Best 5 Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture & Tower In 2022 Reviews

If you’re looking for a good cat tree and you heard about Armarkat cat trees, but don’t know anything about them, just keep reading this article.

Here, I will tell you a story about the company and bring you detailed reviews of their five best cat trees. Whether you like classics or premiums, you’ll here find the information you need for the best decision.


Learn More About Armarkat Brand Of The Aeromarkt Company

About Armarkat Brand

Armarkat is the brand of AeroMark International Company. It was founded in 1994, then being a small, women-led manufacturer and, most importantly the first producer of Cat Trees for U.S. distribution, but today grew in multi-million corporation with multiple locations across US, China, and Europe. They achieved that with top quality products of distinguishing design.

Learn Feline Behavior With Armarkat Brand

Armarkat honestly understands how cats think and act. On their official website, you can find useful information about the body language of a cattail movement, body posture, fight or flight attitude. Learn to read the thoughts of your cat, because only then you would be able to provide them the best, and that is what Armarkat wants to provide.

What Is Armarkat Brand Offering

They have numerous cat trees – classic, premium, and kitten cat trees, kitten scratcher, cat beds, pet carriers & playpens, dog beds & mats, accessories & parts and pet toys. With Armarkat you can equip your pets and satisfied every one of their needs. But if you’re reading this article, you probably want to know more about cat trees, and in the next paragraph, that’s what I’m going to elaborate on.

Prices Of Armarkat’s Cat Trees

Prices are, of course, depending on the size and the complexity of the cat tree. As I said earlier, you can choose between classic, premium and kitten cat trees. The prices are starting at around 50$ for the basic and simple cat trees, and are ascending to around 280$ for large, lavish, multi-purpose and complex cat trees.

Where To Buy Armarkat Cat Trees

Armarkat has many locations across the U.S., Europe, and China, you can order the furniture on their official website, or you can always go on The biggest well-known online retailer has a big supply of Armarkat cat trees, offering very good prices and often discounts. On Amazon, you can read people’s opinions on the products and simply compare them between themselves.

Top 5 Best Models Of Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture

Armarkat B8201 82″ Classic Cat Tree– Ivory

About Armarkat B8201 Cat Tree

This list I will start from the most expensive model to the cheapest. The B8201model is from the Classic cat tree range of the Armarkat brand. It’s a large cat tree with lots of levels – ten possible. With lots of space for play and sleep, it’s a good start of the list.

Armarkat B8201 82 Classic Cat Tree– Ivory

What Does The B8201 Cat Tree Have

These ten levels of B8201 cat tree include two condos, three top perches, one smaller side perch, one bigger perch between the two condos, ladders, rope, and numerous tall sisal-wrapped posts. Your cat can sleep, rest, hide, jump, play or scratch with plenty of space.

Size Of The Cat Tree B8201

The overall dimensions of the Armarkat cat treeB8201 are 45 x 36 x 82 inches. Base dimensions are 28x 24, perch dimensions are 15 x15, and the two condos have different measurements – the lower one is a little bigger with 20 x16 x14, and the second one is 20 x16 x 12 inches. The cat tree has a maximum weight capacity and it is 100 lbs.

Armarkat B8201 82 Classic Cat Tree– Ivory review

Material And Color Of B8201 Cat Tree

This cat tree has solid construction made of pressed wood, and it’s covered in faux fleece. It is soft material, comfortable for paws and feline fur. The cat tree also has necessary sisal posts. It comes in a light Ivory color that fits nicely in bright and delicate interiors.


  • classic type cat tree
  • large with multiple levels
  • durable with good-quality
  • Ivory color

ARMARKAT Classic Cat Tree A7407 Ochre Brown

About A7407 Cat Tree

Another cat tree from the classic cat tree range. It is large, high quality, long-lasting cat tree that is suitable for both, fun and rest. This compact cat tree covered in soft material with multiple levels is waiting for your cats to discover it.

