Top 5 Modern & Cool Cat Tree, Tower & Furniture Reviews 2022

Are you an interior design lover? Do you love to decorate your space with cool stuff and you want something modern for your pet?

Then read this article about modern cat furniture.

I am going to describe 5 of the best 2020 cool cat trees that you can find on the market. After reading this maybe you can consider buying one modern cat tree or modern cat tower for your kitty.


Things You Should Know About Modern Cat Furniture

Define A Word Modern

What does it even mean modern cat furniture? What is so special about it? Well, people define a word modern differently. Some products look like something old and unique with a touch of today’s modern look and some products are modern like more luxury modern. It depends on you and your choice for your home. These types of products are great for interior design lovers.

Special Brands

Are there some special brands on the market for this type of product? Well, it can’t be said that all oft he brands are not making great products but there are always better ones for a specific type of furniture like this is. If you want something that is a combination o fan old skill and a modern touch then look for rattan products from the brand like Go Pet Club and if you want a luxury look then maybe the brand Trixie has something for you.

Price And Order Info

The next question is the prices and where to look for the products? It depends on you and your possibilities because the prices are going from cheaper ones to the expensive ones. You can search and order your perfect product on However, you can look at every brand’s web page and order your product from it, for example,

Best 5 Modern Cat Furniture Reviews

Designer Cat Tree

Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

Tall Attractive Cat Tree

This attractive cat tree has a base stand with a large condo on it, a scratching post, two-flat perches and one curvy perch on the top. It is special because of its unique design and the beautiful espresso color.

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

Sleek And Organic

This sleek and organic cat tree is made of ply with oak veneer. It has carpeted platforms attached with Velcro. Soft cushions are made from faux fur. A scratching post is made from sisal material. The dimensions of this beautiful cat tree are 20x20x69 inches.

Washable Covers

The product is easy to assemble and to keep it clean. All the tools are included in the package. Soft cushions have washable faux suede covers so it makes it easier to maintain this tree. However, all the parts are replaceable.

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower review

Minimalistic Look For Multiple Kitties

This tree beside it is beautiful it is very minimalistic and with this design and the color, it will look beyond great in your living room. It is made for multiple cat owners and it doesn’t matter what type, age and size are the kitties.


  • sleek and organic
  • espresso color
  • all the parts are replaceable
  • made for multiple cats

Wooden Modern Cat Condo

Feandrea Cat Tree Condo

Vintage And Cute

If you are looking for awesome cat trees then the Feandrea brand has a solution for you. Their vintage and cute cat tree condo have a base stand with a condo on it, a place to take a nap on the condo, a scratching post, and two more perches. The color is rustic brown.

Feandrea Cat Tree Condo

Fur Imitation

The dimensions of this cat tree condo are 26×16.5×34.65 inches. It is made from medium-density fiberboard, fur imitation, and sisal material. The design is vintage and unique so it makes it even more special. The product is tested and kitties were thrilled with it.

Instructions Included

The tree is easy to assemble because the instructions are included in the package. All the mats are included and it is easy to keep them clean. However, the wood material makes it stable for use and it is still easy to move from one place to another.

Feandrea Cat Tree Condo review

All Cat Types

It is made for all cat types, from the kittens to the adult older cats. This vintage design is awesome and it will look awesome in every room you decide to put it in your home. Be sure that this tree will attract attention.


  • stable material
  • rustic brown color
  • instructions included
  • made for all cat types

Natural Mid Century Modern Cat Tree

PetPals Cat Tree

A Piece Of Innovation And Decorative Cat Tree

Well, this is a piece of cat furniture innovation and it is a decorative cat tree. It is a different piece of cat furniture and it includes a base stand, a large ball bed, scratching post, a hanging toy and a perch with a lifted edge. The color is natural beige.

PetPals Cat Tree

Natural Recyclable Paper Rope Material

The whole product is made from the natural recyclable paper rope, fleece and sisal material. The material is great because it can withstand clawing. The cushion is made from plush material. The dimensions are 18x24x18 inches.

Tools And Instructions

The best about this kitty tree is that the tools and the instructions are included and the assembly is easy. The cushion is machine washable so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it just set it up and let your pet enjoy it.

PetPals Cat Tree review

Bed Made For Every Cat

This bed is made for every cat any size but up to 25 lbs weight because of the material and the size. The cushion makes it even a better place to be. The design is very unique so you don’t have to worry about how it is going to look inside your home.


  • recyclable paper rope, fleece, and sisal material
  • natural beige color
  • tools and instructions included
  • made for cats up to 25 lbs

Small Modern Cat Perch

K&H Cat Perch

Comfortable Cat Perch

If you are not into trees that much but you still want to get your feline friend a piece of contemporary cat furniture then K&H Cat Perch is the right choice for you. It is a comfortable cat perch that offers your kitty a place to rest and enjoy the view.

K&H Cat Perch

Super Soft Orthopedic Foam

This beautifully designed cat perch has a very sturdy platform, legs and it is covered in super soft orthopedic foam with faux-lambskin cover. The color is beige and the dimensions are 15x3x24.5 inches.

Heated And Unheated Cover

The great about this perch is that you can remove the cover and machine wash it. It is cool that you don’t need special assembly if you use hook and loop fasteners. However, screws are included for people who like regular assembly. The best thing is that you can pick if you want a heated or unheated cover.

K&H Cat Perch review

Kitties Up To 40 Lbs

This cat perch is awesome because besides it looks great it doesn’t take too much space in your home. It is made for every cat type and it can hold kitties up to 40 lbs weight. Maybe it is a small product but its worth your attention.


  • orthopedic foam and fur-lambskin material
  • beige color
  • heated and unheated washable cover
  • made for kitties up to 40 lbs weight

Modern Cat Scratching Post

Art Of Paws Scratching Post

Not A Fan Of Deluxe Cat Tree Products

If you are not such a fan of deluxe cat tree products and still want your kitty to have its own space then this is the product for you. Art Of Paws brand scratching post has all your cat needs. The color of the product is dark brown.

Art Of Paws Scratching Post

Long Scratching Post

The dimensions of this modern and tall cat tree are 35.5 inches. It has a base stand, a long scratching post and a flat perch with a soft cushion on the top. It is made from highly durable sisal material and warmly wool cushion.

Tools Included

It is easy to assemble this product within 8 minutes because you get all the tools in the package. Well, of course, it is easy to keep it clean too. The product is great because your kitty will love to jump and scratch it all day long.

Art Of Paws Scratching Post review

Every Kitty Type

Art Of Paws scratching post is made for every kitty type. It is great because it doesn’t take too much space and this beautiful color will match your furniture in your living room or everywhere you put it. You can place it next to the window so kitty can enjoy the view.


  • highly durable sisal material
  • dark brown color
  • tools included
  • made for every kitty

Conclusion: Why Are These Modern Cat Products So Special?

Well, modern cat furniture products are beautiful in their design and their connection with pets. The best two modern cat tree products are The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower and PetPals Cat Tree. The first one is great because of its unique design and it is great for multiple kitties. The second one is a combination of an old skill and modern touch and it is made for every cat.

If you are not a fan of cool cat trees and you want a tree that looks more real then you should read a realistic cat tree review. If you want your tree to have something that makes it special like a hammock then you can read cat tree with hammock review. However, if you like modern cat tower products then read this review about the best cat towers from this category.