Best 5 Castle Cat Tower & Tree Furnitures In 2022 Reviews

Do you want your kitty to have her or his castle because she or he is a little queen or king?

Then you have to read this!

In this article, I am going to detail describe the 5 best castle cat tree furniture products offered on the market. Cat castle tower can bring a whole new style for you and your pet so you should consider buying one.


Some Stuff You Should Know Before Buying Castle Furniture

Special Treatment For Your Pet

When you feel like your pet deserves a special treatment then you consider buying him or her a castle. However, it is not a real castle but it brings the feeling like it is. Cat castle trees or cat castle towers are all your pet can wish for if you treat them like royalty.

Castle Tree Pleasure

Castle trees are offering pleasure to your kitties, it doesn’t matter if you have one cat or more than one. A cat can enjoy her own space where she can sleep, play, scratch and jump. The most important thing about cat castles is that there is so much space inside and out so cats will be entertained all day.

Brands Have The Answers

Many different brands are making different castle cat trees, towers and condos and you have to just look for depending on what you need. Is the product suitable for large cats or kittens? Do you need something large and luxury or something small and simple? All the answers give brands like Furhaven, Go Pet Club, Trixie, etc.

The Price Is Not A Problem

The best thing is that everyone can afford itself one cat castle tree or tower. There are expensive ones for people who can spend a little more than usual and there are cheap ones so the price is not the problem. The prices are going from 30$ and growing.

Best 5 Castle Cat Furniture Reviews

Cat Tree Condo With Hammock

Yaheetech Cat Condo

Indoor Safety And Outdoor Benefits

This cat condo is a perfect example of satisfaction for your kitty and you. It is a combination of indoor safety and benefits of outdoor cat tree furniture. Place it wherever you want and your pet can start enjoying.

Yaheetech Cat Condo

Parts Of The Castle

The castle cat condo includes two padded perches with lifted edges, a big condo house for sleeping and snoozing, a soft hammock for more fun and hanging plush toys for keeping up the entertainment. The color is beige.

Highly Durable Tree

The tree is made from highly durable particle wood. It is all covered in soft plush to keep your kitties warmed and cozy. Scratching posts are all covered with natural sisal ropes to embrace cat activity and scratching. Dimensions are 23.8×19.9×57.5 inches.

Yaheetech Cat Condo review

Care Instructions

The product is easy to assemble because you get instructions and tools included. Cleaning is also easy with mild detergent or soap. You don’t have to worry about maintaining and setting up.

Adult Cats Only

Place the tree away from dump areas and children are not allowed to climb on the tree. It is made for large, multiple cats or more specifically adult cats. They can easily jump on and off the tree.


  • highly durable material
  • easy to maintain and assemble
  • made for adult cats
  • hammock included

Cat Tree House With Scratching Post

Midlee Castle Cat Tree

Tiny And Fun

This is a product for the king or queen of the house. It looks like a tiny but fun accessory for every cat lover’s home. It is very cute and your kitty will be entertained and active in her or his own space.

Midlee Castle Cat Tree

Castle Design

It is beautifully designed and it includes a scratchpad that you put inside of the castle, a bag of catnip and a hanging mouse. The door opening is about 11 inches tall and 8 inches wide. It has pre-cut windows and four towers on all four corners.

Grey Stoned Print On Cardboard

It is made for people who like simplicity and cuteness. However, for the ones who don’t want to exaggerate with the big tree. It is made from cardboard and it has grey stoned print. It is about 20 inches tall.

Midlee Castle Cat Tree review

Easiest To Maintain And Assemble

This product is the easiest to maintain and assemble. For assembly, you need a few minutes and you don’t need tools. You just connect the corresponding parts. It includes a removable scratchpad if the cat makes a mess on the first one.

Cat Accommodation

The product is made especially for cats and kittens. It can accommodate even larger domestic cats. It is good because it will keep their entertainment and it is perfect for relieving stress and discomfort.


  • simple and small cat castle
  • includes toy, removable scratchpad and a bag of catnip
  • easy to assemble

Large Princess Castle Cat Tower

Cat Tree King Queensplace

Heaven Place

If you want to spoil your little furry princess than this is the right cat tree product for you. Soft and cozy material will make your kitty feel like she is in heaven. Cause a princess will one day become a queen so you should give her a throne.

