15 Best Cat Trees & Climbing Towers For Sale In 2022 Reviews

Are you interested in the best cat trees that are cat trees for sale? Or maybe you want a cat tree tower or a cat climbing tree?

Continue reading this article because every response you need you will find here. You can find out all about the best 15 cat tree and cat towers for sale and I am going to give a brief review of 2 great cat tower products.

I will give you advice about the best cat towers and point the benefits for each of these cat tree furniture pieces so you can rethink and easily decide which of these is the correct choice for your pet or pets.


Top 15 Best Cat Trees & Climbing Towers

Best 6-Foot Large Cat Tree

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Go Pet Club has a whole line of high-quality cat trees if you are looking for a cat tower for large cats that will bring some luxury in your cat’s life. Its measures are 38x27x62 inches and it is available in 5 different colors so you can find the one you like for your tree. The color of this is beige.

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

The large cat tree from cat trees for large cats line of cat furniture has multiple fun levels such as a ladder, two different hammocks, a tunnel, a condo, perches to sleep on, a bed on the top, a rope to have fun and scratching pads. It is constructed with compressed boards and it is plush-finished. You get the parts of the tree and manual with tools so everything will be ready in a few minutes.

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree review

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  • beige colored but available in 4 more colors
  • includes multiple fun levels
  • you get parts, tools and manual
  • designed for large cats even chubby ones

Best Cheap Cat Tree

Catry Cat Tree

If you are looking for cheap cat furniture such as cheap cat trees for sale or cheap cat towers then you can rely on this cheap cat tree. Catry brand made a simple cat tree that is beyond a very affordable option. It costs only 32,99$ and the dimensions are 15.7×15.7×27.8 inches. It’s colored in beige with a little bit of brown.

Catry Cat Tree

This affordable cat tree has a base area, a feather toy, a bed, a hammock and scratching stands. Made from premium quality materials such as fleece and paper rope makes this tree different from all the others. It is perfect for kittens especially if you have multiples. It can hold up to 10 lbs. The toy comes along with the instructions and necessary tools.

Catry Cat Tree review

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  • made from paper rope and fleece
  • the package contains tools, instructions, and a toy
  • color combinations are beige and brown
  • perfect for little one sup to 10 lbs

Best Indoor Modern Cat Tower

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

This modern cat tree from The Refined Feline modern cat furniture line is giving a whole new style in your home because it is so similar to your regular furniture. The great thing is that if you like minimalism it will be a dream come true if you buy this product from cool cat trees line. 20x20x69 inches are the dimensions.

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

The modern cat tower for indoors in espresso color has a spacious and warm cat condo, a scratching area and three perches. A perch on the top is curvy. All the platforms are carpeted with Velcro and the tree is built up from ply with oak veneer. Of course, it includes plush cushions and sisal scratch pads. Cleaning and setting up is easy because you get all you need along with the product. All the parts are removable and replaceable. A score for multiple cat homes.

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower review

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  • for people who like minimalism
  • built-up from ply with oak veneer
  • all the parts are removable and replaceable
  • made for multiple cat homes

Best Cat Tree With Leaves

On2Pets Cat Tree

If your wish is to get a cat tree that looks like a real tree such as a cat tree with leaves and branches then this is something you should read. On2Pets realistic cat tree has all the necessary things for your cat. This cat tree with branches has all the colors that real tree has and it’s tall about 60 inches and 24 inches width and length.

On2Pets Cat Condo Furniture

It is special because you can choose if you want a square base or a round base and it comes in different sizes so you can pick that too. Includes grass-looking base, 3 adjustable and carpeted perches and as an addition, it has artificial leaves. All the materials from wood to carpet and leaves are safe for pets and non-toxic. You don’t need tools so it is pretty simple to get the pieces of it together. All cat types can use it even up to 32 lbs of weight.

