Top 5 Wall Mounted Cat Tree Furniture To Buy In 2022 Reviews

Are you sick oft oo much stuff in your home that you feel like you live in a box? Do you want to have a nicely decorated space to live but you still want to buy your kitty a place of her own?

These wall-mounted cat furniture products are the right choice for you so read this review.

You can read all about wall mounted cat tree products that are currently the best on the market and maybe you can find a perfect wall cat tree for your kitty.


Things To Know About Wall Cat Tree Furniture

Save Space Products

Why are these wall mounted cat furniture products a good choice? Well, these products don’t have so much differences from usual cat trees. The thing is you put this tree on the wall so you have more space in your living space. However, if your house is not so big then it is even more perfect because the product is going to be on the wall and it won’t disturb you.

Installation Info

You probably ask yourself how much time will you send on setting up the tree? Do kitties have to get use to these products? The assemble journey is different for every tree and it is not that complicated because with most of the products you get tools and the instructions. Cats are not that complicated and they just need a space to play and rest so it doesn’t matter if you choose a wall cat tree for your kitty.

Wall Cat Tree Prices

What about the prices? Are these product prices may be expensive than the regular cat trees? You know that everything is on you and your choices and possibilities. If you can afford an expensive tree there are brands with these types of products and if you don’t want to spend a lot then you should choose less expensive brands.

Check Out Online Offer

What if we want to order a tree? What to search on the internet? You can type,, etc. because every product is available for ordering. You can type too and find products.

Best 5 Wall Mounted Cat Furniture Product Reviews

Wall Mounted Cat Playground

CatastrophiCreations Cat Playground

Unusual And Practic

Well, this product from the mounted cat furniture line is something unusual and fun. CatastrophiCreation cat playground has multiple level sturdy perches, lounging fabric materials and a hammock. The color is onyx/charcoal gray.

CatastrophiCreations Cat Playground

Cat Playground On Wall

The dimensions of this cat playground on wall products are 35x11x64 inches. The product is made from sturdy materials like wood and high-quality fabric material that can hold up heavy kitties.

Step By Step Instructions

Together with the wall mount cat playground you get the step by step instructions for easier assembly and the best thing is that you can set it up as you want. The cotton canvas on the product can be easily removed and can be machine washed.

CatastrophiCreations Cat Playground review

Great Choice For Smaller Homes

Besides, it is interestingly designed and it will look beautiful in your home it will also keep your cats entertained all day. It is made for every kitty type and also for multiple cat owners. It is a great choice for smaller homes if you want to save some space.


  • sturdy and high-quality materials
  • onyx/charcoal gray color
  • step by step instructions included
  • made for single and multiple cat owners

Wall Mounted Cat Condo With Hammock

Trixie Wall Mounted Cat Lounging Set

Wall Cat Condo

If you are a fan of cool cat shelves then Trixie brand has a product for you. This product includes two steps, a wall cat condo, and a comfortable hammock. The color of the product set is cream/gray.

Trixie Wall Mounted Cat Lounging Set

Quality Materials

The product is made from quality materials such as natural, durable sisal material soft, cozy plush material, a carb certified wood and metal material. The dimensions of the cat condo wall product are 16.5x11x11.25 inches. Hammock dimensions are 22.75x11x12.75 inches and each step 7x7x8.5 inches.

Removable Cushion

The product is easy to assemble and to maintain. A condo has a removable cushion that can be machine washable. You can set up your set like you wish to because all the tools and instructions are included in the package.

Trixie Wall Mounted Cat Lounging Set review

Two Kitties

This product is great for interior design lovers because it looks is very modern and chic. It is made for every type of kitty and it doesn’t matter what size and age are the kitties. However, it is great if you have two kitties and a smaller apartment.


  • quality materials
  • cream/gray color
  • removable and washable cushion
  • perfect for two kitties

Wall Mounted Cat Post

Plafueto Wall Mounted Cat Bridge

Cat Bridge Product

This wall-mounted cat shelf is something different than other products. It is designed to look like a bridge and that is such a cool idea from Plaufeto brand. It has two fixed brackets and a bridge. The color is natural wood.

Plafueto Wall Mounted Cat Bridge

High-Quality Wood Material

The product is made from high-quality wood material which makes it stable and durable. Each piece is space-conscious and beautifully hand-crafted. The dimensions are 10.04×9.45×3.15 inches.

Easy To Install And Relocate

Plaufeto cat bridge is easy to maintain because of the material. It is easy to install it too because screws are included in the package. You can pick how high you are going to put the bridge and you can relocate it easily.

Plafueto Wall Mounted Cat Bridge review

Multiple Kitten To Adult Cat

If you decide to buy this product you will never have to worry about the mess in your home because kitties will have their space and it won’t take too much your space. It is made for every kitty, from kitten to adult cat. However, you can have multiple cats too.


  • high-quality wood material
  • screws included
  • made for multiple and single cat owners

Wall Mounted Cat Shelves With Leaves

On2Pets Canopy Shelves

Natural Look-Alike Product

If you are a fan of more natural look-alike products then these wall-mounted cat shelves with leaves are the right choice for you. On2Pets shelves include a set of two shelves with artificial leaves. The color is white.

On2Pets Cat Canopy Shelves

Pet Safe And Non-Toxic Materials

The product is made from pet safe and non-toxic materials such as canopy, carpet material, and smooth silk leaves. The dimensions of each shelf are 22x13x15 inches and shelves come in different shapes.

15 Minutes Assembly

The product requires tools and it is easy to assemble the shelves. You only need about 15 minutes and kitties can start their fun time. It provides a kitty’s activity and hides instinct.

On2Pets Cat Canopy Shelves review

Cats Up To 32 Lbs

These cat shelves are great because they can hold cats up to 32 lbs weight and it doesn’t matter what type, age and size are the kitties. However, this look will fit perfectly in your home if you are a nature lover.


  • pet safe and non-toxic materials
  • set of two shelves
  • easy assembly
  • made for cats up to 32 lbs weight

Tall Wall Mounted Cat Tree

Kerbl Cat Tree

Save Space In Your Home

If you always wanted a cat tree that is tall but you want to save space in your home then Kerbl brand has a product just for you and your feline friend. It has multiple flat perches, a cat condo, scratching posts, a hammock and a large cat bed on the top. The color is beige/gray.

Kerbl Cat Tree

Sturdy And Stable Material

This tall wall-mounted cat tree is made from sturdy and stable material. The cushion is made from woven fabric and scratching posts from sisal material. The dimensions are 27.6×18.5×16.5 inches.

Tools Included

The product is easy to assemble with all the tools included in the package. It is easy to keep it clean too. You just need to find the wall where you are going to set the product up and the fun can start.

Kerbl Cat Tree review

Made For Every Kitty

The product is made for every kitty, any size and age. You can have multiple cats too. The design is beautiful so the tree is going to look nice in your living room or any other room you decide to put it.


  • sturdy and stable material
  • tools included
  • made for every cat

Conclusion: Why Are Wall Mounted Cat Products So Good?

Well, wall mounted cat tree products are great first because they don’t take too much space in your home and second because they are so modern designed and look stunning. The best two wall mounted cat furniture products are CatastrophiCreations Cat Playground and Plaufeto Wall Mounted Cat Bridge. The first one is great because of the possibility of setting up as you want it and the second one is great because of its shape and material.

If you want a tree for your cat that doesn’t take too much space but you don’t want a wall-mounted tree then you can read a space-saving cat tree review. If you want a tree that saves space but you want it to be tall and thin then read a tall skinny cat tree review. However, if you want a wall cat tree then read my review about the best cat trees from this line of cat furniture.