Best Pink & Purple Cat Tree & Tower To Get In 2022 Reviews

Do you like a modern look in your home with colors like elegant soft pink or beautiful purple? Do you wish your pet to enjoy the same color that matches your home?

Then you should read this article!

Pink and purple are happy colors so I am going to describe 5 the best pink cat tree and pink cat tower products and if you like purple you can read about purple cat tree and tower products too.


Things You Should Know About This Products

Pinky And Purple Brands

Most of you ask yourself who buys this type of product and why those specific colors? Well, these products are made for modern people who love to make their home different and beautiful. A lot of brands are making products in these colors like Bulary, Wzerry, Moolo, etc.

Made For Design Lovers

Design lovers will be thrilled with these colors. Pink for the female kitties and purple for the male and the best thing is that this is not the rule and if you want pink for the male and purple for the female cat that is your choice and it is going to look perfect.

Special Because Of The Colors

What is the difference between these trees and towers and the other type of trees and towers? Well, there is no difference except of the colors. The design is a little bit different but these products are special because of these colors which look elegant and beautiful.

Prices And Places To Look For These Products

The best thing about this type of product is that there is no difference in the prices. You can find it for an affordable price and look for it on-brand web pages like,, etc. You can find these products on too.

Best 5 Pink & Purple Cat Furniture Reviews

Best Pink Cat Tower For Kittens

Bulary Pink Cat Tree

Fashion Space

This is a fashion cat space. It entertains your kitty and the sweet pink color looks great in every space. It reminds of a playhouse for the dolls and it is a cute cat tree.

Bulary Pink Cat Tree

Pink Tree Construction

Bulary pink cat tree includes a base stand, scratching posts for kitty to maintain its claws, comfortable hammock, a hanging toy, a little cat condo, a hammock swing below the condo and a flat perched on the top. The color is pink.

Material Information

The material is very sturdy and cozy. It is made from high-quality wood, sword rope, and the premium lamb wool. This combination of material makes the tree very stable but at the same time soft, comfortable and safe. The dimensions are 20.08×16.14×32.28 inches.

Bulary Pink Cat Tree review

Package Of Screws And Installation

This product is great because it is easy to maintain and assemble. Maintaining maybe can be harder because of the color but you can clean it don’t worry. Assemble is easy because you get the package of screws and installation instructions.

Cute Color And Made For Medium Size Cats

The product looks great in every room you want to put it because of its cute color and design. It is perfect for medium size cats and I recommend two cats or a single cat because of the product size.


  • high-quality wood and lamb wool material
  • includes tools and instructions
  • pink color
  • made for medium size cats

Best Pink Cat Scratching Post

Wzerry Pink Cat Tree

Sweet Color And Cute Design

Here is the product that makes your kitty happy and entertained and not only your kitty but you too. How somebody cannot be happy with this sweet color and cute design? Beyond it’s beautiful it is safe for your cat too.

Wzerry Pink Cat Tree

Construction Info

So what to say about the construction? This tree has a base stand, a cute tunnel on the base stand, a scratching posts, a comfortable and soft hammock, a flat perched on the top and a fluffy hanging toy. It comes in pink color.

Good And Quality One

The material is what makes the product a good and quality one, and this tree is made from high-quality lamb wool, sword rope, and wood. This combo makes the tree safe .and cozy at the same time. The dimensions are 17.72×15.57×27.95 inches.

Wzerry Pink Cat Tree review

Everything Is Pretty Simple

This product comes with instructions and tools so everything is pretty simple. You just look in the installation instructions and take the tools and you have your product for a few minutes. It is easy to maintain it too.

Fits In The Corner

Wzerry pink tree is perfect for aesthetic lovers and it fits perfectly in every room even corners so it’s a bonus. It is great for every cat but not multiple ones because of its size.


  • wood and lamb wool material
  • simple to assemble
  • fits in the corner

Best Small Pink Cat Condo

Laamei Cat Condo

Cuteness Overload

Well, this is the definition of cuteness overload. A sweet condo for your pet that looks like a candy. It is small and worth considering to get one because it has something special even being that small.

