Best 5 Gray Cat Tree & Tower On The Market In 2021 Reviews

Are you always a kinda fan of interior designs? Are you crazy about room aesthetics? A nice color is important to you?

Then you need to read cat tree gray color products review!

In this article, I am going to describe you 5 gray cat tree and gray cat tower products. After reading all about cat tower gray products pick one for your home and pet.


You Should Know Some Things About Gray Products

People Look For This Color

Many brands are offering their cat furniture in grey color because people look for it and it is beautiful in a light and dark version. However, kitties are happy to have their own space so the color is not so important to them. You can choose from brands like Go Pet Club, Petmaker, Yaheetech, etc. depending on what are you looking for.

Grey Is Okay

Grey color furniture is great because it doesn’t depend on materials, it can be made from plush material or sturdy like wood but colored one or something else and it will look good anyway. It looks beautiful in your room decor and it is perfect for people who like simplicity and also can satisfy people who like the modern look.

Grey Furniture Prices And Web Pages

The best thing about grey furniture is that the price is not different because of the color. You can find furniture for an affordable price and also you can find expensive ones for people who like to spend a little more. Every product is available on the brand’s web pages, for example, is also offering grey cat furniture so you can look for the products on their page.

Best 5 Gray Cat Tree & Tower Product Reviews

Cat Tower Gray

Fish&Nap Cat Tower

Color Doesn’t Stick Out Too Much

If you always wanted to buy your kitty a cat tower but you don’t want a color that will stick out too much then Fish&Nap brand has a product for you. Their gray cat tower is perfect for every home.

Fish&Nap Cat Tower

Light Gray Color

This cat tower has a base stand, a cat condo, scratching posts, one flat perch, a tunnel, a rounded perch with a lifted edge and a hanging toy. The color of the tower is light gray.

Safe And High-Quality Materials

Fish&Nap cat tower is made from safe materials such as standard board material, natural sisal, and high-quality faux fur material. The dimensions of this cat tower are 16.98x13x33.5 inches.

Fish&Nap Cat Tower review

Assembly And Maintain

The product is easy to assemble and to maintain it too. Well, it is easier because together with the tower you get the tools and instructions. The toy is included also for extra entertainment.

It Can Be Used Outdoors

The product is made for every type of kitties, every size and age. The best thing besides the look of the product is that it is easy to travel and carry it and it can be used outdoors too.


  • safe and high-quality materials
  • tools and instructions included
  • made for every cat

Cat Grey Scratching Post

Dimaka Cat Activity Tree

Simple But Interesting Tree

If you want something simple but interesting for your cat and you want to be sure that the product will keep your kitty entertained then Dimaka cat activity tree is the right choice for you.

Dimaka Cat Activity Tree

Flexible Base Board

Dimaka cat activity tree has two base stand boards, two flat perches higher up, scratching posts and tease toys. The baseboard is flexible so you can create a different look. The color is light grey.

Natural Materials

The dimensions of Dimaka cat tree are 17.7×15.7×30 inches. It is made from natural materials such as natural sisal, cardboard, particleboard, and soft plush. Your kitty will have so much fun on it.

Dimaka Cat Activity Tree review

Screwdriver And Wrench Included

It is easy to assemble this product with a screwdriver and wrench which are included in the package. However, you get the step by step instructions too. The two toys are included in the package too.

Doesn’t Take To Much Space

The product is great because it doesn’t take too much space, the color is beautiful and it is made for every kitty. Kitties will enjoy the product and you will enjoy just by looking in it in your home.


  • natural materials
  • light gray color
  • screwdriver, wrench, and toys included
  • made for every kitty

Cat Condo Grey

Petmaker Cat Condo

Nice Private Space

Well, hello to a nice private space for your feline friend. This is a great way to spoil your little friend, a two-level spacious cat condo. It offers private space to lounge, hide, scratch and play.

