posts are also covered in plush, but there is indispensable sisal rope.

Prestige Cat Trees 130014-Neutral Main Coon Cat House Cat Tree review

Size And Colors Of Prestige Cat Trees

The overall size of this prestige cat tree is 65 x 24 x 24 inches and it weighs 75 lbs. Because this is a stable construction it’s able to endure extra-large cats and multiple cats. In the package, you will get the assembly instruction that is easy to use, step-by-step. After you build the tree for your cat you will easily fit it into the interior with its neutral available colors.


  • multipurpose
  • suitable for extra-large cats
  • roomy condo
  • three-round top perches
  • the neutral color of the cat tree

Prestige Cat Trees Beige Kitty Condo, Large

About Kitty Condo Prestige Cat Tree

Last but not least cat tree on the list is the smallest one. The size of the cat tree does not mean it will not give your cat pleasure it deserves. The cat can still jump up and down from it, sleep, lay, scratch and probably much more. It is looking really cute and it will easily fit into any home.

Prestige Cat Trees Beige Kitty Condo, Large

Levels That Kitty Condo Prestige Cat Tree Has

This prestige cat three has three levels, including the base. The base can be used as the warm perch and as a playground where cats can circle around two posts that hold second and third levels. On the second level, there is semi-tunnel looking like perch that gives your cat place for safe rest. The third, top perch, is a round cat bed where your pets can sleep and look around.

Materials Of Kitty Condo Prestige Cat Tree

Like all the other cat trees from the prestige cat tree brand, this is handcrafted cat furniture made in the United States. This cute cat tree is made of solid wood that gives the furniture stability, and it is covered with a compact plush that exudes with elegance. The top round perch is standing on the sisal-wrapped post that will last for a long time.

Prestige Cat Trees Beige Kitty Condo, Large review

Size And Colors Of Prestige Cat Trees

dimensions of the cat tree are 33 x 20 x 24 inches, and it weighs 31 lbs. dimensions of the two perches are different, the first one is 17.5 x 12 inches big, and the round one is 17 inches. It is ready to use right out of the box, completely assembled. You will incorporate it easily with its nice look and warm neutral color.


  • smaller cat tree
  • easy to fit in
  • warm neutral colors
  • suitable for large and multiple cats
  • high quality

Conclusion: is the prestige cat tree right for you and your cat?

From this list of three cat trees, my recommendation for you would be the last two the biggest and the smallest one – Prestige cat tree 130014 and Prestige Cat Tree Kitty Condo. Whether you have multiple cats so you need the bigger one, or you have a small cat and small space to fit the cat tree into, it is up to which one you will choose.

If this list was maybe too short for you and you have to have more information about cat trees, no worries. I am covering all the types of cat trees, so whatever you are looking for you can read it here and get the needed information. Maybe you’re interested in cat tree clearance or cat towers for sale, or if the prices are not important to you, I have written about deluxe cat trees and elegant cat trees. If you have a big cat that needs a stabile cat tree I am covering that, too – read my article about cat trees for large breeds.