Best 5 Cardboard Cat Tower & Tree Furniture In 2022 Reviews

Are you a person who appreciates the simplicity and simple products made from non-heavy and non-complicated material? Do you maybe like to make things with your own hands?

Then my advice to you is that you read this review.

Cardboard is a very cheap and useful material and everyone has a piece of it in their home. In this article, you can read all about cardboard cat furniture and maybe decide if some cardboard cat tower or cardboard cat tree is the right choice for you.


Something To Know When Buying Cardboard Cat Furniture

Cardboard Cat Tower Brands

Some of you probably ask yourself are the cardboard cat furniture products and who sells that? Some brands launched this type of furniture because there are customers on the market that like it and customer’s pets too. Brands like for example, Catty Stacks, Kitty City, Petique, etc.

Interesting Choice

The real question is why are these products a good choice and are they? Well, the good side of these products is that the material is easy and you can set it up easy but int he same time it will look interesting in your home. Your kitty will be happy because of having her space but at the same time, you will be happy about not spending so much money.

Different From The Others

What about the design? What makes it different from the other cat furniture? The answer is that the products are different from the others because of its material and design. The material is easy so you can move the furniture around the space and the designs are interesting. From one cardboard box to multiple boxes which makes the tower.

Prices And Web Pages

However, these products are easy but it doesn’t mean that they are not sturdy and stable it is quite the opposite. On the other side when you think about the price you don’t have to worry. These are the cheapest products but sure it depends on what you are looking for. You can find these products on the and brand web pages like or

Best 5 Cardboard Cat Furniture Products Review

Cat Tower From Cardboard For Multiple Cats

Petique Feline Cat Tower

Cardboard Innovation

This modern cardboard box cat tower is an innovation in cat furniture. Unusual design with light-weighted material makes this product even better. The best thing is that kitties love it.

Petique Feline Cat Tower

Design Info

It includes three cat condos, two on the ground and one on the top of these two, scratching posts and places to lounge on the top of every condo. It is made from cardboard that is light-weighted and non-toxic. The color is beige and the dimensions are 6x28x28 inches.

Easy Assemble And Moving Around

The product is easy to assemble and maintain. You can put it wherever you want and easily move it around the place. For more fun, you can buy some toys to put it on the tower so kitties will be entertained all day and your space will look interesting with a tower in it. It is affordable too.

Petique Feline Cat Tower review

Multiple Cats Place

This cardboard cat tower is designed for keeping your cats entertained. However, it’s not important what type of cat you have but it is a better choice for multiple cats. It is made for senior cats and kittens but not recommended for large cats.


  • non-toxic and light-weight material
  • easy assembly
  • made for multiple cats

Folding Cardboard Cat Condo

Kitty City Cat Condo

Comfy And Fun Place

The Kitty City brand launched this comfortable and fun place for your felines. Your kitties will be thrilled with it because of its cute design and all the space they have to enjoy all day long.

Kitty City Cat Condo

Cardboard And Polyester Combo

This cardboard box cat condo includes a cozy condo inside of the box for hiding and resting and a large, soft cat bed on the top of it for lounging and laying all day. It is a combination of cardboard walls and soft polyester pillow and cushion. The dimensions are 16.5×16.5×19.2 inches.

Set Up And Clean Up

The condo can be easily set up and take down for only a few seconds. It is easy to maintain the condo because the cushion and pillow are machines washable. The interesting thing is that material is sturdy so if you decide to buy another condo you can put one on another for more fun.

Kitty City Cat Condo review

Two Kitties

The condo is perfect for two cats and it doesn’t matter if you have kittens or adult cats. However, besides it is perfect for cats it is a perfect choice for the owners too because it looks cute and it doesn’t take to much space.


  • sturdy cardboard and soft polyester material
  • easy setup and down
  • perfect for two cats

Cat Tree With Cardboard Scratcher

Cosmo’s Own Triangle Tree

Scratch And Play

Well, Cosmo’s Own brand brought the new product from scratch and play cardboard cat furniture. This small but fun product will make your cat feeling happy and it is giving your cat a possibility of maintaining its claws all day.

Cosmo's Own Triangle Tree

Eco-Friendly Cardboard

This product has an unusual triangle shape and includes a large cardboard scratching post, a space to rest in it after playing and scratching and a rattling ball for playing and having fun. It is made from eco-friendly cardboard and it is very safe for your pet and environment.

No Set-Up

The great thing is that there is no set up so you just get the product in one piece and the fun can start. It is easy so you can move it around the place and you can turn it so kitty will not be bored. The rattling ball is included.

Cosmo's Own Triangle Tree review

No Matter Of Age, Size, And Type

This product doesn’t take to many spaces so you can put it wherever you want and it can be easily moved around the place. The cat will be entertained no matter her or his age, size, and type. It is better for single cats.


  • triangle shape
  • eco-friendly cardboard material
  • no setup
  • made for every single cat

Modular Cardboard Cat Furniture

Cat Stacks Modern Cat Tree

Modern Take In Cardboard Furniture

This is the modern take in cardboard furniture, the modular cat tree. It is great because you can pick the type of the product and put it like you want it to be. It has many options so the choice is yours.

Cat Stacks Modern Cat Tree

Cat Cubes With Different Entrance Shapes

This product includes modern cat cubes with different entrance shapes and a bridge. The dimensions are 15x15x15 inches and the weight is 4.5 pounds. The best thing is that it comes in different colors so you can pick what you like.

Award-Winning Product

This product is an award-winning product in modular cat furniture. It is easy to set it up, to maintain and it has many possibilities of building. The material is pet-safe and planet-friendly. It includes a bridge, connector clips and two cubes in each kit.

Cat Stacks Modern Cat Tree review

Create The Unique Place For Your Pet

The great thing is that you can buy more cubes in different colors and mix them so you can create a unique space for your pet or pets. It is made for every type of cat no matter their age and size.


  • modular cat furniture
  • pet-safe and planet-friendly material
  • bridge and connector clips included
  • it comes in different colors

Cardboard Cat Playground

Furhaven Tower Playground

All In One Type Of Cat Furniture

Well, this product is all in one type of cat furniture. It means no more fighting over territory because it is a multiple level playground with so many fun possibilities and the kitties will enjoy it.

Furhaven Tower Playground

Multiply Joy

This product includes multiple levels with perches for naptime, lounging, jumping, playing and what is more important scratching posts so kitties can maintain their claws whenever they want. The dimensions are 33×17.7×22.8 inches.

Cats Happy, Furniture Protected

However, the product is easy to set up and to maintain. It is easy to move it around the space and it doesn’t take too much of it. Cats will be entertained all day and that is important such as your furniture will be protected from them to destroy it.

Furhaven Tower Playground review

Saviour For Multiple Cat Owners 

If you are a multiple cat owner then this product can save you and your furniture from your playful kitties. Its design will look perfect in your home and every type of cat can enjoy it.


  • multiple level product
  • cardboard material
  • great for multiple cats

Conclusion: Why You Should Consider To Buy Cardboard Cat Trees?

Who could know that this cat tree out of cardboard boxes can be so good? The best two cardboard cat furniture products are Cat Stacks Modern Cat Tree and Furhaven Tower Playground. The first one is great because you can buy more cubes and build a unique tree for your pet and the second one has multiple levels so multiple cats can enjoy it all day.

If you are not a fan of cardboard cat tower products and you want something made from very sturdy material then you should read a wooden cat tower review. Maybe you don’t want your tree to be inside so then you should read outdoor cat tower review. However, if you are looking for something good but made from cardboard then read my review about the best cat trees from cardboard cat tree products.