On2Pets Cat Condo Furniture review

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  • colored like the real tree
  • materials are safe for pets and non-toxic
  • it doesn’t require tools
  • for all cats up to 32 lbs

Best 3 Tier Floor To Ceiling Cat Tree

Cat Craft 3 Tier Cat Tree

Floor to ceiling cat tower or cat tree floor to ceiling is sometimes hard to find and even if you find a couple of it it is hard for you to choose the right one. Cat Craft made the choice a little bit easier. With its 16.9×10.6×89.6 inches tall ceiling cat tree and in earth tone charcoal color it will look unique and beautiful in your home.

Cat Craft 12400301GRCOM Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree

This floor to ceiling cat pole has three places to lounge, jump and enjoy the view. Carpet covers the tree and makes it smoother and more attractive to cats. Order your tree and set it up without the need for any tools, fast and easy. The tree can be attached to the ceiling so cats can jump on the tree without you being worried that it will collapse. It is great for grown cats and the little kittens too.

Cat Craft 12400301GRCOM Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree review

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  • the tree is all covered in smoother carpet
  • earth tone colors or better said charcoal color
  • you don’t need tools
  • ideal for grown cats and little kittens too

Best Small Cat Tree For Kittens

Bewishome Cat Tree

Bewishome made a little product just for little kitties. This small cat tree is too cute to not be noticed. Fabulous light gray small cat tower has all the benefits that can offer a regular size cat tree or even the large one. Its dimensions are 15.75×15.75×23.23 inches.

Bewishome Cat Condo

The small cat tree includes a base and a paw-print on, a spacious bed on the top, a cat condo, a fun hanging toy and for maintaining claws there are scratching areas. It is built with stable stuff wrapped in soft material. Hardware and manual are available or better to say both are coming int he package. It doesn’t take too many spaces and kittens are going to love it. soft plush and natural sisal material

Bewishome Cat Condo review

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  • stable stuff wrapped in soft material
  • colored in the light version of gray
  • perfect choice for kittens

Best Tall Cat Tower For Older Cats

Feandrea Cat Tower

Did you like always wanted to buy your cat a tall narrow cat tree or tall skinny cat tree? Maybe the Feandrea brand has something for you. Their version oft all cat tower in smoky-gray color looks gorgeous. It is super tall for about 67 inches and 23.6 inches length and 21.6 inches width.

Feandrea Cat Tree

Your multiple cats will never get bored of having fun on it. This narrow cat tree has a double condo, scratch pads, multiple flat areas to lay on, toys, perches with lifted edges and a paw-print on the base perch. Constructed with a board that is carb-certified, sisal and fabric material. If you worry how are you going to put it up and clean it you can stop with the worries right now because everything is simple and you get all the tools and set up the info you need. The tree is so sturdy and stable that it makes it such a great product for older cats. This Feandrea super tall cat tree is a great choice for your multiple kitties.

Feandrea Cat Tree review

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  • 67 inches tall cat tree
  • constructed with sisal, fabric and board material
  • no worries about the assembly and cleaning part
  • multiple older cats choice

Best Outdoor Pvc Pipe Cat Tree

Kitty City Cat Tower Condo

If you are a fan of changes and you don’t like it when the things around you look the same every day then the outdoor cat tree from Kitty City brand’s line of outdoor cat furniture is made for you. Everything about it is perfect from dimensions that are 32.5×46.8×47.5 inches across the colors to the offered possibilities.

Kitty City Cat Condo Claw Mega Kit

The outdoor cat tower is designed with walls made from polyester and Pvc pipes. You can always create a new look with this tree. It can be used outdoor but it has to be roofed because it’s not a weatherproof cat tree and of course, it can be used indoors too. It is very lightweight so you can move it around if you want. It is easy to put it up and fold down and all cats no matter the size and type can use it.

Kitty City Cat Condo Claw Mega Kit review

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  • indoor and outdoor modular cat tree product
  • made with Pvc material
  • for all cat ages

Best Gray Cat Tree For Multiple Cats

Yaheetech Cat Tree

Yaheetech grey cat tree will entertain your cats all day if you decide to get yourself this type of cat tree. The thing that makes this grey cat tower so cool is that it is big and it has a lot of space on it. It measures 23.5×21.5×69.5 inches and comes in a light-gray version.

