Best 5 Black Cat Tower & Tree Condo Furnitures In 2022 Reviews

Do you believe that black color is a happy color?

Do you want to avoid scratching marks on your furniture but it is annoying for you to even see it on your pet’s furniture?

Read this review because you need black cat furniture.

I am going to describe the 5 best black cat tree products offered on the market. You can choose between a black cat tree, black cat tower or maybe a black cat condo and decide if anything suits you.


Stuff To Know When Buying Black Furniture

Less Dirty And More Aesthetic

Every kind of dirt or marks on your furniture make you feel sick? Then you are the person for dark-colored furniture, specifically black color. Many brands are offering their cat furniture in black color because people look for a less dirty and more aesthetic look in their home. For example, brands like Go Pet Club, MidWest, Trixie, etc.

Cat Interests

Do you probably ask yourself are these black trees interesting to cats? Cat furniture is a big industry and brands are offering different types of products. It depends on what you are looking for. Are you searching the furniture for large cats or small ones, more natural look of the furniture or modern type, etc? You don’t have to worry that the color will reject them, the product is important.

Black Is A Better Option

Black color furniture is a better option than some light color and why is that so? Well, first it is like that because you don’t have to worry if your kitty makes a mess cause it is harder to see it in a dark color. Second, it looks beautiful in your room decor and it is perfect for people who like minimalism and also for people who like luxury or modern look.

Prices Are Not Different

The best thing about black furniture is that the price is not different from the other tree prices. You can find furniture for an affordable price and also you can find expensive ones for people who like to spend a little more. The prices are going from 50$ to 300$.

Find The Product

Every product is available on the brand’s web pages, for example, The best about these web pages is that you can ask any question on e-mail and you will get a response very soon. is also offering black cat furniture so you can look for the products on their page.

Best 5 Black Cat Furniture Reviews

Black And White Large Cat Tree

Go Pet Club 72” Cat Tree

Excitement And New Experience

If you want a whole different excitement for your kitties than this is the right product for you. Multiple levels bring new and beautiful experiences for your little friends and your home too. A perfect combo of black color and happy feeling.

Go Pet Club 72'' Cat Tree

Happiness On Multiple Levels

This go pet club tree includes two condos with different levels and multiple elevated platforms, hanging toys, ladders, and individual perches. Your kitty can enjoy on every level she or he wants. It is great for developing a cat’s scratching and hiding instincts.

Sturdy And Safe

The product is made from very durable compressed wood. It is all covered with soft faux fur and more important it is safe for your kitty. Multiple posts are lined with natural sisal rope which is great for your kitty’s scratching instinct. The dimension of the product is 22x33x72 inches and it is pretty big.

Go Pet Club 72'' Cat Tree review

Size And Instructions

You have to find or make some space in your home where you are going to put this cat tree but you won’t regret it. Kitties will be grateful for it and you will be happy how it fits in your space. It is very easy to assemble and instructions are included. However, it is easy to maintain.

Large And Multiple Cats

The product is made for every type of cats but specifically for large cats. They can easily jump from one level to another. It is the best choice for people who wants to make their multiple cats happy.


  • large cat tree
  • made for large and multiple cats
  • assemble instructions included

Black Cat Tree With Scratching Post

MidWestCat Tree

Modern Artistic Look

Well, this is something new and different. It is great for people who like the artistic modern look. A different design with a touch of floral print brings a whole new look and multiple levels of joy for your kitty.

MidWestCat Tree

5 Tier Fun

It includes high-rise bolstered perch, two benches for resting and snoozing, sisal posts for scratching, condo on the bottom for sleeping and hiding and hanging toy balls with bells for playing and recreating.

Designer Print With Quality Material

This cat tree is made from very quality and sturdy material. Scratching posts are all covered in sisal rope. The condo and the perches are covered in black, soft, faux fur with a touch of designer, floral print. Dimensions are 22x15x50.5 inches.

MidWestCat Tree review

Easily Set Up

This type of tower sets up easily. You can do it alone with the instructions and tools that you will get with it. It is easy to maintain. You have to just wipe it with a dump clothes to remove dust and fur from it.

One Cat Or Multi-Cat

This durable cat tree is made for any type of kitty. It doesn’t matter if they are big or small. You can decide if you are going to buy it for your single cat joy or multiple cat happiness. You can’t make a mistake whatever you decide.


