Best 5 Tall, Narrow & Skinny Cat Tree & Tower In 2022 Review

Do you consider to buy a tall cat tree? Do you want to save some space in your home but you want to buy your kitty a tall cat tower? How to save some space but at the same time have a nice piece of furniture for your pet?

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In this review, you can read all about tall narrow cat tree and tall skinny cat tree products and maybe decide to buy one narrow cat tree product for your feline friend.


Something About Tall, Narrow & Skinny Cat Tree Products

Save Some Space In Your Home

How tall are these products exactly? Are they for indoor or outdoor use? Are they made from special material? Well, the answer to the first question is that there are products that are floor to ceiling but there are products that are not floor to ceiling, just regular tall trees. They are made for indoor use and are not made from some very special material but the great thing is that they save so much space.

Tall Cat Product Brands

Which brands are the best tall cat product brands? Well, just like small cat furniture you can find tall cat products almost in every brand’s line of cat furniture. Some of the brands are Feandrea, New Cat Condos, Furhaven, etc. Tall cat furniture is one oft he best products in cat furniture because of its design and space it has and for sure it is a great choice for people with a smaller or bigger apartment. You just have to find the right product.

Look For The Products

What about the prices and where to buy these products? You can find your products on every brand’s web page, for example, or but also on so the choice is yours. And the answer about the prices is that you don’t have to worry because there are always affordable products and a little bit expensive ones so you can find what suits you best.

Best 5 Tall, Narrow & Skinny Cat Product Reviews

Tall Cat Condo

Hey-bro Cat Tree

Best Tall Cat Tree

This is one of the best tall cat tree products from Hey-bro brand and has a base stand with a tunnel on it, two large cat condos, a hammock, scratching posts, three comfortable cat beds on the top and fluffy hanging toys. The color of the tree is light gray.

Hey-bro Cat Tree

High-Quality Materials

The dimensions of this cat tree are 21.7×21.7×65 inches. It is made from high-quality materials such as particleboard, soft plush, and natural sisal scratching posts. It is tall and made for kitties to climb, scratch, play and rest on it. The design is specific so you can put the tree in the corner.

Easy Assembly And Maintain

Hey-bro cat tree is easy to assemble and to maintain it too. You can set-up the tree easily with all the tools and instructions included. However, the package includes fluffy hanging toys. The top perch is detachable and washable so it makes the cleaning easier.

Hey-bro Cat Tree review

Recommended For Large And Senior Cats

The tree is made for every type of kitties but it is recommended for large and senior cats. Multiple cat owners will be happy with this tree because it has so many possibilities. However, it will look nice in your home because of its design and beautiful color.


  • high-quality materials
  • tools and instructions included
  • fits in the corner
  • made for large and senior cats

Tall Cat Perch

New Cat Condos Tower

Cat Tree Narrow Product

This narrow cat tower from the New Cat Condos brand has a base stand, a scratching post and four perches with lifted edges for your kitties to climb and lounge in it. The color of this cat tree narrow product is beige.

New Cat CondosTower

Lasts Much Longer Because Of The Materials

The product is made from high-quality materials such as solid wood material, natural unoiled sisal material, and cozy household carpet material. The dimensions of the tall cat perch tree are 20x24x65 inches. Because of the quality materials, the product lasts much longer.

Requires Minimal Assembly

This product requires minimal assembly and that is its greatness. It is easy to clean it up too, almost like your carpet. Maybe it can look boring but it is very popular in kitty’s world. However, it is affordable too.

New Cat CondosTower review

The Best Choice For Large Cats

New Cat Condos tree comes in three different colors so you can pick which color is the best choice for your living room. The design is beautiful too and it is made for multiple cats and it is the best choice for large cats.