Yaheetech Cat Tree

This cat tree contains multiple perch areas, a play toy, a big condo, a cat tunnel, scratch pads, and two unique hammocks. Not only it looks good it is constructed with such good quality materials as sisal and plush. Besides you got the tools and manual you are going to get a wall anchor strap to attach the tree to the wall. It is so good for kittens, seniors and large cats and the main word is multiple ones.

Yaheetech Cat Tree review

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  • made with good quality materials
  • comes in beautiful light gray color
  • wall anchor strap for wall attach included
  • made for multiple kittens, seniors, and large cats

Best Wooden Cat Tree

Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree

Kitty Mansions brand’s real wood cat tree is the tree for the owners that want to give their pets a touch of outside nature world inside their house. Everything on it is gorgeous from the design to the materials. This cat tree made from a real tree is from the forest line of cat furniture. Its dimensions are 23 inches length and width and 75 inches tall. The colors on it are matching the real tree colors.

Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree

This wooden cat tree has leaves wrapped all over scratching areas, a ladder, a large condo, a ball toy, and three cat beds. The name of the product says redwood but it isn’t made from redwood but particle wood board material. Wood is covered in plush and the leaves are the bonus on it. The brand has available replacements and you also get the tools for easier setup. Designed to please cats of all ages and activity levels.

Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree review

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  • particle wood board material
  • added leaves for a natural look
  • for cats all ages and activity levels

Best Wall Mounted Cat Tree

CatastrophiCreations Cat Playground

Save your money and space in your home by getting CatastrophiCreations wall-mounted cat tree. Bring in your cat’s life something new, interesting and fun. It measures 35x11x64 inches of pure joy. It is painted in onyx/charcoal gray color.

CatastrophiCreations Cat Playground

It can hold even big and heavy cats because of the quality of wood and fabric. The assembly goes step by step along with the instructions that you need to follow so your cat can start to use the product. However, you can put up the wall cat tree as you wish too so it won’t be boring. Wash the removable cotton canvas in the machine and use it all over again. The product is a solution for smaller apartments and homes and multiple cats all types can use it.

CatastrophiCreations Cat Playground review

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  • quality fabric and wood
  • step by step manual info included
  • made for smaller homes with multiple cats

Best Cat Tree With Hammock

Trixie Hammock Cat Tree

Looking for a cat tree with hammock or cat bed tower that will be perfect for your home can be difficult just because there are so many different cat tower with hammock products. This product gets a high grade for the quality and ability of space-saving. Trixie cat tree with hammock dimensions are 16x20x16 inches and painted in elegant cream color.

Trixie Hammock Scratching Post

It’s constructed very simply and has a large hammock, a toy made from fluffy material, two scratch pads and, of course, a base stand. The most interesting is the material because it is made with a long-haired fabric material that is warm and cozy and natural sisal drags your cat to scratch it all day. A metal rim in hammock gives the product extra support. There is no worry about the assembly part and the cleaning part too. Kittens and seniors are going to love it no matter where in your home are you going to put it.

Trixie Hammock Scratching Post review

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  • made from long-haired warm and cozy fabric material
  • there is no assembly needed
  • great for satisfying kittens and seniors

Best Cat Scratching Tree

PetnPurr Cat Scratching Post

PetnPurr brand launched a different styled cat scratching post that will be a great addition in your living room. Their scratching post is made to look like a plant or more specifically a cactus plant The color is green like the real plant and it measures 15.7×25.6 inches.

PetnPurr Cat Scratching Post

There are no so many possibilities but it doesn’t mean that it is not a great product for pet owners who want to get their pet a product to keep them entertained and away from destroying their furniture. A large scratching area, pom-pom toy, and a base stand are the parts of this cat tree post. Made with high-quality and sturdy sisal and carpet material it will last long in your home. There is no assembly and your job is to unpack the product and it is ready. It looks nice and any kitty type can enjoy using it.