Petmaker Cat Condo

Gray Cat Condo 

This gray cat condo has two comfortable cat cubes with a cute paw print on it for resting and lounging, a scratching surface, a soft perch on the top of the condo for enjoying the view all day long. The color is gray.

Stable And Sturdy Material

This cat tree is made from stable and sturdy material. It is made from particleboard, covered in 100% polyester plush fabric, and natural sisal scratching surface. The dimensions are 14x14x20.5 inches.

Petmaker Cat Condo review

No Assembly Needed

The great about this grey cat condo is that there is no assembly needed. However, you don’t have to worry about cleaning because it is easy too. You can clean it with a vacuum cleaner.

One Or Two Cats

This comfortable double cat condo tree is a perfect choice for one cat but you can have two cats too. It has a design which fits perfectly everywhere so you don’t have to worry about finding the space to put it.


  • stable and sturdy material
  • particleboard, plush and natural sisal material
  • no assembly
  • made for one or two cats

Dark Grey Cat Tree

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Reminds On A Large Playground

Well, this tall and spacious cat tree is the one your feline friends need. It is a perfect choice for multiple cat owners because of space. This cat tree reminds of a large playground.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Dark Grey Color

Go Pet Club 72 inch cat tree has a base stand, two comfortable cat condos high up in the air, a hanging mice toy, ladders, scratching posts for claws maintaining and three perches with lifted edges for lounging. The color is dark grey.

Durable And Stable Material

The tree is made from durable and stable material or more specifically from wood. Scratching posts are made from natural sisal material and the tree is all covered in comfortable and soft faux fur. The dimensions are 33x22x72 inches.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree review

Assembly And Cleaning

Besides it is made from stable materials it is easy to assemble. The tools along with the instructions are included. It is easy to clean it up too. However, the replacement parts are available.

Multiple Large And Medium Size Kitties

You need to find some space for this type of cat tree because of its size. It is made for every type of kitties, large cats, and seniors, and it is a better option for multiple cats.


  • wood, faux fur, and natural sisal material
  • dark gray color
  • made for multiple cats

Large Grey Cat Tree

Yacheetech Cat Tree

Multiple Cat Choice

If you have more than one cat than this is the right product for you. Yaheetech will keep your feline friends entertained all day. It has enough space to jump around and have fun.

Yacheetech Cat Tree

Light Grey Cat Tree

This cat tree has a very stable base stand, two different hammocks, scratching posts, a big cat condo, a tunnel, a hanging toy and two extra flat perches on the top to of it. The color of this product is light gray.

Soft And Comfortable Plush Material

The product is made of good quality materials. It is all covered in a soft and comfortable plush material that. For kitty’s claws, there are scratching posts made from natural sisal material. The dimensions are 23.5×21.5×69.5 inches.

Yacheetech Cat Tree review

Wall Anchor Strap

This tree is easy to assemble with all the tools and the instructions included. It is easy to maintain it too. The package also has a wall anchor strap to attach it to the wall for extra stability.

All Cat Types

It is made for all types of cats, kittens, seniors, and large cats. However, the design is great so it will look beautiful in your home. You can put the tree near the window so kitties can enjoy the view while laying on it.


  • stable materials
  • light gray color
  • wall anchor strap included
  • made for every cat

Conclusion: What Is So Special About Gray Color Products?

Well, the gray cat tree products are at the same time simple and elegant and that is their beauty. The best two cat tree gray products are Fish&Nap Cat Tower and Go Pet Club Cat Tree. The first gray cat tower is great because of its sample size and the possibility of being used outdoors and the second grey cat tree is great for multiple cats and it comes in a dark grey color which is great if kitties make a mess.

If you want a big cat tree but you want it to be thin then you should read tall skinny cat tree review. From the other side, if you like really large trees then you can read extra large tree reviews. However, if you want a gray cat tower for your feline friend then you can read this review about cat tree from this line of cat furniture products.