  • high-quality materials
  • minimal assembly
  • available in three colors
  • made for large cats

Tall Cat Trees For Large Cats

Feandrea Cat Tree

Super Tall Cat Tree

This Feandrea super tall cat tree is a great choice for your multiple kitties. It is a multiple level cat tree with a base stand and cute paw-print on it, double cat condo, multiple perches, scratching posts, hanging toys and three perches with raised edges on the top. The color is smoky gray.

Feandrea Cat Tree

Sturdy And Durable Materials

The dimensions of the tree are 23.6×21.6×67 inches. It is made from sturdy and durable materials such as carb-certified board material, sisal rope, and plush fabric. The best thing is that the tree is offering so many possibilities for your kitties to enjoy.

Tools And Toys Included

This luxury space for your kitties is a little more expensive but it’s worth giving the money for it. The best about it is that it is easy to assemble it and to clean it up too. However, you get toys and tools in the package along with this tall cat tree.

Feandrea Cat Tree review

For Large Kitties

This product is perfect for multiple cat owners and it doesn’t matter what type of cat you have. It is a great choice if you have large cats because of the space and stability of the tree. With its color, it will fit perfectly in your home.


  • sturdy and durable materials
  • smoky gray color
  • tools and toys included
  • made for large cats

6 Foot Tall Cat Tree With Hammock

Made4Pets Cat Tree

Tall Slim Cat Tree

This tall slim cat tree includes a base stand, multiple flat perches and mats on them, a large cat condo, a comfortable hammock, a hanging rope and a hanging toy for extra fun. The color of the product is beautiful walnut.

Made4Pets Cat Tree

Combination Of Traditional And Modern

Made4Pets cat tree is a combination of the traditional and modern way of creating products. It is made from stable material or more specifically from carb-certified board material, plush fabric, and sisal material. The dimensions are 22.8×15.7×65.6 inches.

Soft Removable Mats

This product has multiple soft mats that are removable and washable so the cleaning part is solved. It is easy to assemble the tree because tools are included int he package. Your kitties will have endless fun on this tree.

Made4Pets Cat Tree review

Multiple Kitties

Because of the look, this cat tree has it will look super great in your home and will match your furniture perfectly. It is made for all kitty types, all sizes, and ages. Just set it up and your multiple feline friends can enjoy.


  • stable material
  • walnut color
  • removable and washable mats included
  • made for multiple cats

Tall Cat Pole Scratching Post

PetFusion Cat Tree

Tall Thin Cat Tree

This version of PetFusion modern cat tree has a base stand, scratching posts and two flat perches for kitties who like to climb high and who like to spend their time lounging high up. The color of this tree is a beautiful espresso.

PetFusion Corner Cat Tower

Wall Mounted Cat Tree

The product is made from safe and quality materials such as wood, natural sisal, and soft carpet material. The great thing about this tree is that it is wall mounted. The dimensions of this product are 24×20.8×76.8 inches.

Replacement Posts And Tree Package

The product is easy to maintain and to assembly. You need only 15-20 minutes and a screwdriver and hammer. However, along with the tree in the package, you get zinc drywall anchors and the replacement posts are available.

PetFusion Corner Cat Tower review

 Kittens And Older Cats 

The product is great for kittens and for older cats too. This product is very thin so you don’t have to worry about the space in your home. It is very modern so it will decorate your home perfectly so you and your feline will be happy with it.


  • safe and quality materials
  • wall-mounted cat tree
  • easy assembly
  • made for kittens and adult cats

Conclusion: Why Are Tall Cat Products A Must Have?

Well, first of all, a tall cat tree and tall cat tower products look gorgeous and they save space. The best two narrow cat tree products are New Cat Condos Tower and PetFusion Cat Tree. The first is great because it is simple and made from quality materials and the second one is a very tall skinny cat tree that is wall-mounted and saves so much space.

If you want to buy your cat something that looks luxury and fashionable then you can read a designer cat tree review. If you are a fan of small cat trees then you should read a small cat tree review. However, if you want to get your feline friend a tall narrow cat tree then read this review about tall cat tree stand products.