Top 5 Natural/Real Wooden Cat Tree & Tower Furniture Reviews

How much do you know about forest cat tree or natural cat tree products? Are you planning to get a cat tree made from a real tree or shorter to say real tree cat tree? Real wood cat tree and solid wood cat tree furniture products are high-quality choices.

That is why you need to pick a real cat tree!

There are always top 5 products on the market and that is the case with wooden cat tree products. Check the best of the natural wood cat tree and wooden cat tower products in the reviews below.


Nice Info To Know About Wooden Cat Trees

Benefit Of The Wood Material

How good are these all wood cat tree products? What is the benefit of cat trees made out of real trees? If we do research we will find out that most of the cat furniture products are made from natural or real wood. That means that the material is very quality and good. To fulfill these compliment words for the material it is good to mention that wooden cat products are for indoor and outdoor space.

Every Type Is Satisfied

It is already mentioned that most of the cat trees are made of wood so the question you are putting in front of yourself is probably what brand to choose? There are a lot of them but the top 5 realistic looking cat tree brands are Kitty Mansions, Armarkat, On2Pets, Sauder and PawHut. Every type is satisfied with realistic-looking cat trees with leaves to modern solid wood cat furniture products.

Online Shopping And Prices

Are the prices too big or everyone can afford one of these? What about internet shopping? The prices are not that big and it’s all about you and how much are you ready to give for a product like this. If you prefer online shopping then visit or one of brand web pages like or Everything you need to know you can find on each web page and the information is also available on Amazon.

Best 5 Wooden Cat Furniture Product Reviews

Modern Wood Cat Tree

Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree

Real Tree Cat Tower

Kitty Mansions made a real wood cat tree tower that will blow your mind and your kitty’s mind too. This natural wood cat tower offers parts to scratch, a ladder, a big condo, three beds on the top, funny ball toy and it has leaves wrapped over scratching stands. Fantasy forest cat trees look like this one and colors match to forest trees too.

Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree

High-Level Materials

High-quality construction got by particle board and it is good to say that the name of the tree is redwood but it’s not made from redwood. Dark plush covering and artificial leaves remind on real trees in the wood. It is pretty tall like about 75 inches and 23 inches length and width. Because of high-level materials, the tree has a longer lifespan or differently said it can last in your home for many years.

A Feeling Of Spending The Time Outside

Kitty Mansions give you available replacements and all tools so order your tree and let’s get you into work. Dark parts of the tree make it easier to maintain and it is designed for easily placing in the corner of any room. A funny ball toy comes with all the other stuff. The leaves bring your kitty a feeling of spending the time outside

Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree review

All Activity Levels Large And Tiny Cats

This mansion is excellent for large cats and tiny ones too. A lot of spacious trees will hold more kitties at one time so it will be excellent for you too. It is so modern so your living area and you will get a new piece of good-looking furniture even it is made for cats all activity levels.


  • high-level materials
  • corner fitting
  • for all activity levels large and tiny cats

Solid Wood Cat Condo

Armarkat Solid Wood Cat Tree Condo

Solid Wood Cat Furniture

Solid wood cat furniture was the main idea for the Armarkat brand to create a beige solid cat tree. A roomy cat condo and a cushion inside are made to accommodate and spoil your furry best friend. Safe rim adds on the top wooden cat perch keep your kitty from falling from the tree and the scratch rope is made to please claw maintain.

Armarkat Solid Wood Cat Tree Condo

Plied Pinus Sylvestris 

The natural scent of Pinus Sylvestris wood and surface which is nicely polished are bringing something quite different from all the other similar products. This construction is coming from original wood grain and material is Pinus Sylvestris which is plied. It is 29 inches high so it won’t take half of your room and 16 inches length and width. It weighs only 8 pounds so you can move it from place to place easily.

Described Step By Step In Manual

The doubled base brings safety to this solid wood cat tower so even if the large cat jumps on it it won’t move. Get the tools from the box and start to build up the tree. You will finish in 5 minutes probably because everything is described step by step in manual. Wash the cushions in washing-machine and the cleaning part is done.

Armarkat Solid Wood Cat Tree Condo review

Maximum Holding Weight Is 30 Lbs

The organic cat tree can hold a maximum weight of 30 lbs and that is so much because the tree is not so big but the advantage of the quality materials is doing itself. Kittens can explore and large buddies can relax and sleep on it. If wooden furniture is something you like then your cat should get one piece too.


  • plied Pinus Sylvestris and cozy cushion
  • manual with step by step info
  • cushions washable
  • maximum holding weight is 30 lbs

Natural Branch Cat Tree

On2Pets Cat Tree

Cat Tree Real Branches

This natural branch cat tree we can name a natural cat tree house because of its look. On2Pets realistic-looking cat tree has a grass looking base, plastic simulated leaves for hiding and three carpet perches for jumping and napping. Not only it looks like a grown little tree but the color is the same, green and brown.