  • modern look
  • designers floral print included
  • easy maintaining and assembly

Black Cat Tree For Kittens And Senior Cats

Trixie Cat Tree

Stylish And Cute

If you are a person who likes something stylish but at the same time cute then this Trixie tree is the best option for you. It is large and cute at the same time. However, kitty has many possibilities to enjoy it if you decide to buy it.

Trixie Cat Tree

Different Levels

Trixie cat tree includes lounging platform with backrest, ring-shaped platform, base with rustling foil, scratching post covered in sisal rope, hammock, dangling pom-pom toy and top platform with a removable bed. Every level offers a different possibility.

Sturdy Construction And Long Lifespan

The tree is made from sturdy material which promises a longer lifespan. It is covered in plush and suede fabric. It comes in beautiful black-dark grey color with a touch of special and cute print all over the tree. Dimensions of the tree are 30x23x45 inches and a weight of 45 pounds.

Trixie Cat Tree review

Clean Up And Set Up

The tree is very easy to set up and clean up. The removable bed is machine washable and all the other perches you can clean with the brush or dump cloth to remove dust and fur. The interesting fact is that it will bring style to your home.

All Ages And Activity Levels

The product is suitable for kitties of all ages and activity levels. However, there can be one cat or more than one, it is not important. Your pet will be satisfied and so will be you.


  • brings a stylish look
  • black-dark grey color
  • removable bed included
  • easy to set up and clean up

Black Wooden Cat Tree

The Sebastian 67” Wooden Cat Tree

Lovely Furniture

This lovely and beautiful cat tree looks like a piece of regular furniture and it is great for people who take care of room aesthetic. However, your cat will love it because of the multiple levels and options of entertainment that this product brings.

The Sebastian 67'' Wooden Cat Tree

Designer Cat Tree

This designer cat tree includes six separate levels so kitty can climb and play. It has enough room for decorations. The first level has sisal scratching material. The second level and fourth level have carpet for lounging and snoozing. The second level also includes a cubby hole for hiding and resting.

Made To Last

A very sturdy constructed tree that is made to last. It comes in two colors, black and white. It includes carpets and sisal scratching posts. It is painted with durable, non-toxic, glossy paint. A modern look in your living room because it looks like your regular furniture. Dimensions are 22x22x67 inches.

The Sebastian 67'' Wooden Cat Tree review

Lovely And Functional

This lovely addition to your home is very functional too. It is easy to assemble and it comes with detailed instructions. You don’t have to worry about cleaning because you can clean it like your regular furniture and the carpets are removable and machine washable.

No Matter How Many Cats And Which Size

The product is made for cat owners who take care of their interior design look and who don’t want something too different from the rest of their living room. Every cat can enjoy no matter how many cats and which size.


  • the more regular furniture look
  • easy to assemble and maintain
  • two colors available

Cheap Black Tree With Hammock

Feandrea Cheap Cat Tree

Simple And Minimalistic

Simplicity is the best choice almost every time, don’t you agree? Well, this product shows it best. Simple and minimalistic design but at the same time so cute and lovable. You can’t wish anything more.

Feandrea Cheap Cat Tree

Cat’s Wish

This cat tree has two perches, one on the top for resting and enjoying the view, the other one on the bottom, scratching sisal posts, hanging toy and sleeping hammock. It is all your cat can wish for.

Dark, Smokey Grey Color

Feandrea cat tree is made from sturdy material which makes the tree stabile. It is covered in high-quality plush fabric, sisal rope, and CARB-certified board. The color is dark, smokey grey. Dimensions are 18.1×18.1×26.8 inches.

Feandrea Cheap Cat Tree review

Instructions And Tools

Together with the product, you get instructions and tools. However, it’s not complicated, you can do it by yourself. It is easy to maintain the tree. You can clean it up with a brush or dumped cloth and it doesn’t take too many spaces.

Indoor Use And Cat Use Only

The product is made for indoor use and cat use only. There is a warning that says if your cat starts to chew the hanging toy then you have to remove it. it is made for cats of all ages and types. It is made for single cats.


  • smokey grey color
  • high-quality plush fabric
  • made for single cats

Conclusion: Why You Should Look For Black Cat Furniture?

Well, the fact is that black cat furniture is very good not only in looks but in maintaining it. The best two black cat tree products are MidWest Cat Tree and Go Pet Club 72” Cat Tree. The first one is special because of its unusual design and cat possibilities and the other one is great because of its material and space for large kitties to have fun.

Black cat tree care is easier but if you want something more natural then you should read natural wood cat tree review. However, if you are looking for a wall-mounted cat tree that will look nice in your home then you should read my review about beautiful cat trees.