Best 3 Whisker City Cat Tree, Condo & Tower In 2022 Reviews

You love your little furry friend but don’t have so much money to spend on buying cat stuff?

Regular cat trees or towers look great to you but they are too expensive?

Find the solution by reading this article!

Kitty city cat tower products are waiting for you and your kitty will love it. You can read all about whisker city cat tree products and decide are they perfect for your little friend’s fun.


About Whisker City

Rescue Organization

Whisker City is a rescue organization and advocacy which started to work in 1991. It is made to protect unwanted and abandoned cats. The organization is located in Shoreline, WA. The idea is to take good care of abandoned kitties until they are adopted and housing if they are never chosen.

Donation Support

You can help by sponsoring a kitty by becoming a monthly sponsor. Whisker city has their products that are available on pages like Chewy. com and if you order from that web page Whisker city is getting a 20 $ donation. Whisker city is also supported by Kitty City products. You can order their products on

Protecting Environment

Not only you will do charity work if you order Kitty City products so you will watch the environment. All of their products are safety tested and made from recycled material. They use plastic parts and bags that are recyclable polypropylene.

Affordable Price

The main goal was to create products that are available to everyone, which means they are not expensive. You can get cat furniture and accessorizes with a different style of designing and recyclable material for an affordable price.

Whisker City Pop-Up Tunnel Cat Toy

Fun Place

Fun place to stay all day and play. Made from recyclable plastic material that easily pops-open and folds down. 4 colors are bringing happiness in the room. Dimensions are 34-Lx34-Wx10.5-D.

Whisker City Pop-Up Tunnel Cat Toy


Your kitty will enjoy this tri-tunnel because it develops hiding skills. Kitty can run into a tunnel and play with dangling toys that are included. You can put the tunnel everywhere in your home and it will keep your cat entertained.

Whisker City Pop-Up Tunnel Cat Toy review

Very Practical Choice

This product is a good choice for one kitty or maybe two because they can have fun together. The owners can be happy too because the tunnel is very practical and you can easily move it from one room to another and remove also. It is also easy to maintain and easy to assemble.


  • made from recyclable material
  • includes dangly toys
  • easy to assemble
  • easy to maintain

Kitty City Cat Condo Claw Mega Kit

Multiple Levels Fun

If you want your kitties to have fun all day than Mega Kit is the best product for you. Interesting designed multiple levels tower will keep your pet entertained all day. Materials are recycled plastic and soft fleece. Dimensions are 32.5×46.8×47.5 inches and weight of 10.32 pounds.

Kitty City Cat Condo Claw Mega Kit

All Possibilities In One Product

This is like a magnet for kitties. They can explore multiple levels. Cats can jump, lounge, scratch, play and hide if they want. The best thing is that the mega kit is giving all these possibilities in one product. It is made for multi-cat owners.

Kitty City Cat Condo Claw Mega Kit review

Fits In Any Space

For the owners, this is a great opportunity to watch their kitty having an active lifestyle without making a mess in their home. It is very easy to assemble and clean. With its modular design, it is easy to change it to fit any space. It is lightweight and easy to move everywhere.


  • multiple levels of entertainment
  • modular design
  • easy to assemble and clean
  • made for multiple cats

Kitty City Royal Magnificent Tower Cat Furniture

Magnificent Place

Build your multiple cats a magnificent place to have fun into. This magnificent cat tower is made from a recyclable plastic material. It has multiple levels and flags on the top for more fun. It comes in two colors: blue and grey. It includes 1 cozy cubby with a washable bed, 1 loft home and 1 clubhouse with flags to play. Dimensions are 35.5×35.5×37 inches.

Kitty City Royal Magnificent Tower Cat Furniture

Place Can Rearrange

Your kitty will have a real adventure in this magnificent castle. Cats can explore everywhere and jump, hide, stretch inside, play with the accessorize balls which are hanging around. However, if the place starts to look familiar you can just rearrange the pieces and build a whole different place.

Kitty City Royal Magnificent Tower Cat Furniture review

Build And Clean Easily

The best thing about this product is that you can build it alone and you can easily clean it by yourself with a brush or damp cloth. It can rearrange so you can choose any place in your home and it can fit there perfectly. It’s not made for children to use it so be careful because it can easily damage. It is for pet use only.


  • multiple levels
  • made for multiple cats
  • two colors available
  • it can be rearranged

Conclusion: Why You Should By This Practical Whisker City Cat Products?

Whisker city offers a lot and helps a lot and that is why the products are so special. For example, the first product named Whisker City Pop-Up Tunnel Cat Toy is special because of its simplicity and possibility to easily assemble and maintain and keeping your cat entertained. But if you want something different than you should consider the third product named Kitty City Magnificent Tower that is special because of the possibility to be rearranged so you can create a whole different space for your multiple cat’s entertainments.

If the kitty city tower products are not good enough for you because you want a tree or tower that is made from sturdy material like wood then you should read the wooden cat tree review. However, if you just want something affordable then you can read my cheap cat towers review about whisker city cat tree products.