On2Pets Cat Tree Plus Shelves

 Checked Completely Safe Material

The enchanted forest cat tree has different size options and two base options, square and round. 24x24x60 inches is its size and plastic leaves, pressed strong wood and carpet are making it look like this. Every material is checked and completely non-toxic and safe for kitties.

Ready In A Quite Short Time

You will put a smile on your face when I mention that the tree doesn’t require any tools. That simply means that your tree is ready in a quite short time. Adjustable firm perches are one more score for this realistic cat tree. However, thankful to maintain because of these non-complicated materials.

On2Pets Cat Tree Plus Shelves review

For Up To 32 Lbs Weight Hold

If all the rooms in the house of yours or maybe just a couple of them are filled with different plants and flowers another one will not make a difference. You will not even notice that the cat tree is in your home because it is so realistic. Up to 32 lbs, kitties are recommended for this tree type.


  • completely safe
  • doesn’t require any tool
  • for up to 32 lbs weight hold

Natural Sphere Cat Tree

Sauder Natural Sphere Cat Tower

Sphere Cat Tower

Sphere cat tree that Saudere launched on the market is a natural home cat tree. Sphere cat tower has a wooden cat stand, a real wood scratching post for cats and a large round cat apartment with two access holes and with a hanging toy below it. Sphere scratch post cat tree is finished in espresso touch.

Sauder Natural Sphere Cat Tower

Attaching Carpet To Wood

Wood veneer, soft foam, and polyester are the combinations that build this sphere cat tree. Natural wood scratching post wrapped in sisal, a wooden cat perch with carpet on it is a good combo because you have a sturdy base with a soft cover so attaching carpet to wood cat tree is like a win on the lottery. Woven wicker condo goes so good with wood and the measure overall is 21.6×19.9×43.7 inches.

Metal Hardware 

Sphere Cat Tree will make everyone who sees it in your home admiring to your cat’s place and your new furniture piece. It is not hard to put the sphere wicker condo with a wooden cat stands to create a heaven for your pet with metal hardware that you get. It is thankful to maintain the tree and to keep it fresh for a long time.

Sauder Natural Sphere Cat Tower review

For Cat That Is Large Or Middle Sized

Having a modern cat tree with a wicker touch is a bonus for both you and your cat. Triangle shape of the perch makes the tree fitting in any part of the home. Maybe it is best for a cat that is large or middle-sized but it is not the rule. Interior design will look chic with a piece of these in it.


  • wood veneer and foam
  • wicker condo
  • you get a metal hardware
  • large or middle size cats

Outdoor Wooden Cat Tree

PawHut Solid Wood Cat Tree

Natural Cat Tree House

The natural cat tree house reminds of a double-deck apartment for felines. PawHut gray and white solid wood cat tree has a two cat apartment placed one on another, several entrances, a platform to jump on, a hole to exit in emergency and a big entrance door. Entrances and holes make the tree fun for cats.

PawHut Cat Condo

Ecology Friendly Color

The wooden cat tower from wood cat furniture products is painted in eco-friendly color and that is important information to know because of kitty’s health. This solid wood cat tree is built with wood which is extremely firm. The roof is made with asphalt eave. 20x20x32 inches are the measurements and 20 lbs are the weight.

 Openable Top Of The Tree

Assembly will be quick and if there is any dirt that kitties make you will solve it in less than 3 minutes. If you want to feed your cats inside the tower just pick up the roof which can open and if you need you can remove the board in the middle. The cat tree made from the real tree has a raised floor and that protects it from moisture and weather that changes all the time. The weather was mentioned because this real tree cat tree can be outdoors too.

PawHut Cat Condo review

Inside Or Out

When you have an outdoor and indoor product option then you should seriously consider getting it. It can look cool in your garden such as in your hallway or playroom. A cat can have to 33 lbs because the tree can handle it. Place this cat house inside or out and you will have it for a long time.


  • wood house and asphalt eave roof
  • the movable board inside the tree and openable rooftop
  • for using inside and out
  • cats can have 33 lbs

Conclusion: Are A Real Wood Products A Yes Or A No?

100% yes because of the high-quality and durability of wood. The first review that you need to look at is Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree because the style and added leaves are such a good thing for your multi-cats. The next to look for is a PawHut Solid Wood Cat Tree because of the possibility to stay outdoors as indoors. These forest cat tree products are a nice one to pick for yourself.

A wall cat tree review you will need to read if you want to decorate your space but at the same time, you want something for the cat. A small apartment can be so chocking because of the little space so look for the best cat tree for a small apartment. Find the wooden cat tree or real cat tree or redwood cat tree by reading this text about the best cat trees.