Cat Tree King Queensplace

Kitty’s Wish

It includes a large bed on the top with a removable pillow, base stand and scratching post with natural sisal. The size is so beautiful and it is all your kitty can wish for. It comes in beige/cream color.

Sturdy And Soft Combination

The product is made from high-quality sturdy material so your cat can jump on it and it won’t move. The bed on the top and base stand is all covered in soft plush. Dimensions are 40x24x24 inches and weight of 49.6 pounds.

Cat Tree King Queensplace review

Assemble And Replacements

Together with the product, you get a removable pillow and tools with instructions. You don’t have to worry about the set up because it is very easy and it takes only a few seconds. However, it is easy to maintain it too.

Large Cat Product

The product is made to accommodate large cats only because kitties will struggle a little bit with it. Adult and large cats can enjoy their space and treat themselves like royalty.


  • high-quality materials
  • removable pillow and tools included
  • made for large, adult cats

Cat Tree For Kittens And Senior Cats

Pawz Cat Castle Tree

Private And Quiet Space

Well, this is a perfect place for felines. It looks like a little apartment with other possibilities which makes a private and quiet space for your pet. You won’t make a mistake if you decide to buy this tree for your furry friend.

Pawz Cat Castle Tree

Multiple Entertainment

It includes 2 perches on the top with bed cover to lounge and enjoy the view, a large apartment for better sleep, a hammock at the lower layer, scratching post with natural sisal rope and 3 fluffy pom-pom balls for extra fun.

Safe And Soft

It is made from stabile carb certified board and it is sturdy so kitties are safe on it. The tree is all covered in soft and premium plush which is nice to touch and rest on it. It has a sisal rope so your kitty can maintain its claws. The color is gray and the dimensions are 19.7×19.7×60 inches.

Pawz Cat Castle Tree review

Set Up And Care

Together with it, you get step by step instructions so you can easily set up your castle cat tree. If you are not satisfied with the instructions you have a video on youtube so you can watch the setup. You also get a removable bed cover with a thick raised rim attached for easy cleaning.

Perfect For Adults And Kittens

The tree is great for adult cats and kittens but not so large cats. They can enjoy and entertain themselves on all levels. You can just pick a place where you are going to put the castle cat tree and let your furry friend have fun.


  • safe and soft material
  • includes removable bed cover and instructions
  • gray color

Small Cat Tree For Kittens

Trixie My Kitty Darling Kitten Tree

Little Castle

And finally, this is a little castle for kittens and small breed cats. Small castle but big entertainment and exploring options. Your little kitty will get a feeling like she is a real little princess.

Trixie My Kitty Darling Kitten Tree

Purple And Beige Combination

This cute little castle has a sisal scratching post, a soft condo base, dangling plush toy, and a removable ring-shaped bed. It comes in a beautiful combination of purple and beige color.

Fits Everywhere

However, this product is small so it fits in every room. Dimensions are 27.5×14.8×35.2 inches and weight is 33 pounds. It is all covered in soft plush so kittens can enjoy and rest. It is made from particleboard so it is sturdy.

Trixie My Kitty Darling Kitten Tree review

Easy In Every Point Of View

The product besides it is small it is easy to maintain and to set up. It includes reversible cushions that you can wash gently and 2 plush cushions that you can use. The ring-shaped bed can remove and use separately.

Kittens And Small Breed Cats

The product is made for kittens and small breed cats because of its size and space. Finally, there is a product made just for the little ones and it looks great in every room decor.


  • soft plush material
  • purple and beige color
  • made for kittens and small breed cats
  • includes 2 extra plush cushions

Conclusion: Why You Should Look For Castle Cat Furniture?

Two of these castle cat tree products are a little bit better than others and these are Cat Tree King Queensplace and Trixie Kitten Cat Tree. Botha oft he products are made from quality materials. The first one is great for large, adult cats and the other cat castle tower is perfect for kittens and small breed cats.

If you are a fan of something simple and made from wood so it can look like a real tree then you should read cat trees that look like real trees review. If you want to save some money then you can read cat towers for sale reviews. However, if you are more a person who wants something like cat castle trees or towers then you should read my review about elegant cat trees.