Best 5 Vesper Cat Tree & Tower (Furniture) In 2022 Reviews

You’re on a hunt for modern looking cat trees?

Then you have surely heard about Vesper cat trees. Just at one glance, you see that these cat trees are something special.

If you’re interested in buying one, this article will be very helpful for you, because I’m bringing you detailed information about the top five most popular pieces of Vesper cat furniture.


What you need to know before the reviews?

About The Catit Company’s Cat Trees

Even though there is an outstanding web site, there isn’t much information about the history of the brand. The Vesper furniture is a brand within the Catit Company that provides all kinds of products for cats. From the quality of the service, it’s easy to see that behind the brand are the people who are feline-lovers devoted to the customer.

What Is Catit Cat Tree Company Offering

In their offer, there are available treats and food, drinking fountains, slow feeders and dishes, toys and scratchers, furniture (Vesper), carriers for travel, waste management solutions, grooming tools, refills, and replacements. This is modern and innovative furniture and brand that provides extremely good customer service. They present lots of helpful and valuable information about cats and their behavior.

Where Do They Ship?

They are shipping internationally and have custom language on their site for the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Russia, and Malaysia.

Prices Of Catit Company’s Cat Trees

When you look at the furniture, you would think the prices would be crazy, but they aren’t. The ratio of the prices, the quality and the modern look is surprising. Vesper furniture cat trees are slightly over 100$ depending, of course, on the model and the complexity of the cat tree. But you can always find lower prices and good deals, especially on that has a very good variety of Vesper furniture. Besides that, you can always find and catch good deals, compare products between themselves, review and read other reviews so you can be even more informed.

In offer: V-Base, V-High Base, V-High Lounge, V-Cube, V-Double, V-Tower.

Vesper Cat Furniture Reviews

VesperV High Base – Walnut

About The Vesper High Base Cat Tree

This is a gorgeous looking, medium-size cat tree that has everything you and your cat need – perches, condo, posts, and hanging toys. This cat tree has four levels, including the base and the top of the condo, plus the two perches – lower and the top one. So whether your cat wants to sleep, rest, hide, play, jump or explore it would be able to do that on this cat tree. The possibilities are endless. And, on the other hand, this tree will be a very special piece of your interior so it is a multipurpose furniture.

VesperV High Base – Walnut

What Does The High Base Cat Tree Contain?

Vesper cat tower has seagrass scratching posts, observation perch, high-quality walnut laminate surface, very modern cube condo that has two entrances, and memory foam cushions. The memory cushions provide extra comfortable feeling, perfect for snuggling and quiet sleep. Your cat won’t be getting off this marvelous Vesper cat tower.

VesperV High Base – Walnut review

Replacement Parts, Materials, And Size of High Base Vesper Cat Tower

Cushions and scratching mats are detachable, so you can easily remove them and clean them. Replacement parts are rug carpet, carpet, baby plush 34.5 x 34.5 cm, scratchy sisal pad, rattan ball toy, and seagrass post 8 x 44.5 cm.  If you have read other articles or were investigating other cat trees or cat towers, you are familiar with sisal posts, but in Vesper furniture, there are seagrass posts. It is easy to clean and has replacement parts available. It is available in walnut, oak, and black edition and they all ooze with elegance. It has 22.1 x 22.1 inches base and 47.9 inches height.


  • modern look
  • four levels of the cat tree
  • wooden neutral look
  • high quality

Vesper52062 Base Oak Cat Furniture

About Vesper 52062 Base Cat Tree

After the High base, we have the V-Base furniture which represents modern sleeping and scratching spot. The V-Base cat tower has three levels, which include base, top of the condo and the top perch. The whole construction of the smaller version of V-base cat furniture is neat looking piece of Vesper furniture, made of hard laminate in colors walnut, natural oak, and black.

Vesper52062 Base Oak Cat Furniture

Possibilities And Levels Of Cat Furniture

On the base, cats can also lay around or circle the posts. This Vesper cat condo has three seagrass posts that will bear even the sharpest claws. Between the hard base and the top perch, there is a laminate cube condo that has two entrances, just like in the high base, and tender white memory foam cushion inside. When your cats discover the possibilities of this gorgeous furniture, it will become their favorite spot. On the base, the top of the condo and the top perch there are also small soft and scratching mats. All the mats and the cushions are removable and easy to clean. At the top of the perch, there is also a rattan ball hanging toy that will keep cats interested even more.

Vesper52062 Base Oak Cat Furniture review

Size Of Vesper 52062 Base Cat House

Replacement parts of the Vesper base furniture are available, and those are rug carpet, baby plush 34.5 x 34.5 cm, rattan ball toy, and seagrass post 8 x 40 cm. All the parts and the whole cat tree is easy to assemble with videos attached and step-by-step instructions. The whole construction’s dimensions are 23 x 8.5 x 19.8 inches with a weight of 35.5 pounds.