ARMARKAT Classic Cat Tree A7407 Ochre Brown

Levels Of A7407 Cat Tree

The Armarkat’sA7407 cat tree has eight possible levels. This includes two condos, two ladders, three top perches, three basic perches, and multiple sisal posts. If you’re a cat owner, you know how cats like to observe and watch, and also how they appreciate their private space after playful actions – with this cat tree, they have all that.

Size Of A7407 Cat Tree

Overall dimensions of the A7407cat tree are 50 x 26 x 74. This includes base dimensions – 28 x 24, perch dimensions – 14 x 14, and house dimensions, which this cat tree has two: lower, bigger one with 20 x 14 x 12 inches, and upper, smaller one with 14 x 14 x 12 inches. All of this is easy to assemble. You just have to know that the maximum capacity is 60 lbs.

ARMARKAT Classic Cat Tree A7407 Ochre Brown review

Color And Material Of A7407 Cat Tree

This plywood hard baseboard is covered with ultra-thick faux fur. This will provide your cat comfort it needs – perfect for snuggling moments and peaceful sleep. The color of the fur is ochre brown, sisal posts are creamy white, quite neutral colors that are easy to fit in every interior.


  • pretty looking
  • multiple levels
  • thick faux fur
  • Brown color

Armarkat Cat Tree Model B7801

About B7801 Cat Tree

High, classic type cat tree that is perfect for climbing and looking from the top, just as the cats like. Nice looking, narrow, but tall cat tree with its creamy light color and well-balanced construction provides cats the place for hiding, too. With two types of toys, it really has everything.

Armarkat Cat Tree Model B7801

What Does B7801 Cat Tree Have

With its eight levels, Armrkat classic cat tree B7801, it’s perfect for jumping high up and observe the environment. This combines two larger perches, two smaller perches that look like little chairs, the top perches, all perfect for rest and foothold, one condo for hiding and sleep, one rope for play, and one hanging toy.

Size Of B7801 Cat Tree

Overall dimensions of B7801 cat tree are 32 x 27 x 78 inches. Posts that are holding the whole construction has a diameter of 3.5 inches. The base is 24 x 20 inches, and the house is 17 x 14 x 12 inches big. All of the perches’ dimensions are 15 x 15 inches. With its built, it can nicely fit in almost every room, big or small.

Armarkat Cat Tree Model B7801 review

Material And Color Of B7801 Cat Tree

The baseboard is made of good-quality pressed wood. That makes it a hard solid construction that can hold up to 70 lbs. It’s covered in faux fleece, for a nice and comfy feeling. This material is easy to maintain even though the cat tree has light neutral Ivory color.


  • slim and tall
  • multiple levels
  • beautiful looking
  • Ivory color
  • few possibilities

Armarkat B5701 57-Inch Cat Tree, Ivory

About B5701 Ivory Cat Tree

This is a bit smaller tree than the previous ones. But that doesn’t mean that it not as functional as them. This cat tree provides a place for sleep, for play, for jumping, scratching, exploring and observing. All of these actions are essential for your cats’ happiness. And I’m sure that’s exactly what you want to provide to your cat.

Armarkat B5701 57-Inch Cat Tree, Ivory

Pieces Of B5701 Ivory Cat Tree

The B5701Armarkat classic cat tree has seven possible levels. Starting perch at the bottom, first bigger perch, two smaller ones on the side of the condo, a condo, top of a condo that they can use as a perch, and the top two observing perches. It also has one hanging rope that will entertain your cat every time it jumps on the cat tree.

Size Of B5701 Ivory Cat Tree

This nice cat tree stands on posts that have a diameter 3.5 inches, and the overall dimensions of the cat tree are 28 x 25 x 57 inches. The baseboard of the cat tree is 24 x 20 inches big. As we said, this cat tree has one smaller condo that looks like this:15 x 14 x 12 inches. Lower perch’s dimensions are 14 x 12 inches. This construction can hold up to 40 lbs., so it’s suitable for one cat or smaller cats.

