Top 4 You And Me Cat Tree & Tower (Furniture) In 2022 Reviews

Do you want your little pet to feel comfortable in his own space which is cozy and made just for him or her to use it?

You can afford to make a space in your home for your kitty that is going to make her feel loved and spoiled as she deserves.

In this article, you can read all about You & Me cat tree products. I will write about 4 top You and Me cat tree and tower furniture which you can look for to buy in 2020.


You And Me Brand Information

Belongs To Petco

You and Me brand belongs to Petco. Petco is a pet specialty retailer whose goal is to sell products, give services and share some advice and experiences about pets to people who love them. The organization is created in 1999 as a nonprofit organization and from then until now spread through the whole U.S.

Not Only Cat Products

However not only cat owners can be happy with You and Me products. The brand is offering different products for animals such as birds or dogs. The main idea was to make products for pet owners with affordable prices and also bits of advice for you so your pet could be happy.

Heaven For Your Little Friend

You and Me products are made for multi-cat owners such as for the ones who have only one pet. It depends on what kind of product are you looking for and how much are you willing to spend. Your kitty is going to be grateful because you and me cat furniture products are really cozy and soft which is a heaven for your little friend.

Respond On All Of Your Questions

Cat furniture offered by this brand you can find online at site. Petco’s site responds to all of your questions about pets, products, prices, shipping and any kind of other questions on which you need an answer. You and Me products are also available on

Top 4 You And Me Cat Furniture Reviews

You And Me 7-Level Cat Tree

Big Tree For Big Comfort

You and Me 7-level cat tree is a big tree for a big comfort of your kitty. It is a fleece-covered tree with 7 levels so your cat can enjoy the way she or he wants. The tree has a hanging toy that you can move, panel for scratching which is refillable, 2 condos and 5 sisal posts. Dimensions are 26.8×39.2×64 inches.

You And Me 7-Level Cat Tree

Happiness Can Be Shared

This product is made for multi-cat or single cat owners. However, it doesn’t matter if the kitty is a bigger one or smaller and it is including all kinds of kitties. The owners are also going to enjoy because cats are going to have their own space and the tree also fits good in room decoration so happiness can be shared.

You And Me 7-Level Cat Tree review

Good Material, Design, And Price

You and Me 7-level cat tree is offering many possibilities for your cat’s happiness. Fleece covering is making kitty feel comfortable while sleeping. Scratching panel is made from good quality material and it is perfect for your kitty’s paws. Its design is beautiful so you can get good material, design and also a good price.


  • big tree big comfort
  • made for multi-cat or single-cat owners
  • good material, design, and price

You And Me 5-Level Cat Tree

Different level offers different joy

Fleece covered You and Me cat tree is an ideal combination of softly place to snooze and play and also to groom. Your kitty would love it. The tree is made in 5 levels and every level offers different joy. Its dimensions are 21.5×27.5×54 inches. It includes 4 scratching posts (one with hanging toy), places to snooze, a hideaway cat condo with a grooming brush to spoil your pet.

You And Me 5-Level Cat Tree

Every Kitty Can Enjoy

This You and Me 5-level cat tree is made for multi-cats or single cat owners. Its design and dimensions are perfect because if you have more than one cat they would have enough space and also if you have one kitty she or he would feel like a royal cat. The tree is offering a place to sleep, play, scratch and groom. It is not made for special types of kitties so every kitty can enjoy.

You And Me 5-Level Cat Tree review

Fits In Every Room Perfectly

The product is made from good quality material and it is important for your pet to feel comfortable and to be able to enjoy its space. Scratching posts help your kitty sharpen its claws and brush in the entry to the condo is perfect for your kitty to groom. Design and dimensions are beautiful and don’t take that much space and don’t cost that much so you can put it in every room in your home and enjoy it.


  • good quality fleece material
  • every kitty can enjoy
  • includes brushing groom

You And Me Round Cat Condo

The comfort Of The Material

You and Me round cat condo offer your little friend a place to sleep and play. It is special because of its size and design. Your kitty will enjoy the comfort of the material. Its dimensions are 13.5×10.5 inches and its opening is 6” wide and 5” tall. Made for your kitty to sleep on the condo or in it. It comes in brown color.

You And Me Round Cat Condo

Single Cat Condo

This you and Me condo is made for one kitty because of it’s design and space. The kitty will be happy in her own condo and the owner in the size and design. It is made from quality material and in a round design. Your kitty can hide in it, play and sleep and also jump on it and relax there.

You And Me Round Cat Condo review

Compact For Easy Transport

The owners will be thrilled with this You and Me cat condo. First of all because of its round design you can put it in every room you want and second of all it is very compact so you can easily transport the condo between the rooms and other spaces. However, it is made for cats and also the owner’s satisfaction.


  • brown color and round design
  • compact to transport
  • quality material

You & Me Scratch And Snooze Tree

Different From All Of The Trees

This you and Me tree is different from all of the trees. It includes scratching posts, a hanging toy, panel to snooze and condo on the top to hide and snooze in it. The product is about 5 feet tall. It is made from fleece material that reminds of the carpet. The hanging toy can easily remove.

You And Me Scratch And Snooze Tree

Develop Climbing Skills

You and Me scratch and snooze station tree is made for your kitty’s pleasure. It is perfect for 2 kitties and it doesn’t matter if they are smaller or bigger cats, both would love it. The cat condo is on the top oft he tree so your kitty can develop it’s climbing skills.

You And Me Scratch And Snooze Tree review

Beautiful Room Decoration

The design of the product is beautiful and it can be a beautiful room decoration. The color is very neutral and because of that, you can put it in every room without being afraid that it’s going to look ugly. It is a little bit bigger tree so you can choose where to put it before you buy it but your kitty would definitely love it.


  • different from all oft he trees
  • perfect for 2 kitties
  • beautiful fits in room decoration

Conclusion: Why You Should You Consider To Buy It?

You and me 7-level cat tree is the first from you and me cat furniture products which is the biggest tree for the biggest pleasure for the multi-cat owners. The second product is You and me 5-level cat tree which is smaller than the first product but it is also a good choice for multi-cat owners because it has enough space. The next product is You and me round cat condo which is very compact and better for single cat owners.

If you are interested in you and me cat tree products for your big cats then you should read large cat tree reviews. If you live in a small apartment and you want to save space then you should read space-saving cat tree review. However, if the size doesn’t matter to you and you just want a tree that looks nice then you should read my article about beautiful cat tree products from you & me cat tree collection.