Best 5 Cat Climbing, Activity & Play Towers & Trees Reviews

Do you know how kitties can be very active and jump all around the room? Well, that can be sometimes messy because of the things you keep on your furniture.

Then you probably need a product like a cat climbing tower or cat activity tree? Am I right?

If the answer is yes read these reviews and find out which cat play tower or cat play tree is the right choice for your happy cat.


Some Info To Know When Buying Cat Activity Trees

Multiple Levels And Options

Well, the first thing you think of when you hear a cat climbing, activity or play tower is how does it look? The answer is pretty simple. These types of products or better I say most of them have multiple levels and options to keep your kitty entertained all day. For example, climbing high up, playing with different toys, jumping from one perch to another, etc.

Improve Cat Skills And Protect The Furniture

Are these products good for kitties and why? Well, these products are a perfect choice to keep your cat entertained and your furniture will not suffer when your cat starts to jump, scratch and climb. Cats need their own space from the moment when they are kittens because they need to improve their cat skills from when they are little to when they become older.

Price Information

What is the price for this type of product? Well, it depends on what are you looking for and how much money you want to spend. There are luxurious products that are more expensive and there are basic ones in different designs that are affordable for people who can’t spend so much money.

Places To Look For The Products

What about brands and places to look for these products? Today, almost every brand has these products in its line of cat furniture. Brands like Bewishome, PetFusion, Petmaker, etc. and you can find the products on their web pages like or or you just visit and find one of these products for your pet.

Best Cat Activity Tree Reviews

Cat Play Towers For Large Cats

Bewishome Cat Tower

Not Only Activity Is Offered

This is the best activity cat tree for large cats. Even the large kitties need their space for entertainment and that’s what this tree is offering to them. But not only entertainment, but they also have a place to sleep and lounge too.

BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo MMJ03

Multiple Levels Tree Construction

This multiple levels cat tree has a base stand with paw-print, a large cat condo, scratching posts, two flat perches with a hammock between them, one flat perch behind a large cat condo, another cat condo higher up and three perches on the top with lifted edges and toys hanging on them. The color is gray.

Safe Material

The dimensions of this product are 36.6×30.7×62.2 inches. It is big and the cat loves it. It is made from carb P2 grade environmental board and it is all covered in soft and cozy plush fabric. The best about this product is that the material is completely safe for you and your cats.

BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo MMJ03 review

Don’t Worry About Maintaining

The color is a bit darker so you don’t have to worry about dirty spots that kitties may make. The product is easy to maintain but to assemble too. The best thing is that you get the instructions together with the tree.

Large Cats Joy

The tree is made specifically for seniors and large cats because of its size. Not only the product is good for cats but for the cat owners too. It will look great in every room you put it but you have to make some space for this type of cat tree.


  • made from safe material
  • gray color
  • instructions included
  • made for large cats

Tall Cat Climbing Tower

PetFusion Cat Tower

Different Version Of Cat Activity Tower

Well, hello totally different designs and different versions of cat activity tower. This tree drags your cat to jump and climb on it and not only that. Kitty can maintain its claws by scratching the post made just for it.

PetFusion Corner Cat Tower

Modern Cat Tower

PetFusion modern cat tower is different and includes two perches for cats who love to lounge and enjoy the view, a scratching posts for claw maintaining and a tree base. Espresso color is the thing that makes this tree even more attractive and beautiful.

Wall Mounted And Safe Material

PetFusion cat tree is made from quality materials such as wood, natural sisal, and soft carpet material. The other great thing is that the materials are very safe. The next great thing is that the product is wall mounted. The dimensions of this product are 24×20.8×76.8 inches.

PetFusion Corner Cat Tower review

Quick Assembly And Replacement Posts

The product is easy to assemble and you only need 15 -20 minutes and a screwdriver and hammer. Together with the product, you get zinc drywall anchors. Replacement posts are available. The product is easy to maintain too.

Young Kittens And Older Cats Can Enjoy

The great thing about this product is that it is perfect for young kittens and older cats. However, it will look great in every room and it is very thin so it won’t take too much space and that is a benefit if you have a smaller apartment.


