Top 3 Cat Tree With Leaves That Look Like Real Tree Reviews

Are you a person that loves plants? Do you want your kitty to feel like he or she is in nature but it is inside your home? Do you consider to buy a cat tree with leaves and branches?

Then you should read all about realistic cat tree products!

Here I am going to describe the best cat tree with leaves and cat tree with branches products so you can pick one cat tree that looks like a real tree product for your home.


Things To Know About These Cat Trees

Natural Hiding Between Leaves Skills

Why are these products such a good choice for kitties? Well, first of all, these products are made for people who like nature and all the things that have to do with it. Second of all these products are great because kitties can provide their natural hiding between leaves skills and that’s what these trees are offering.

Brands And Materials

What about the brands and the materials? Some brands on the market offer many different types of cat trees and cat trees with leaves too. Brands like Go Pet Club or On2Pets. Materials are not so different from regular cat trees but most of them have artificial leaves to look like a real tree.

Visit Web Pages And Order Your Product

Where to look for these types of products? Well, most of the products are available on the brand’s web pages, so you can visit the web pages and order your product there. However, you can visit Amazon because the products are available there too.

Best 3 Cat Tree With Leaves That Looks Like Real Tree Reviews

Tall Indoor Cat Tree With Leaves

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Tall Cat Tree

This tall cat tree is all your kitties can wish for. It has multiple levels so you can have multiple kitties without fear that there is not going to be enough space. Go Pet Club cat tree has it all.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Huge Cat Condo

The multiple level cat tree with leaves has a base stand with a huge cat condo and multiple entrances on it, multiple smaller and bigger perches and scratching posts. The color is beige/brown and the artificial leaves are green.

Pressed Wood Material

The tree is made from pressed wood which makes the product sturdy, faux fur, artificial leaves, and natural sisal scratching posts. The dimensions of this beautiful cat tree are 28×23.5×61 inches.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree review

Step By Step Instructions

Besides this product is tall and you have to find the space for it it is easy to assemble it. Together with the parts for the tree you get the tools and step by step instructions to make it easier. It is easy to clean up too.

Multiple All Type Of Cats

The product is made for all types of cats. However, it is even better if you have multiple kitties because the tree has enough space for them to enjoy and it will keep them entertained all day long.


  • pressed wood, faux fur, and natural sisal material
  • beige/brown color
  • made for multiple cats

Realistic Cat Tree For Indoors

On2Pets Cat Condo

Cat Tree House With Leaves

If you are looking for a cat tree house with leaves then On2Pets have a solution for you. This beautiful cat tree has all your cat need. However, you can put it everywhere in your home.

On2Pets Cat Condo Furniture

3 Carpeted Perches

This cat tree has a base stand looking like grass, 3 carpeted perches for kitties to hide on them and rest all day and artificial leaves. The color is like a real tree color brown and green.

Different Sizes And Pet Safe Materials

This product comes in different sizes and the dimensions of this cat tree are 24x24x60 inches. It is made from pressed wood, carpet material, and artificial leaves so it looks like a natural tree. All materials are non-toxic and pet safe.

On2Pets Cat Condo Furniture review

Easy To Assemble And Keep It Clean

This modern cat tree that looks like a real tree is easy to assemble, you can set it up in less than 15 minutes. There are no tools required. Because of its design and material, it is easy to keep it clean too. The best thing is that each perch is adjustable.

Put It Next To Your Real Plants

If you have one kitty or multiple kitties it is not important. Kitties love this product. It is made for all types of kitties up to 32 lbs weight. However, If you like plants and trees just put the tree next to your plants and it will look great.


  • non-toxic and pet safe materials
  • easy to assemble (no tools required)
  • made for all types of cats up to 32 lbs

Cat Tower With Leaves

Scurrty Cat Activity Tower

Realistic Cat Tree With Leaves

If you need a realistic cat tree with leaves then Scurrty cat tree is the best choice for you. A combination of modern look of cat furniture with a touch of nature will make you and your kitty very happy.

Scurrty Cat Activity Tower

Beige With Green Leaves

This realistic looking cat tree has a base stand that looks like real grass, two perches to lounge on them and scratching posts for maintaining claws. The color of the tree is beige with green leaves.

Stable Material

The dimensions of the tree are 40x23x23 inches. It is made from stable material such as pine wood. Scratching posts are made from natural sisal material and perches have carpet material on it to make it more comfortable.

Scurrty Cat Activity Tower review

Easily Adaptable

The best about this cat tree is that it is easily adaptable so you don’t have to worry about a long time set-up. However, it is easy to maintain too because of the design and the materials.

For Kitties Up To 35 Lbs

This cat tree looks like a real tree and that is the point oft his product, to bring a touch of outdoors indoors. It will look great everywhere you put it. It is made for kitties up to 35 lbs weight.


  • pinewood and natural sisal material
  • easily adaptable
  • made for kitties up to 35 lbs

Conclusion: Why You Should Consider Buying One Of These Products?

These are the products that bring a touch of outdoor inside your home. The best two cat trees with leaves products are Go Pet Club Cat Tree and On2Pets Cat Condo Tree. The first one is great for people who like regular cat trees with a little bit of nature on them and the second one is great because of its size and design that looks realistic.

If you are want to buy a cat tree but you want it to be outdoor then you should read outside cat tree review. However, if you want a cat tree but you want to put it on the wall because oft he room aesthetic then you should read wall mounted cat tree review. If you are looking for a cat tree with branches or a cat tree with leaves and branches then you should read this review about the best cat trees from a cat tree that looks like a real tree line of products.