5 Best 6-ft & 72-inch Cat Tower & Tree To Get In 2022 Reviews

When you have more than one cat in your home than you probably have do deal with chaos when they start to play and jump around?

Do you have enough space to buy your kitties a 6-foot cat tree of their own?

Then you should read my review where I am going to describe 5 the best 6ft cat tree products. These 72-inch cat tree products are waiting to be picked so maybe one of them is a great choice for you and your furry friends.


Things To Know When Buying This Type Of Products

6 Foot Cat Tree Type Of Person

Do you have one cat and you consider to get another two maybe? You are a cat lover and you want to buy your kitties a perfect space no matter oft he price and space? Then you are definitely a 6-foot cat tree type of person. Brands that offer these products are, for example, GoPetClub, Armarkat, Lazy Buddy, etc.

Make Some Space

These products are large so it is important that you have enough space in your home to put it somewhere. If you can’t make up your mind because you are not sure if the products are a good choice the answer depends on what are you looking for exactly. It is simple, you need space in your home.

Kitties Like These Products

Why would kitties love this type of furniture? Well, first of all, these products have so many possibilities of having fun and playing to resting and lounging on so many levels. Kitties are happy when they can climb up high because that is what they usually do and that is what these trees are offering.

Design, Price And Web Pages

However, not only kitties will be happy with these trees but you will also. With its beautiful design, it will look interesting in your home. The interesting fact is that the products are not so expensive so don’t worry about the money. You can look for the products on web pages of the brands such as gopetclub.com or lazybuddy.com and you can look for it on amazon.com too.

5 Best 6-ft & 72 Inch Cat Tower And Tree Products

Tall Cat Tree

Go Pet Club 72 Inch Cat Tree

Luxury In The Looks

Well, this 6-foot tall cat tree is the one your kitties need. Why is that so? It is so because if you are the person who loves a little bit luxury look in your home than your kitties probably need luxury look-alike trees too.

Go Pet Club 72-Inch Cat Tree

Construction Info

This 72-inch tree for kitties contains multiple fun perches, two condos, dangling toy made from feathers, interesting ladder, scratching posts for developing scratching skills and of course, a stable base.

Material Things

The material that gives this tree more stability and that makes it strong is compressed wood. Sisal material covers the scratching areas and high-quality faux fur does the same with the rest of the tree. It comes in beige color and 33x22x72 inches is its size.

Go Pet Club 72-Inch Cat Tree review

Assemble, Cleaning And Price

Beyond it is a high-quality and safe product its installation is pretty simple. It requires tools and you get with the product and installation  You can do the cleaning quickly too. Besides the available replacements, the tree is not so expensive and that is great.

Only For Adult Cats Including The Large Ones

You have to have space for this type of cat furniture. You don’t have to have a big house it can fit in the small apartment too but you need to make some space for it. It is made for every type of kitties and it is better for multiple cats which are large or medium size.


  • tall cat tree
  • beige color
  • high-quality and safe material
  • made for multiple cats

Cat Tree With Hammock

Armarkat A7202 Cat Tree

Reliable Brand, Quality Material

If you want something innovative in your home but at the same time you want it to be made from quality material then this is the product for you. Armarkat 72 inch cat tower is one product from this brand which is recognized internationally as the most reliable brand.

Armarkat A7202 Cat Tree

Tower Construction

This tower has a base stand which is very stable, two perches a little bit high-up with the comfy hammock between, one smaller perch, a big cat condo for hiding and resting, scratching posts for kittie’s claws, hanging toys for having fun and two more perches with lifted edges for enjoying the view on the top of the tower.

Nice Material And Color

The material that makes this product so stable is pressed wood and it is very sturdy. The whole tower is covered in faux fur in beautiful beige color. Scratching posts are made from natural sisal material. The dimensions are 53x22x72 inch and the maximum holding weight is 60 lbs.

Armarkat A7202 Cat Tree review

Assembly And Maintain

Together with the tower, you get the instructions and the necessary tools to assemble it easy. It is easy to maintain too. However, this color of cat furniture looks great in every space and that is important to know too.

Multiple Kittens And Adult Cats

This cat tower is made to satisfy multiple cat owners. Kitties can jump and play, rest and lounge, etc. It is made for every type of cat and it doesn’t matter if you have kittens or adult cats.


  • quality and safe material
  • hammock included
  • easy assembly and maintain
  • made for multiple kittens and adult cats

Gray Cat Tree

Lazy Buddy Cat Condo

Exclusive And Luxury Product

Well, this is an exclusive and luxury cat condo tree for your furry friends. Why did I write to friends? Because more than one cat can enjoy this big multiple level place. It is made for having fun and resting when tired.