Laamei Cat Condo

Classic Tent-Shaped Condo

This product is timeless. It is a classic tent-shaped condo that provides your cat with sleep and hides. The great thing is that it comes in many sizes and colors next to the pink color.

Soft Material

The dimensions of this cat condo are15x15x15.75 inches. The material is soft cushioned so it is very cozy. You can put it everywhere you want because it is easy and perfect sized.

Laamei Cat Condo review

Machine Washable And Easy To Travel With

The product is made from the material that is machine washable without stretching out of shape. The second good thing is that it is easy so it makes your traveling more easy with your pet having its private space.

Small Or Medium Cats And Dogs

If you buy this product your pet will be grateful because the cat needs her or his private space and this is what the product is bringing. It is great for small or medium cats and dogs too.


  • soft material
  • tent-shaped condo
  • machine washable material
  • made for small or medium-size cats and dogs

Purple Cat Scratching Post

Yingui Purple Cat Tree

Made For Having Fun

This tree is made for having fun. It has all your kitty needs. A cat can play, jump, scratch and rest and that are perfect for her or him and for you too. The color is attractive too.

Yingui Purple Cat Tree

Purple Tree Construction

This Yingui purple cat tree includes a base stand, a cute little bridge with scratching post on it, another scratching post, a flat perch on the top with lifted edges and a fluffy hanging toys for extra fun. The color of the product is purple.

Stable But Comfortable

The dimensions of this product are 36x36x48 cm. It is made from the combination of sturdy wood material, sisal scratching material, and soft plush so it makes the tree stable but comfortable.

Yingui Purple Cat Tree review

Finished In A Few Minutes

The product is easy to assemble and maintain. There is no special assemble to do and it can be finished in a few minutes. The product includes hanging toys so your kitties will be entertained.

Beige Paw Print Makes It More Special

This product is very cute because of its color and it has a cute little, beige paw print on the base stand which makes it more special. It is made for cats of all ages and types or more specifically for senior cats and kittens.


  • stable material
  • hanging toys included
  • purple color
  • made for senior cats and kittens

Tall Purple Cat Tower

Moolo Purple Cat Tower

Modern Designed Cat Tower

Well, this is something big and durable. This modern designed cat tower is made for people who love fashion and modern style and who have multiple kitties because of the multiple levels for kitties fun.

Moolo Purple Cat Tower

Multiple Levels In Purple

This purple cat tower has multiple levels which means a base stand, a ladder perch, a modern hammock, scratching posts, a big cat condo and two flat perches on the top with lifted edges and fluffy hanging toys. The tower comes in purple color.

Provides Happiness And Joy

These tall cat tower dimensions are 16.53×16.53×50.39 inches. It is made from sturdy and durable material covered in soft, cozy plush and natural sisal. This product provides your cat’s happiness and joy on all levels.

Moolo Purple Cat Tower review

Easy To Assemble And Clean Up

Moolo purple cat tower is easy to assemble and to clean up because you get all the necessary parts and tools included and also you get all detailed instructions so you don’t have to worry that something is going to be wrong.

Color Brings Fresh And Sweet Look

The beautiful, modern cat tower in purple color will fit perfectly in your living room because this color brings a fresh, sweet look. It is made for all types of cats but the recommendation is senior and large cats.


  • stable and durable material
  • parts, tools, and instructions are included
  • made for senior and large cats

Conclusion: Why Are The Products In Pink And Purple An Interesting Choice?

When you want something interesting and modern then you will probably consider buying a pink cat tree or pink cat tower but not only pink is a great choice so it is purple. The best two choices are Bulary Pink Cat Tree and Moolo Purple Cat Tower. The first one is great because of its size and possibilities and the second one is great because it has multiple levels so you can have multiple kitties.

If you want something more natural which looks like it came from nature then you should read the realistic cat trees reviews and cat towers with leaves. However, if you are ready for something modern and fashionable, then you should read my review about the best cat towers in purple and pink.