PetnPurr Cat Scratching Post review

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  • cactus look-alike scratching post tree
  • made from high-quality and sturdy carpet and sisal
  • includes pom-pom toy
  • any kitty type can enjoy using it

Best Cat Climbing Tower

PetFusion Cat Tower

When you hear the word unique you can’t avoid noticing PetFusion cat activity tree product. It is something completely different from the other types of cat play tree products. Its dimensions are 24×20.8×76.8 inches and it comes in amazing espresso color.

PetFusion Corner Cat Tower

PetFusion cat play tower has two perches so cats can jump and climb, scratching pads so cats can practice its claws and a base. Durable wood, sisal and carpet cover are the best material combination for creating a special product like this is. Not only it is unique but it can be wall-mounted and you get zinc drywall anchors to attach it. Replacements for this cat climbing tower are available and a screwdriver and a hammer are coming in the package so your assembly will be easier. It can satisfy the needs of kittens and older cat buddies.

PetFusion Corner Cat Tower review

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  • it can be wall-mounted
  • zinc drywall anchors, screwdriver and a hammer included
  • made for kittens and older cats

Best Cat Tree Condo Tower

Armarkat Cat Tree Condo

Armarkat cat tree condo is something like a castle for your cat or even multiple cats. It is amazing, huge and beige colored. 19x34x89 inches are the dimensions and it is all that cat needs in one cat condo tower.

Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

The Armarkat brand is one of the greatest brands in making and launching cat furniture. This cat tower condo tree has several flat perches and two cat condos, one on the top and the other one on the bottom. It is extremely stable because of the double base and the materials are pine premium, plush, and sisal. For set up follow the manual info and go step by step with included tools. Made for multiple cats this cat tree condo can hold up to 80 lbs of weight. It is recommended for the large and medium type of cats.

Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo review

If you are interested to know more about cat tree condo products then read my post about the best cat tree condo towers.


  • premium pine, plush and sisal
  • colored in beige
  • you get step-by-step instructions and tools
  • recommended for medium and large-sized cats

Useful Guide For Buying Cat Trees

Lasts For Many Years

Most of the trees listed in this review are made from some sort of wood material from particleboard to pinewood material. The fact that the products are made from wood make them very stable and thankful to have because it can last for many years.

Indoor And Outdoor Use

Cat climbing tree products from here are mostly made for indoor use but I need to highlight that there are the ones that can be used outdoors. It’s up to you to decide what exactly are you looking for your pet and but this information is important for you to know.


Space Information

You will probably need some space information and how much are these products’ space-saving products? Well, most of them can save your space pretty good and it’s up to you and your possibilities for which product are you going to decide.

Accessories, Replacements, Tools

What about the accessories and replacements and tools? Most of the cat trees from these posts are coming with accessories such as toys and most of the brands have available replacement parts. However, most oft he trees have tools and manual included in their tree package so it is great for you.


Brands And Buying Info

All the models from this article are available on Amazon.com so you can find the product there and order it easily. Most of the brands have their web pages from which you can order your tree in such an easy way as you can do it on Amazon. For example, brands like bewishome.com, trixie.com or kittymansions.com.

Benefits Of Having A Cat Tree Product

Protect Your Furniture

First of all, every cat tree for which you decide will protect your furniture from playful cats to get the opportunity to destroy it by scratching. For cats, it is extremely important that they have their own private space for all activities they need and it will help you by having a cat tree in your home for sure.


All In One Product

The second but not less important benefit is that your cat will have all in one product. Imagine that you buy a cat tree that will have all in one product. A place to nap, scratch, eat, play, jump, climb, etc. It can’t be better than it and the cat will be kept entertained the whole day.

Conclusion: Which One To Choose?

To conclude, every product from this post of mine is high-quality and extremely durable and you won’t make a mistake if you decide for one of these. Everything is about you and what features are you taking for very important and that is how you are going to choose the tree. Think about if you want a cat tree for large or small cats, a small or a large cat tree, a wall-mounted or regular tree, etc.

If you want to find out more about cat trees you can read my post about best cat trees and cat trees for sale. If you are interested in wall cat trees, check my review of a wall-mounted cat tree.