Top 5 Majestic Pet Cat Trees Reviews By Expert & Buying Guide

You are planning on buying a cat tree, and you’re interested in Majestic Pet cat trees?

You are on the right path because in this article I will describe to you why exactly this is the right option! Beautiful looking, quality and multi-purpose majestic cat trees that are quite affordable are probably on anyone’s checklist when buying furniture to spoil your cat.


I Will Tell You a Little Bit More About Majestic Pet Cat Trees

About The Majestic Cat Manufacturer

Majestic Pet’s story started back in 1994, and now, they are one of the leading pet products and furniture manufacturers. They are proposing a variety of products – from dogs collar and leashes to cat trees, and both dogs’ and cats’ beds. Their team consists of the most talented designers, developers, and management experts so they could be trustworthy and offer exquisite products. All of them together are working constant improvement to ensure Majestic Pet’s reputation of quality and excellence inside the manufacturers.

Why Are Majestic Pets Cat Trees Good Option?

If you want trustworthy products, quality cat trees that will last you a long time, then Majestic Pets’ cat trees are a particularly good option for you. If you are looking for big or small, complex or simple – you will fulfill your needs, because they are offering a variety of cat trees. They are continuously evolving contemporary innovative products and they want to offer excellent prices. What is the result? Exceptional cat trees for the happiness of you and your beloved cat.

Price Of Majestic Pet Cat Trees

In regards to prices of cat trees from previous articles, they are a little bit on the pricey side, but definitely not crazy expensive. For the quality of the work behind manufacturing and, ultimately, the quality of products, the prices are reasonable. You are investing in long-term furniture, cat trees that will make your cat happy for years and years.

Where To Buy Majestic Pet Cat Trees?

To get these remarkable cat trees is easy – you can order the cat trees from their official website, or you can buy them from one of them, almost 40, retail partners they cooperate with. We would recommend Worlds’ largest and most famous online retailer where you can easily buy Majestic Pets’ cat trees, often with good discounts and for the best price. On you can also quickly compare products and see people’s experience and opinions.

If all this background tale about Majestic Cat’s story has made you interested in their wonderful cat trees, you should continue reading, because now, I will bring you their five best cat trees.

Five Best Majestic Pet Cat Trees For 2020

Majestic Pet Luxe Modern Cat Tree Condo Furniture

PossiblitiesOf Majestic Modern Cat Tree

Napping, resting, sleeping, playing, observing the environment? You name it, with this firm and a stable cat tree, you will ensure all of this for your favorite cat. With a soft pad at the top from where it can learn about the environment, or sleep comfortably. Or for play, it’s offering your favorite cat dangling toy to keep it occupied for hours. For sharpening the claws it has a necessary sisal post. The Modern cat tree is perfect for cats of any size, shape, and age.

Majestic Pet Luxe Modern Cat Tree Condo Furniture

Materials And Colours Modern Cat Tree Condo Furniture

It is a cat tree with three steps, with a wooden novel contemporary design that allows it to fit into any interior very well. The tree also has a soft padded seat, a cushioned perch that’s perfect for a comfortable nap or rest. The cushions come in two colors – Grey and Navy Blue. Besides wood and gentle pads, it also has sisal-wrapped posts and pads for scratching, that are a must-have for every cat tree, including the sisal toy for entertainment.

Majestic Pet Luxe Modern Cat Tree Condo Furniture review

Size Of The Majestic Pet Luxe Modern Cat Tree

Majestic Pet is offering you two sizes of Modern Luxe cat tree. The large one is 48 x 23 x16.5 inches (H x W x L), that is perfect for cats of any size, and that you can easily fit into large places. But, if you have a more diminutive place, and you also want to ensure your cat comfort and quality, or you have a tinier cat so you don’t need a large piece of furniture, the smaller option is 36 x 23 x 16.5 inches.


  • multi-purpose
  • available in two colors (Grey and Navy Blue)
  • available in two sizes
  • stable and firm

Majestic Pet 44-inch Furniture Condo House Scratcher Multi-Level Cat Tree

Possibilities Of 44 inch Cat Tree

This is a Majestic Pet’s traditional type cat tree. Your cat can sleep, rest or lounge on it, observe from it or can wade through little tunnels that this cat tree has. It has a ground-level tunnel and a second level tunnel. This will be interesting for your cat because it can play through it or hide in it for its’ safe place. The possibilities are various. There are also, sisal posts for scratching and grinding claws.

Majestic Pet 44-inch Furniture Condo House Scratcher Multi-Level Cat Tree

Materials Of 44 inch Cat Tree

This wooden cat tree is wrapped in two materials. Tunnels and resting perches are made of soft faux fur that will provide your cat snuggling moments of joy. The cat tree also has sisal-wrapped posts just like all the other Majestic Pet trees. Cat needs to scratch, and it better on their furniture than on yours.

Majestic Pet 44-inch Furniture Condo House Scratcher Multi-Level Cat Tree review

Size And Colors Of 44 inch Cat Tree

The gorgeous cat tree comes in two neutral and sophisticated colors – Beige Casita and Cream Bungalow. Beige Casita tree is delicate honey-colored furniture, and Cream Bungalow is more on the cool-tone white side. Both will simply suit well in any kind of interior. Plus, it’s not too big, but still large enough for play and rest. Dimensions of the cat tree are 44 x 20 x 20 inches (H x L x W).