  • three levels
  • wooden neutral look
  • roomy condo with two entrances
  • detachable parts

VesperCat Furniture V-Cube

About The V-Cube Vesper Cat Tree

This is a very interesting cat box bed that stands on metallic steel pipe support. It is made of rattan, which will perfectly endure the claws, but also has the seagrass mat attached on the side. Even though it is small and doesn’t have many levels it still has its own perks.

VesperCat Furniture V-Cube

Possibilities Of V-Cube Vesper Furniture

It is a very simple and functional, yet elegant looking piece of furniture. This V-cube Vesper design is proof that cat beds don’t have to look boring or the same as all the other brands, as well the proof that size doesn’t matter. In the box, cats can sleep away from the sometimes noisy household, rest in it, furthermore jump up and down from the box and play, but also sharpen the claws on the side scratcher that is fixed to the box with leather belts. The mat can be changed and easily cleaned.

Assemble And Size Of The Vesper V-Cube Bed Box

With only two screws, it is easy to put this cat cube together. The base of the V-Cube Vesper furniture is 20.5 x 20.5 inches with a height of 24.8 inches and the whole package weighs 16.8 pounds.

VesperCat Furniture V-Cube review

Colors Of V-Cube Vesper Cat Tree

With its wooden natural look, the Vesper V-Cube cat tree will be well blended into every home. It can probably use for something of your stuff, too. It comes in light and dark color – banana leaf as the light brown and rattan, the deep chocolate brown.


  • rattan cat box bed
  • metal pipes support
  • scratching mat on the side

VesperV-Box, Small, Walnut

About V-Box Small Cat Tower

Another modern design of a compact cat tree. It has a cubed hideout with entrances on both sides. The den has soft and fluffy memory foam cushion covered with plush inside, and on the top, there is a small sisal scratching mat. Which cat wouldn’t want their sleeping cube where they would feel safe and peaceful?

VesperV-Box, Small, Walnut

What Does The V-Box Small Cat Tower Have

The box cat tree has three levels – the bottom that is a seat in the condo, the top of the cat condo that uses as a seat, and top perch with another comfortable and soft cushion on it. There is also seagrass posts made of natural fibers for necessary scratch, between the cat room and the perch, as well as the laminate wall with a hole inside, connecting the condo and the top deck, for the playful moments of wriggling and catching the hanging rattan ball toy.

Parts And Materials Of The V-Box Small Vesper Furniture

All the cushions and the toy are detachable for easy cleanup. The beautiful construction is made of hard laminate and is available in walnut and white colors. There are replacement parts available – soft cushions, scratching sisal mats, seagrass post, and rattan toy.

VesperV-Box, Small, Walnut review

Size Of The V-Box Small Cat Tree

Internal dimensions of the V-box small cat tree are approximately 13.39 x 13.39 inches, openings: approximately 8.19 x 8.19 inches with its dimensions of 14.57 x 14.57 inches and28.54 height. The overall dimensions of the V-box small cat tree are 14.5 x 14.5 x 28.5 inches and the V-box small cat tower weighs 25 pounds. It is perfect for kittens or smaller cats.


  • three levels
  • cozy condo on the ground
  • hanging toy
  • seagrass post
  • detachable mats

VesperV-Stool Cat Tree

About The V-Stool Vesper Furniture

The last one I will describe to you is the smallest cat tree on the list. It doesn’t have condo as all the others but it still has two levels – two decks with soft cushion and the sisal rug scratching mat. It has a seagrass pole and laminate wall with a hole where is a rattan toy hanging perfect for chewing and scratching. So, even though this cat tree is small, your cat can still jump, play and rest on it.

VesperV-Stool Cat Tree

Possibilities Of The V-Stool Vesper Cat Tree

Because the Vesper cat furniture is so innovative and thinking ahead, that’s the story with this cat tree also. If you combine a few stools, you will get a unique and stable bigger construction with multiple levels and poles for hours and hours of play.

Materials and colors of the V-stool Vesper cat furniture

The memory foam cushions and sisal mats are detachable, so you can easily clean them or change them if they are worn out after a few years. This laminate stool is available in walnut and white color.

VesperV-Stool Cat Tree review

Size Of The V-Stool Vesper Cat Furniture

The overall dimensions of the V-stool Vesper cat tree are 18.31 x 14.57 inches. The V-stool Vesper cat furniture is 14.57 inches tall and it weighs 14.66 pounds. It is perfect rest, play and sleep spot for small cats and kittens. With its small size, it will ideally fit into any room and home. Overall, this is a high-quality sturdy cat tree with a scratch-resistant surface.


  • small construction
  • functional
  • two levels
  • seagrass post and hanging toy
  • detachable mats

Conclusion: Why Are Vesper Cat Trees Such A Good Option For You?

If you want to know what are my recommendations it would be the V-Stool Vesper cat tree because it doesn’t take a lot of space and provides cat their own little space, but if you need the bigger versions you can build on V-Stool on other to create your personal cat tree. The second choice would be High Base Cat Tree because it’s quite the opposite. It has multiple levels, roomy condo and a lot of space for play and jumps. So if your cat has a lot of energy and needs their castle, this is the option for that.

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