Best 5 Senior Cat Tree & Tower For Older Cat In 2022 Reviews

Do you know how grown-up people need their space and peace with quiet? Why would it have to be different from older cats? So why not consider to buy a cat tree for older cats?

You should read this review about senior cat tree products!

Here you can read all about the best 5 cat trees for senior cats and maybe decide to buy one for your big kitty.


Something To Think About When Buying These Products

Difference From The Other Products

What makes the difference between these products for older cats and the other cat products? Well, first of all, you should know that the size matters and it is not the same when the cat tree is bigger and more stable and when it is smaller and easier. Second of all the difference is in the space, senior kitties need more space then the kittens.

Single And Multiple Cats Have Space

Why are these senior cat towers and tree products a good choice for your feline? Well, it is because some of these products are designed to be very big so not only your single cat will enjoy the space but the multiple kitties will be happy too. It doesn’t matter how big cats are because they will have the possibility to enjoy their own space.

Senior Cat Brands

Probably every brand has a line of senior cat products because every kitten once becomes a cat. When the cat is older she or he needs more space and care. These trees are offering that and also different designs. Brands like Baobab, Ipet Home, Trixie, etc.

Price And Place To Look For

The price is not a problem because you can get these types of trees for an affordable price and if you can pay a little bit more you can buy luxury trees. You can look for the products on and brand’s web pages like or

Best 5 Senior Cat Tree Products Review

Cat Tower For Older Cats

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Luxury On The First Place

When luxury is in the first place then this product is a perfect choice. The senior cat will never be more grateful to you. What can be more excited than a big, soft cat tower?

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Blue Color And Multiple Fun

It comes in a beautiful blue color and it includes a base stand, two ladders, scratching posts made from natural sisal, two big cat condos and three more perches with lifted edges on the top of the tower.

Material Combo

The senior cat tower is made from sturdy material so cats can jump on it without fear. It is made from a beautiful combination of soft faux fur material and sisal scratching posts. The dimensions are 50x26x72 inches.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree review

Multiple Senior Cats

The product is easy to maintain and assemble. Tools and instructions are included. This color of the tower brings a fresh and modern look in your home. It is made for multiple senior cats but also small kittens.


  • sturdy and soft material
  • tools and instructions are included
  • made for multiple senior cats

Cat Condo For Older Cats

Ipet Home Cat Condo

Private Space

Well, hello private space. This is a great offer for your feline friend, a two-level cat condo tree. It offers private space to sleep, play, enjoy the view and hide.

Ipet Home Cat Condo

Gray Condo Construction

It includes two cat cubes for fun and lounge, scratching post, a soft perched on the top of the condo with lifted edges for enjoying the view when laying all day. The color is gray.

Stable Material

This cat tree for an elderly cat is made from stable material. It is made from particleboard, soft plush, and sisal rope. The dimensions are 19.7×19.7×25.6 inches and the weight is 22 lbs.

Ipet Home Cat Condo review

Comfy Senior Cat Or Cats Space

This comfortable double cat condo tree is a perfect choice for one cat but the multiple senior cats too. It has a design which fits perfectly everywhere. However, it is easy to assemble and maintain too.


  • two-level condo tree
  • made from particleboard and plush
  • made for single and multiple senior cats

Senior Cat Scratching Post

Trixie Cat Tree

For Not So Mobile Cats

This product is perfect for senior cats who are not so mobile anymore but still love to climb and enjoy the view by laying high up int the air. Trixie brand brought this type of product just for them.

Trixie Cat Tree

Bed And Stairs

This tree from the best cat trees for older cats is a great choice which includes scratching post, 3 perches like stairs for climbing and a large bed on the top with lifted edges for back support. The color is beige.

Long-Haired Plush And Jute

The whole tree is wrapped in long-haired plush so it is cozy and soft. Posts are covered in jute and plush. Made from sturdy material. The dimensions are 20x20x40 inches.

Trixie Cat Tree review

Hardware Included And Senior Recommended

It requires assembly but doesn’t worry all hardware is included. The product is easy to maintain too. It is made for all cats and it doesn’t matter how old they are but it is recommended for seniors.


  • long-haired plush and jute material
  • tools included
  • made for senior cats

Small Senior Cat Tree

Trixie Emil Senior Cat Playground

Unusual, Cute And Beautiful

This tree design is very cute and beautiful. It is an unusual tree that offers a couple of possibilities for your cat’s happiness. You should think about getting one of these.

Trixie Emil Senior Cat Playground

A Large Bed On The Top

This senior cat tree offers a base stand with the round scratching post, 4 padded mini platforms for lounging and jumping, a scratching posts, two fluffy hanging toys, a condo with round-shaped entrance and a large bed with lifted edges on the top. The color is brown.

Material Info

The product is made from solid wood that makes it sturdy, plush material that makes it very soft and cozy and the sisal rope on scratching posts. The dimensions are 20x20x46 inches.

Trixie Emil Senior Cat Playground review

Quick Assembly Senior Cat Tree

The best thing about this product is that it is ready to use almost right from the box because it can be assembled quickly. The bed on the top is removable and the cushion in the condo, so it can be machine-washed gently. It is easy to clean up and it is made for single and multiple senior cat owners.


  • made from sturdy and soft material
  • brown color
  • quick assembly

Wooden Senior Tall Cat Tree

BaobabCat Tree

A Place For The Cat And Design To Enjoy

Well. if you want a tree for your adult kitty which will fit perfectly with your furniture in your living room then this is the product for you. Baobab senior cat tree offers a place for your feline and design for your home.

BaobabCat Tree

Building Information

The baobab cat tree has a base stand, scratching places and 4 perches that look like stairs that lead to the top to the largest flat perch so cats can enjoy the view. The color is white and the weight is 56 pounds.

Put It Next To The Wall To Save Space

The product is made from laminate with 100% recycled wood fiber that makes it stable and beautiful and velcro backed removable inserts. The dimensions are 23x23x60 inches and you can put it next to the wall to save extra space.

BaobabCat Tree review

A Couple Of Minutes To Set Up

It is easy to set up this product and it takes only a couple of minutes for the job because the screwdriver is included. You can easily clean it up too because oft he removable inserts that can be vacuum cleaned or replaced. The product is made for senior kitties and the best thing is that it can be multiple cats too.


  • made from laminate
  • white color
  • Phillips screwdriver included
  • made for senior cats

Conclusion: Why Are These Products A Great Choice For Cats And Are They?

Senior kitties have to be spoiled such as kittens so you should buy them one of the cat trees for senior cats. The best two of them are Ipet Home Cat Condo and Baobab Cat Tree. The first is a good choice because it offers many possibilities but it is not so big and the second is great because it is tall but thin so it doesn’t take too much space.

If you are not looking for a senior cat tree but the cat tree for chubby cats than you should read the cat tree for fat cats review. However, if you are interested in buying a cat tree for an older cat then you should read my review about the best cat trees from this category.