  • multi-purpose
  • available in two colors (Beige and Cream)
  • two tunnels
  • medium size

Majestic Pet 37.5 Inch Cat Tree

How Does The 37.5 Inch Cat Tree Look Like?

This is another traditional type of Majestic Pet’s cat tree, and this one is looking adorable. It has three levels of perches, and each one of them looks like a big cat’s paw of faux fur. Besides that, it has two rows of three sisal-wrapped posts, between every paw-like perch.

Majestic Pet 37.5 Inch Cat Tree

What Are The Possibilities of 37.5 Inch Majestic Pet Cat Tree

Plus the charming looks, it has the same must-have function as the other cat trees. The cats can scratch, lie, relax or just be on a lookout. On every sisal post, cats can sharpen their claws and climb up to the top. Nevertheless, they will be satisfied and intrigued.

Materials Of The Paw-Like Cat Tree

Just like the previous Majestic cat trees, it’s a stable, lasting wooden cat tree, with perches wrapped in smooth, soft faux fur with necessary sisal posts for claws – Majestic Pet guarantee that posts will endure the toughest claws. So to keep it basic, the main materials are wood, artificial fur, plush, and sisal.

Majestic Pet 37.5 Inch Cat Tree review

Size And Colors Of The 37.5 Inch Paw Like Cat Tree

This cat tree arrives in one size and the measurements are 37.5 x 24 x 24 inches (H x L x W). Majestic Pet manufacturer likes neutral and sophisticated colors, so this one also comes in their two recognizable colors: Beige Casita and Cream Bungalow. This honey, creamy colors fit everywhere.


  • Adorable look
  • Available in two colors (Beige and Cream)
  • Stable and multi-purpose
  • Medium size

Majestic Pet 27 Inch Cat Tree House Scratcher

About The 27 Inch Majestic Pet Cat Tree

The smallest cat tree on the list, but no less worthy.  It has everything you cat or kitten will need. It is a traditional style cat tree that features soft support, two perches, one nestling seat, two soft posts, and one sisal post. Your cat can enjoy playing, snuggling, resting and sleeping on this cat tree.

Majestic Pet 27 Inch Cat Tree House Scratcher

Materials Of The Smallest Majestic Pet Cat Tree

Wooden Majestic Pet cat tree with smooth, soft faux fur cover on two of three posts, and all of three perches. It has one sisal-wrapped post for clawing. The materials are hand washable and easy to maintain. Perfect comfortable materials for every family cat. Even for the other small animals and pets, you may have.

Majestic Pet 27 Inch Cat Tree House Scratcher review

Size And Colors Of The 27 Inch Cat Tree

This cat tree comes in one size – 27 x 19 x 19 inches. This is definitely suitable for smaller rooms or spaces but is providing your cat its’ own safe place and playground. It will suit the interior with the color, too. Coming in two neutral, famous Majestic Pet’s colors – Beige Casita and Cream Bungalow. Honey and creamy colors are always stylish.


  • suitable for smaller areas
  • available in two colors (Beige and Cream)
  • Sisal-wrapped post
  • Soft material for snuggling

Majestic Pet 73 Inch Cat Tree House Condo

About The Lavish 73 Inch Cat Tree

After the smallest one, it’s time to describe the largest and most expensive cat tree of Majestic Pet. This is a true luxury cat tree that features two residences, two perches, a nest, a ladder, a ramp, and a toy mouse. It also has one small tunnel. It literally has everything and more than your cat dreams about.

Majestic Pet 73 Inch Cat Tree House Condo

Size And Colors of The Majestic 73 inch Pet Cat Tree

This traditional style cat tree comes in 73 x 38 x 36-inches size. You can choose between two elegant colors – Beige Casita that is soft, honey-like color, and Cream Bungalow, that is a sophisticated cool-tone whitish color. With its’ size, it’s perfect for bigger areas and for spoiling your darling pet. It’s suitable for cats of all sizes, and for homes with numerous cats.

Majestic Pet 73 Inch Cat Tree House Condo review

Materials Of The 73 Inch Cat Tree

This lavish cat tree has Majestic Pet’s common materials – smooth faux fur, wool, sisal posts. All the posts are made of sisal fibers, just like the steps on the ladder so they can endure the sharp claws. The nest, the perches, the residences, and the tunnel are made from soft fur that is ideal for cozy nights of snuggling. You can maintain the cat tree simply being hand washable and easy to clean.


  • lavish, luxurious cat tree
  • available in two colors – Beige and Cream
  • large
  • multi-purpose
  • soft material
  • durable, firm, stable

Conclusion: Why Is Majestic Pet Cat Tree The Best Solution For Quality Pet Furniture

After all the research I can tell that the Majestic Pet cat trees are worth the price with its’ quality. You can choose from modern or traditional style cat trees, and from small but snuggling to large and multi-purpose cat trees. My suggestions would be the 44 Inch Cat Tree or large 73 Inch Cat Tree. Firstly, both are gorgeous looking. 44 Inch is a medium-size cat tree that will fit well into any space, big or small. 73 Inch is the extravagant one. If you really want to spoil your cat (or cats!) with one new big playground and safe zone this is the one.

If you want to know more about cat trees from this kind of detailed article, you can read or article about best cat trees, cat climbing towers, best cat towers, modern cat trees, deluxe or elegant cat trees. I will bring you five of the best from each section, so you can easily choose from the comfort of your home.