Lazy Buddy Cat Condo

Building Info

It includes a base stand, the ladders that lead to the first perch, a soft hammock, scratching posts, a cat condo with two entrances, a two more flat perches and high on the top there are two perches with lifted edges for lounging with a hanging toy below one of them.

Beauty In Color And Material

The product comes in a beautiful smokey gray color which is going to look great in every space. It is made from high-quality and stable material and it is all covered in thicker plush cloth. The sisal is more resistant to scratching. The dimensions are 21x21x72 inches.

Lazy Buddy Cat Condo review

Assembly And Environmental-Friendly

This cat condo requires assembly but it is easy because you get all the instructions and tools and it takes for about 15 minutes for setting up. It is easy to maintain and materials are environmental-friendly so it makes the product more safe for cats.

Every Type Of Cats

The product is made for every cat no matter the age and the type. It is more perfect if you have more than one kitty because it has so many spaces and levels that kitties can be entertained all day.


  • sturdy material and environmental-friendly
  • 15 minutes to assemble
  • tools and instructions included
  • made for every type of cats

Large Cat Tree With Scratching Post

BestPet New Navy Blue 72 inch Cat Tree

Royal Color And Multiple Levels

A perfect combination of royal color and multiple levels cat tree is a great choice for your cats. Your cat is going to get a feeling of outdoor in the comfortable zone indoors.

BestPet New Navy Blue 72 inch Cat Tree

Jumping And Lounging, Hiding And Napping

It includes multiple levels for jumping and lounging, a base stand, scratching posts, two cozy cat condos for hiding and napping, two ladders for extra fun and cute toys for keeping cats entertained.

Multi-Levels Fun

This cat 6ft tall cat tree beyond it is made from sturdy material that makes it stable it is lightweight so it can be moved around the place. Scratching posts are made from natural sisal and that is perfect for your kitty’s claws and that is the best on this tree. The whole tree is covered in ultra-soft plush for cozy naptime.

BestPet New Navy Blue 72 inch Cat Tree review

Installation Info

This cat tree can be installed in 30 minutes and it is easy. It is easy to maintain the tree too. Toys are included. It is good that you can contact the brand if you have any questions. This navy blue color is modern and it will look great in your living room.

Large Kitties

The brand made this type of tree specifically for large cats and it doesn’t matter what type of cat it is. The great thing is that the product can use people with a single cat and the ones with multiple cats too.


  • multiple platforms
  • toys included
  • great for large felines

Wooden Cat Tree For Kittens And Senior Cats

Vidagoods 72 Inch Cat Tree

Complete And Fun Tree

This is really a complete and fun cat tree that offers an amount of happiness for your pet. I bet you can resist the perfect combination of place for playing and place for lounging.

Vidagoods 72 Inch Cat Tree

Bigger And Smaller Condo

It includes a base stand, scratching posts on different levels, one bigger cat condo and one smaller, two ladders for more fun and climbing up, a hanging toy and three perches high up in the air with lifted edges.

Highest Standard Wood

This cat tree is made from the highest standard wood that makes it stable. The material that covers 6 posts is the ultra-soft faux –fur and another 4 posts are covered in natural sisal rope. It comes in beige color and the dimensions are 22x24x72 inches.

Vidagoods 72 Inch Cat Tree review

Playful Design And Assembly

With this playful design, it will look good wherever you put it. It is not hard to set up and clean up. The assembly takes about 30 minutes. The hanging toy is included along with the other pieces for the tree.

Seniors And Kittens

This cat tree is made for senior cats and for little kittens too. Together they can jump, hide, rest, climb, lounge, enjoy the view, etc. However, it doesn’t matter what type of cat and it is made for multiple cat owners.


  • highest standard wood
  • beige color
  • multiple levels
  • made for senior cats and kittens

Conclusion: What Are These Trees Specific For And Why You Should Get One?

The 6-foot cat tree products take more space but that doesn’t mean that they are not a good choice. The best two 6ft cat tree products are Go Pet Club 72 Inch Cat Tree and Armarkat A7202 Cat Tree. The second one is great for multiple cats and it doesn’t matter what age are the kitties and the first one is also great for multiple cats but for the ones that are medium and large.

If your cats are very big and you are looking for the tree for them then you should read cat trees for extra large cats review. If you want to find the towers to buy near your home then you should read the cat towers near me review. If you are looking for the 72-inch cat tree then you can read my review about big cat trees.