Armarkat B5701 57-Inch Cat Tree, Ivory review

Material And Color Of B5701 Ivory Cat Tree

The most important thing is that the cat tree is durable and made of warm, good-quality materials. That’s accurately what Armarkat’s cat trees are made of. Pressed wooden compact construction covered with nice, light creamy Ivory faux fleece. A beautiful looking tree for both, your interior and your fur babies.


  • classic type cat tree
  • Ivory color
  • multiple levels
  • one condo

Armarkat B5301 53-Inch Cat Tree, Ivory

About B5301 Ivory Cat Tree

And last but not least is the cheapest cat tree of my list. Even though it’s simple and clean looking, without some extra parts and complexity, this smaller cat tree is an excellent unit for scratching, exercising, climbing, sleeping, and lounging. Simplicity is sometimes the best, and you can get the most of it.

Armarkat B5301 53-Inch Cat Tree, Ivory

What Does B5301 Ivory Cat Tree Have

Above I mention what it is good for and exactly that is possible with efficient cat tree pieces. The construction starts with ground basis perch, from where little ladders lead to a condo on the next level. There you have one smaller ramp that connects the condo with sisal post. The cats can next jump and lay on the condo or hop on the top two perches where they also have one dangling toy for play.

Size Of B5301 Ivory Cat Tree

Basis ground perch is 22 x 20 inches big. From there, the whole construction hold posts that use for scratching and has a diameter of 3.5 inches. The overall dimensions of the whole cat tree are 24 x 22 x 53 inches. The condo that the tree provides for sleep or hideout is 14 x 12 x 12 inches big. Now that we came to the top of the tree, the top perches’ dimensions are 14 x 12 inches.

Armarkat B5301 53-Inch Cat Tree, Ivory review

Material And Colors Of B5301 Ivory Cat Tree

Similar to all the others above, this cat tree is stable and solid construction made of pressed wood. So it can provide comfort and coziness to the cats, it’s covered with faux fleece – soft material that’s easy to maintain. The color of the cover is Ivory, light creamy colors that will lift up any room.


  • cheaper and smaller
  • nice and clean looking
  • one condo
  • two top perches
  • Ivory color

Other very good Armarkat cat tree models

Armarkat has offered lots of good-quality cat trees, so it was hard to choose just five for the more detailed description. But, I have to tell you about other models that are just as important. The first model is another classic type Armarkat cat tree A7401, which is quite a large cat tree with two condos and three top perches.

Plus, I have only written about classic types, but there are also two very popular premium types – X7001 and X8303. The ArmarkatX7001 cat tree is a very nice looking cat tree with brown, beige and white combination of colors, small condo, a hammock, and a tunnel. The ArmarkatX8303 cat tree is a very tall and incredibly beautiful looking tree, covered with thick faux fur, having one small condo, one ladder and lots of warmth.

Armarkat’s Parts And Accessories For The Cat Trees

For all the mentioned models of Armarkatcat trees, all replacement components are shipping-free if are sent to the Continental United States. Armarkat offering shipping and outside of the US. You can get all the hardware needed forArmarkat cat trees’ replacement pieces, you just have to fill the “Customer Comments” while checking out. And, on Amazon, besides shopping for your favorite cat tree, you can simply look and find even the replacement parts for them, if needed, of course.

Conclusion: Why Is ArmarkatBrand Good Choice For Cat Tree?

All Armarkat’s cat trees are nice looking, creamy light-colored cat trees, which provide cat much-needed play as well as rest. If you don’t know where to start my recommendation of Armarkat’s cat trees would be the last one – Armarkat B5301 cat tree, because of it smaller and neat-looking. It will make your cat happy as much as will the bigger ones. But if you want a large tree, then my choice for you would be ArmarkatB7801 cat tree. Narrow but tall it will easily fit into any room, and it is very eye pleasant.

If you think this article was informative, and if you know a little more after reading it, but you’re still not sure what is the right option for you and your cat you can check out my other articles about various cat trees. Whether you’re interested in best cat trees or best climbing towers, big cat trees and cat trees for big cats, or cool cat trees, modern cat trees, and decorative cat trees, I covered almost everything.