Top 5 Bewishome Pet Cat Trees & Condo Furniture Tower Reviews

You’re looking for a soft, bit more luxury-looking cat trees, and you heard about Bewishome? Do you want to know if this is the right option for you?

Then keep reading because I’m bringing you reviews of top Bewishome cat trees. This lavish, neutral-colored furniture is quality, gorgeously looking and making people, and their cats, satisfied all over the world with its’ high performance and affordable price.


What You Need To Know About Bewishome Brand

About Bewishome Brand

Bewishome is a home furnishing brand. People who founded the Bewishome are hard-working, life-loving people with many years of experience in home furnishing merchandise. They want to deliver the best quality at an affordable price. This is the company that celebrates people, family, friends, and pets. That’s why they want you fully relaxed in your home with good household items and pet supplies, like cat trees. They want to create a home that surely means home.

What Is Bewishome Brand Offering?

You’re reading this because you’re interested in cat trees, and we will get to that in detail. But, I would just like to mention that Bewsihome has a diverse assortment. They are offering vanity tables and stools, pet supplies, jewelry boxes and other household items such as laundry hooks, pants hangers, carabiners, laundry bags…

Prices Of Bewishome Cat Trees

Now, back to the cat trees. The prices are quite affordable. If you consider that the cat trees are a good quality, that they have hundreds of pleased customers and that they are soft furnished multi-purpose big, lavish pieces of furniture, the price is just right.

Where To Buy Bewishome Cat Trees

The best and safest place to order the Bewishome cat trees is, in my opinion, On Amazon you can find multiple Bewishome cat trees, you can easily compare it to other furniture and see the comments of hundreds of happy customers. You can see the size, the material, the pictures, the advice, and most importantly you can buy for the best price, often with pretty good discount.

Five Best Bewishome Cat Trees You Can Buy Right Now

Bewishome Cat Tree Condo Furniture Kitten Activity Tower MMJ01

About Bewishome Cat Tree MMJ01

One of the most famous and most successful Bewishome cat tree on Amazon. It is a multi-purpose, large, lavish cat tree with lots of space for one, or suitable for even more cats. It’s solid construction with a well stable design so it can handle the playful activities of your kittens and cats. With a hard base, lots of resting and entertaining possibilities. It arrives with a wall support strap to attach it to the wall for additional security when you have multiple pets using it

Bewishome Cat Tree Condo Furniture Kitten Activity Tower MMJ01

What Does TheBewishome Cat Tree MMJ01 Contain

Two beautifully cushioned and large platforms with increased edging for your fur pets to sit on and be on the lookout, two roomy hideaway residences with lots of lounging capacity for your cats and kittens to rest and dream, a cozy bunk, sisal-wrapped posts to prevent cats from scratching up your furniture and sisal rope to play with, different stories for climbing up and down, and entertaining toy balls.

Colors And Size Of The Bewishome Cat Tree MMJ01

It comes in one size and four colors. Measurements of the cat tree are 27.6″ x 20.1″ x 57.1″, and the four-color possibilities are Smokey Grey, Light Grey, Beige and Brown. All the neutral, easy-incorporate colors for every interior. With size, it’s probably more suitable for larger places, but you will be sure that your furniture will be untouched and your cats amused.

Bewishome Cat Tree Condo Furniture Kitten Activity Tower MMJ01 reeview

Materials Of The Bewishome Cat Tre MMJ01

Materials are ideal fur comforting your loving cat. Soft sleek good-quality plush on perches, nest, residences on every floor, hanging fur balls for amusing the cats, wooden board solid structure, and indispensable sisal-wrapped posts so that your furniture can be safe and your cat’s claws sharpened.


  • big and lavish
  • suitable for multiple cats
  • good quality
  • available in 4 colors

Bewishome Cat Tre Cat House Cat Bed Play House

About The Bewishome Cat Tree Cat Bed

This cat tree is the smallest, and the most affordable. But, it still gives everything your cat need. It’s actually a large cat bed that also has sisal posts and one residence for the hideout. It has plenty of lounging area and one wiggly ball to keep the cat amused. With a strong base and well-balanced design, you will be care-free. This cat tree is good for smaller places but giving you the same as the large one.

Bewishome Cat Tre Cat House Cat Bed Play House

How Does TheBewishome Cat Tree Cat Bed Look Like

This Bewishome cat tree looks like a big cat bed on top of the roomy residence that stands on the posts. Two of them are made of sisal fibers that are perfect for sharpening the claws and keeping your furniture untouched. On the top cat can rest and observe, and in the residence, it can hide and sleep peacefully. On the floor base, in the smooth plush is carved paw-like decoration for extra cute appearance.

Bewishome Cat Tre Cat House Cat Bed Play House review

Size, Color, Materials Of The Bewsihome Cat Tree Cat Bed

This cat tree comes in one size and in one color – smokey grey. Measurements of the cat tree are 15.75 x 15.75 x 23.23 inches, making it perfect for large cats and kittens. The darkish grey color is making it look even more sumptuous. Materials are usual, ideal for cat trees. Strong and stable wooden-board base, covered with good-quality dark plush that is smooth and soft to touch, and sisal-fibred posts.


  • Bewishome’s smaller cat tree
  • lavish-looking
  • multipurpose
  • smoky grey color

Bewishome Multi-Level Cat Tree

About Bewishome Multi-Level Cat Tree

This is one elegant cat tree. It’s easily suitable for multiple cats, or can be in use like a big roomy playground for one cat. The cat tree has multiple levels, and every level is for different possibilities. Playing, relaxing, sleeping, hiding, and lurking… your cat will choose.

