Best 5 Rattan & Wicker Cat Tree Furniture In 2022 Reviews

Do you think that rattan and wicker furniture look very pretty almost in every color? Do you maybe want to get one piece of that furniture for your kitty?

Then you can read this!

Here you can find all the information about rattan cat tree and wicker cat tree products and perhaps find the one for your home and feline.


You Should Know This Before Buying These Products

Combination Of Skill And Material

Most of you probably ask yourself a question what are the rattan products? It is a combination of natural material and hand-woven skill of making baskets. So why these products are different? Well, it is because of the skill and material that has good quality so it can be used indoor but outdoor too.

A Good Choice

What about these products and their relationship with pets? Are they a good choice? Of course, they are a good choice and not only these products look good in every room you wish to put it but cats are happy with them. You will enjoy the design and the possibilities for your cats.

The Price Question

Maybe these products are too expensive? What about that? These products are not so expensive and everyone can afford it. The prices are going from 40$ to 100$ and it all depends on your possibilities and what you wish for.

Search The Web Pages

Where to find these cute rattan and wicker type of products? Well, you can look for the products on the web pages that every brand has,and of course, you can search for these products on

Best 5 Rattan & Wicker Furniture Reviews

Wicker Cat Condo

Ejoyous Cat Condo

Cute Space For Taking A Nap

Well, this is a cute space for taking a nap or hide inside or just laying up on the condo and enjoy the view. All that is included in this cat condo made by brand Ejoyous and it will keep your feline happy.

Ejoyous Cat Condo

Hand-Woven Wicker Condo

This hand-woven wicker cat furniture product includes a cat condo that provides hiding and sleeping in it and a bed with lifted edges on the top for lounging and enjoying the view.

Brown Color With Paw Printed Cushion And Pillow

The condo is made from hand-woven, non-toxic, durable and eco-friendly rattan. The dimensions are 17.32×12.99×13.19 inches. It comes in a beautiful basket brown color with a paw-printed cushion and pillow.

Ejoyous Cat Condo review

The Cushion And Pillow Are Included

The best about this cat condo is that you don’t need to assemble it, it comes in one piece. It is easy to keep it clean. The cushion and pillow are included and both are removable so it can be machine washable.

Every Type Of Cat

The product is great because it is made for every type of cat and it doesn’t matter if you have kittens or senior cats. You can move the condo all around the room and put it wherever you want because it is very practical.


  • hand-woven, non-toxic, eco-friendly rattan material
  • brown color
  • cushion and pillow included
  • made for kittens and senior cats

Wicker Cat Tower

MidWest Cat Tower

Modern Designed Cat Tower

This is a modern designed cat tower or better to say it is a cat tree with a wicker basket and also a wicker condo. Your kitty will enjoy lounging and playing in it and you will enjoy just by watching it in your home.

MidWest Cat Tower

Large Rattan Basket Bed

MidWest cat tower includes a base stand, a large round-shaped cat condo, scratching posts so kitties can maintain their claws, a flat perche, a fluffy hanging toy and a large rattan basket bed on the top. The color is a woven rattan/script.

All Natural Woven Rattan

This modern designed cat tower is made from strong material and beautiful, all-natural woven rattan. Scratching posts are made from natural sisal material. The dimensions of this cat tower are 17.5×29.5×40.75 inches.

MidWest Cat Tower review

Assemble And Clean Up

The best about this product is that it is pretty easy for you to assemble it. It takes only a couple of minutes and you get all the tools you need together with the tower pieces. You can easily keep the tower clean too.

Safety For Seniors And Kittens

This product is safe for you and your kitty and that was one of the main ideas of the brand when they were working on this product. It is made for all types of cats and specifically senior cats and kittens.


  • all-natural woven material
  • tools included
  • made for senior cats and kittens

Wicker Cat Perche

Penn Plax Cat Tree

Multiple Levels & Unusual Design

Well, hello to cat’s multiple fun. This tree offers the best off all. It means multiple levels, unusual design, and quality material. Your feline will be grateful for sure.

