Best 4 Outdoor Cat Tree & Tower Furniture In 2022 Reviews

Do you love your pet so much but you don’t like it to be inside your house or do you want a piece of outdoor cat furniture because you don’t have enough space in your home or you just don’t want it to be inside? Do you want something like a weatherproof cat tree because you want your product to be ready for everything that can happen outside?

This review is the right thing you need to read!

It says all about an outdoor cat tree, an outdoor cat tower or outdoor cat tree house products. Find the right one for your pet because outside cat tree products are so good if you are not a fan to put some cat trees indoors.


The Good Things To Read About Outdoor Cat Furniture

Weather Resistant

Are these products made strictly for outdoor use? From one point of view, these trees can indeed be used only outdoors because the brands are making them be weather resistant. However, it is not a mistake if you want a tree that is made for outdoors to use inside your home if you like the design or the materials.

Type Of Materials

What type of materials are used to make outdoor cat furniture? The outdoor cat furniture products are made from solid wood material. The wood can be in his natural look and it can be painted. The paint is almost always eco-friendly. The products are also made from PVC material.

Brands And Prices

Is it hard to find these products? Who makes these and how much do they cost? It’s not hard to find a brand that has these products in its line of furniture made for kitties. Outdoor cat products are made by brands like PawHut, PetsFit, KittyWalk, etc and the prices are not so cheap but also are not that much expensive.

Order Your Product

Is there any possibility of buying a piece of outdoor furniture online? Well, sure, just like indoor cat products you can order outdoor cat products online. Search the brand web pages like or However, you always have another option and that is because all the products are available on their site.

Best 4 Outdoor Product Reviews

Outdoor Cat Tree For Large Cats

PawHut Cat Condo

Outdoor Friendly Cat Tree

This nice constructed outdoor friendly cat tree from outdoor cat furniture trees looks like a little house for your feline friends. PawHut cat condo colored in gray and white has a 2-floor cat condo, a jump platform, a door, multiple entrances, and an escape hole. These multiple entrances and escape holes make it more interesting to cats.

PawHut Cat Condo

100% Fir Wood

Created with 100% fir wood material colored with eco-friendly paint which is good for your health and the health of your cat. Dimensions are 20x20x32 inches and net weight is 20 lbs. Maybe it is made from just one material but that one is high-quality and the color is non-toxic which is very important too. It has an asphalt eave too.

Raised Moist Resist Floor

There is no problem with the cleaning part as with the building part too. The outdoor wooden cat tree has a removable middle board and openable top to make your condo cleaning and feeding a cat part much easier. The raised moist resist floor makes it even better then it already is because bad weather is no longer a problem.

PawHut Cat Condo review

33 Lbs Or 15 Kg Cat Weight

PawHut outdoor kitty condo can hold cats up to 33 lbs or 15 kg of weight. This simple design fits every space and it can be used indoors too. You will be happy with this product also just because it is simple and beautiful and it is so good it can be used outdoors and indoors so if you ever change your mind about placing it you will have many options.


  • 100% fir wood material
  • eco-friendly color and asphalt eave
  • removable middle board and openable top
  • can be used indoors too
  • holds up to 33 lbs or 15 kg of weight

Cedar Cat House

PetsFit Outdoor Cat House

Outdoor Waterproof Cat Tree

PetsFit product from the outdoor waterproof cat tree products is a large house for kitties. The down area has a condo with an entrance and an emergency exit hole, a ladder, and the up area has a terrace with a fence and a roof. A combination of gray and white color looks good on it.

PetsFit Outdoor Cat House

Anti-Rot Cedar 

The outdoor wooden cat tree measures are 30x22x29 inches. The interesting part is that the whole cat house is made from cedar which is an anti-rot material. It is painted with waterbased paint because of the weather and it is safe for pets. The fact about cedar is that that type of wood will last at least 3 years. The roof is rainproof because it is made from asphalt.

Replacements Free Within One Year

You can set it up in just a few steps because of the pre-drilled holes. The only tool that you need is a screwdriver. If there is any trouble with the house all the replacement parts are available and are free in a year’s warranty. The advice for you is that if you have a kitty that is making a big mess or likes to chew stuff then this isn’t the product for you.