Bewishome Multi-Level Cat Tree

What Does The Multiple Level Cat Tree Contain

This great cat tree, as I said has multiple levels. It has two residences for hideaway or peaceful sleep, five levels of perches, one nest on the side, and a warm cat bed on the top. We can’t forget about the sisal posts. This cat tress has six! With all of its’ perks, your cats will be delighted.

Materials Of This Excellent Multi-Level Cat Tree

Materials of this fabulous cat tree are ideal for play or cozy moments. Who wouldn’t want a good-quality, stable and enduring cat tree with soft plush over it? This cat tree has all that. Light, silver-like plush, smooth faux fur all over the cat tree, beneath it is solid wooden board, and it also has sisal-wrapped posts for sharpening the nails.

Bewishome Multi-Level Cat Tree review

Size And Colors Of The Cat Tree

This multi-level cat tree comes in one size – 23.6 x 15.7  x 50.8 inches, and one color – Light Grey. With it’s light, mild color it will be perfect for light and bright rooms and areas, but only that, because grey matches wonderfully with a lot of colors, so the cat tree is quite easy to fit in. It’s not too big, but maybe it’s more suitable for a little bit of bigger rooms.


  • big and roomy
  • quality materials
  • easy to assemble
  • nice-looking
  • multi-levels
  • versatile

BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo Furniture MMJ02

About The Bewishome Cat Tree Furniture MMJ02

This is one of the most famous and most successful Bewishome’s cat trees. It’s big, spacious, nice looking, versatile and playful. This popular cat tree will give you cats or kittens everything they need. Or if you have only one cat, with this high cat tree you will spoil it to the fullest. With its’ soft, smooth faux fur, hard construction beneath it and sisal rope and post, your cat will be in heaven.

BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo Furniture MMJ02

What Does The Bewishome Cat Tree MMJ02 Have

Everything you imagine in the perfect cat tree. It has eleven possibilities – five perches, one residence, one tunnel, one hammock, a cat bed on the top, a rope for play, and numerous sisal posts. If this isn’t everything your cats dream of, I don’t know what is. Whit this cat tree you will show your fur babies even more how much you love them. Kitties can play, jump, climb, rest, sleep, hide, sharpen claws, and probably even more.

BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo Furniture MMJ02 review

Size And Colors Of The Bewishome’s MMJ02 Cat Tree

The size of this incredible cat tree is 37.8 x 21.3 x 61.0 inches. The cat tree, as you can see, is big. It’s suitable for bigger rooms and spaces, but it’s up to you where you will embed it – whatever is perfect for you and your cat. It comes in four colors – Grey, Ligh Grey, Beige and Brown. All the neutral, easy to fit in colors. All of these colors also match very well with other colors, both neutral or more intense. This cat tree is ideal for every home and every cat.


  • big, multifunctional, luxurious
  • available in four colors – Brown, Beige, Grey and Light Grey
  • over dozen possibilities
  • quality materials
  • suitable for multi-cat homes

BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo MMJ03

About The Bewishome Large Cat Tree

And for the last one, the biggest, and the most famous Bewishome cat tree. If you thought the last one is outstanding than this cat tree will blow your mind. It’s big, spacious, enjoyable, playful, versatile… This cat tree will provide your cat with everything it needs, and more. This great cat tree, like all the other Bewishome cat trees, has solid construction covered in quality plush. It will simply lure your kittens in.

BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo MMJ03

What does the Bewishome large cat tree propose

Where to even begin? This incredible cat tree has two residences – one small and one big, that are perfect for peaceful sleep or hideaway, three cat beds at the top, from where your cat can comfortably observe the environment, be on a lookout or rest, it has numerous sisal-wrapped posts, many flat perches, and one sunk perch, that is perfect for rest. For the play, there are also two wiggly fluff balls. I think this list of cat tree’s parts will intrigue you if you want your cat to be safe and spoiled.

BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo MMJ03 review

Size, color, materials of large Bewishome cat tree

this marvelous cat tree comes in one size 36.6 x 30.7 x 62.2 inches, but in two colors – Grey and Light Grey. Perfect colors for an easy fit in. It matches great with other neutral colors in your interior, as well as with colorful ones. And the materials? The same, recognizable Bewishome materials – solid board construction, quality plush – soft, smooth faux fur, and sisal-wrapped posts.


  • large, but easy to assemble
  • available in two colors – Grey and Light Grey
  • multifunctional and lavish
  • suitable for multi-cat homes

Conclusion: Why Is Bewishome Cat Tree Wonderful Solution For Quality Pet Furniture

In conclusion, I can tell you that Bewishome cat trees are the right option for you if you want a big cat tree to spoil your cat (or cats). Ther cat trees are big, solid, good-quality, soft, multifunctional, and suitable for more cats at once. All the cat trees come in neutral greyish colors that are easy to fit in. With its’ endurable construction, you and your cats will be safe for years. But, what I would recommend would be the two of them: the last one – Large Cat Tree Condo MMJ03 and Multi-level cat tree, because it’s gorgeous, not too big, but also provides everything you need.

If you’re satisfied with this article and find it informative, you should read our other articles about the best cat trees, so you’re good to go and can purchase the perfect one for your fur family member. You can read about cat tree climbing towers, best cat trees for large cats, affordable cat trees, modern cat trees or maybe you’re interested in designer and elegant cat trees. We covered all for you.