Penn Plax Cat Tree

Cat’s Favourite Place

It has three different perches placed at different levels which makes this tree your cat’s favorite place. It includes a base stand, sisal-wrapped scratching post, hanging toys, one curved wicker perche, one flat plush perche and wicker nest perche placed on the top.

Good Quality Materials

This cat tree is made from good quality materials such as wood, plush material, wicker, and natural sisal. It is very stable and sturdy. The dimensions of the tree are 10x18x18.2 inches.

Penn Plax Cat Tree review

You Only Need A Screwdriver

The tree comes in the disassembled package but it is easy to assemble it and you only need a screwdriver. It is easy to maintain too. The good thing is that the hanging feather toys are included in the package.

Not Recommended For Large Cats

Penn Plax tree is not so big and heavy so you can move it all around the space easily. It is cute designed so it can fit in your interior design. It is made for every type of cats but only for seniors and kittens. Not recommended for large cats.


  • good quality materials
  • toys included
  • made for senior cats and kittens

Wicker Scratching Post

Sphere Scratch Post Tree

Combination Of Scratching And Resting

This tree reminds on the ball placed on some sticks but actually, it is very cool. This unusual design brings something new in the cat furniture and kitties love it too. The combination of scratching and resting in one product.

Sphere Scratch Post Tree

Large Round Wicker Basket Condo

This wicker cat scratching post has a triangle perch with carpet material on it, a hanging toy, a scratching post placed on one side of the tree and a large round wicker basket condo with round entrance and round hole on the top of it.

Wood, Sisal, Carpet, And Wicker

The dimensions of this cat tree are 21.6×19.7×43.7 inches. It is made from the combination of wood material, sisal scratching post, carpet material, and wicker material.

Sphere Scratch Post Tree review

Easy Assemble Because Of The Simple Design

This cat tree is easy to assemble just because it has a pretty simple design which makes it easy to maintain too. The fluffy hanging toy is included int he package so your kitties can have more fun.

You Can Have More Than One Kitty

It is made for every type of cat from the large ones to the little ones. The best thing is that you can have more than one kitty. However, the design makes the tree look beautiful for people who love to take care of the interior design.


  • unusual design
  • wood, sisal, carpet and wicker material
  • made for every type of cats

Small Gray Wicker Cat Tree

The Refined Feline Kitty Ball

A Piece Of Cat Furniture Innovation

Well, this is a piece of cat furniture innovation. You have two options for setting up so kitty will not get bored of it. It is a very unique and different piece of cat furniture.

The Refined Feline Kitty Ball

Large Ball Bed

This Refined Feline Kitty Ball includes a base stand and a large ball bed with a soft cushion in it. It comes in a beautiful smoke gray color and the dimensions are 17x28x17 inches.

Hand-Woven And Non-Toxic Rattan Material

The whole product is made from the hand-woven and non-toxic faux rattan material in this gorgeous color. The material is great because it can withstand clawing. The cushion is made from plush material.

The Refined Feline Kitty Ball review

Assemble In Two Different Positions

The best about this kitty ball is that it can be assembled in two different positions and the assembly is easy. The cushion is machine washable so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it.

Bed Made For Every Cat

This bed is made for every cat any size because it is very easy to climb inside of it and rest or just enjoy the view. The cushion makes it even a better place to be. The design is very unique so you don’t have to worry about how it is going to look inside your home because it is nice.


  • hand-woven, non-toxic rattan material
  • smoke gray color
  • assemble in two different positions

Conclusion: Why Are The Wicker And Rattan Products A Good Option?

When something is hand-woven it looks very pretty. These products have all you need. The best two of them are Penn Plax Cat Tree and The Refined Feline Kitty Ball. The first is great because of three different perches and the second one is great because of the unique design.

If you need the tree that is tall and skinny then you should read a tall skinny cat tree review. And maybe you want to mount the tree on the wall so then you should read wall mounted cat tree review. However, if you like rattan and wicker products than you should read my review about the best cat trees from that category.