  • quality materials
  • wall mounted tower
  • zinc drywall anchors included
  • made for kittens and older cats

Cat Play Tree With Scratching Post

Petmaker Cat Tree

Made To Have Fun And Jump And Lounge And Scratch

If something is made to have fun and jump and lounge and scratch all day then it is the Petmaker cat tree. It is just the perfect design for every home and the best about it is that cats love it.

Petmaker Cat Tree

Double Decker Condo

This cat tree has a double-decker condo that brings adventure in your cat’s life, a fluffy hanging toys, scratching posts and two curvy perches on the top of the tree to relax and enjoy the view. The color is gray and white.

Particle Board And Polyester Plush Fabric

The dimensions of this cat tree are 15.75×15.75×44.75 inches. It is made from particleboard material and it is covered in polyester plush fabric. Scratching posts are made from natural sisal.

Petmaker Cat Tree review

Set Up And Clean Up

The great thing about this tree is that it is easy to assemble it. You need just a couple of minutes. It is easy to clean it up too. Just spot dirty areas with soap and also use a vacuum cleaner.

Youngest Kittens To Grown Up Seniors

The product is made for every type of cat from the youngest kittens to grown-up senior cats. This color will look great in your home decor and that is what makes this product even a better choice.


  • particle board and polyester plush material
  • gray and white color
  • easy assembly

Indoor Cat Climbing Tree

Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower

Enough Space For Every Kitty

If you have more than one kitty than this is the product for you. Yaheetech will keep your feline friends active and happy all day. It has enough space for every kitty to enjoy in some oft he levels.

Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower

Attractive Light Gray Tree

This cat tree has a very stable base stand, scratching posts, ladders, a big cat condo, a hanging toy and two extra flat perches on the top to enjoy. The color of this product is light gray and it is very attractive.

Good Quality Material

The product is made from good quality particle board material. It is all covered in a soft and warm plush that is skin-friendly. For kitty’s claws, there are scratching posts made from natural sisal and the dimensions are 32x27x47.5 inches.

Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower review

Toy Included

To keep this product clean just spot the dirty areas with mild soap, wipe it and let it air dry. For set up, you get all the instructions and necessary tools. The fluffy hanging toy is included in the package too.

It Can Fit In The Corner

This product is a practical choice because it can fit in the corner so you can make your cat happy and save some space. It is made for all types of cats, kittens, and seniors. However, the design is great so it will look nice in your home.


  • skin-friendly material
  • light gray color
  • toy, instructions, and tools included

Kitten Play Tower

BestPet Kitten Activity Center

The Best Place For Cats

When you love your multiple kitties so much then you probably want to afford them the best place made just for them. That is exactly what this BestPet tree is offering, a place to have fun and relax.

BestPet Kitten Activity Center

Adventures And Exploring

If you have kittens this will be a great product for you because they love adventures and exploring. This multiple levels cat tree has a base stand, multiple flat perches, a hammock, a rope, a big cat condo, hanging toys and a perch with lifted edges on the top. The color is gray.

It Is Light Weight

This tree is made from very stable and sturdy material which is all covered in soft plush that kitties adore. Besides, it is made from sturdy material it is still lightweight so you can easily move it around the space. Scratching posts are made from sisal material and the dimensions are 28×19.5×56.3 inches.

BestPet Kitten Activity Center review

Easy Clean Up And Assembly

The product is easy to clean up and assembly. It only takes 30 minutes to set it up and the fun can start. Together with the tree, you get the hanging toys so kitties can have fun all the time.

The Energy Of Kittens

This BestPet cat tree is made for kittens because of their energy and love they have to explore. You can put the tree next to the window so kitties can enjoy even more. The product has a nice color so it will look cool in your house or apartment.


  • sturdy and soft material
  • gray color
  • 30 minutes assembly

Conclusion: Why To Buy These Cat Climbing Towers?

Well, they seem pretty good to me, especially Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower and BestPet Kitten Activity Center. The first cat climbing tower is great because it has all your kitties need and it is made for kittens and seniors. The second cat activity tree is great because of the possibilities and it is made for multiple kitten owners.

If you love nature and the woods so you want to buy that type of the tree for your cat then you should read cat tree with leaves and branches review. If you are a fan of the modern look then you read modern cat tree review. And if you like multiple levels or you just look for cat play tower or cat play tree then you should read my review about cat climbing tower products.