PetsFit Outdoor Cat House review

1-3 Cats Or A Cat With Kittens

The insulated cat treehouse is made for 1-3 cats with a weight of 18 lbs or on the other hand, it is a homemade for one cat and the kittens. You can place it in your backyard and have a tiny house for your pets next to your home. PetsFit brand gave all into this product and it looks like that.


  • anti-rot cedar material
  • easy set up because of pre-drilled holes
  • replacements available within 1 year
  • made for 1-3 cats or a cat with kittens

72 Teepe Cat Tree

Kitty walk Teepe Cat Tree

Fully Enclosed Product

Different design of this Kittywalk Teepe cat tree from the line of outdoor cat tower products is a unique piece of cat furniture. Green colored and fully enclosed outdoor cat climbing tree has two entrances, a base stand, three perches with a hole on each for kitties easier climbing and feathers on the top of it.

Kitty walk Teepe Cat Tree

Reinforced Water Resistant Pvc Mesh

Teepe cat tree size is 48x48x72 inches. A weather-resistant canvas, nylon ripstop netting, and solid steel are the materials or more specifically it is made of reinforced water-resistant PVC mesh. With this color, it will look great and cats will love climbing through holes in perches.

Easy Put Together And Take Apart

The greatness in Teepe cat products is that they are easy to put together and take apart. You can do it alone without any help. You can put this unusual designed Teepe tree on your balcony or just erect it on any hard surface. Your kitty will be entertained all day without making a mess in your house.

Kitty walk Teepe Cat Tree review

Any Kitty And Multiple Ones Too

Teepe cat tree from Kittywalk can hold any kitty and multiple ones too. With this product, you don’t have to worry about your home and the furniture and from the other side, you will know that you have a product that will make your kitty happy even outside your house.


  • reinforced water-resistant PVC mesh
  • green color
  • it can be erected on any hard surface

Outdoor Cat Condo

Kitty City Cat Tower Condo

Outdoor Cat Jungle Gym

The Kitty City brand’s product is a modular cat tree that we can call a real outdoor cat jungle gym because it can be used outdoors too. Scratching parts, several condos, places to rest and toys to play are all offered int his product. Cats will spend the whole day on it that’s for sure.

Kitty City Cat Condo Claw Mega Kit

Provides Cat Activity

The outdoor-friendly cat tree is designed with PVC pipes and walls made from polyester material. This outdoor cat activity center size is 32.5×46.8×47.5 inches. It provides cat activity because of this colorful design and possibilities. It looks like a plastic playground made specifically for cats.

Roofed If Using Outdoors

If you get bored to look in the same things every day and you like changes then this tree is just for you because you can recreate the whole look. Cats will be happy too and will not get sick of the same place. There is no waste of time cleaning and building up the tree and you can move it wherever you want because it’s not heavy. You can use it indoors and outdoors but keep the attention if you will use it outdoors because it needs to be roofed to be protected from the weather.

Kitty City Cat Condo Claw Mega Kit review

Made For Multiple Cats

Gift your kitty an active lifestyle with Kitty City cat tower condo. Place it in your room or on your balcony. Modular type like this looks very fun and it is if you ask for kitty’s opinion. Multiple baby cats and multiple adults can share the happiness of exploring.


  • outdoor and indoor modular product
  • PVC pipes design
  • for baby cats and adults

Conclusion: What Are The Benefits Of Outdoor Cat Products?

I would say materials because most of outdoor cat furniture products are weatherproof cat tree products. In the top 2 from this article are PetsFit Outdoor Cat House and Kittywalk Teepe Cat Tree. The PetsFit outdoor cat tree house is easy to set up and the material is long-lasting and Kittywalk outside cat tree is made from pvc mesh and can be erected on any hard surface.

You want your cat tree to be made from wood but from special wood then go find out more about in a redwood cat tree review. If you always admired real trees and you want the same for your cat then check a review about cat trees with leaves and branches. Finally, if you like an outdoor cat tree or outdoor cat tower products then pick yours after studying the best cat trees for outdoor use.