Top 4 Over The Door Hanging Cat Trees To Buy In 2022 Reviews

Do you have trouble with a small apartment but still want to buy a place for your pet? Do you want something simple and practical?

Then you should read this!

I am going to write about the best hanging cat trees to look for in 2020. After reading all the reviews you can decide which door cat tree or over the door cat tree is maybe the best for your home.


Things To Know About These Products

Perfect To Save space

How door and over the door cat tree look alike and are they a good choice? Well, their look is not so different from regular trees and they are great because they don’t take space in your home. It is a perfect choice if you have a small apartment because you just hang the tree on the door and that’s it.

Kitties Love It Anyway

Are these products complicated to install and what about kitties? Do they like it? The installation depends on each product but for sure it is not complicated. However, kitties are happy when they have their own space so it doesn’t matter that these are door-mounted products they will like it anyway.

The Price Depends On The Brand

What about the numbers? Are these products prices higher or lower than the regular ones? Well, that depends on the brand which is launching the product. There are expensive ones and cheaper ones so you can choose for yourself what suits you best.

Look On The Web Pages

Where to look for these products? Every brand sells its products on its web page so you can look for it there. Just type,, etc. However, you can find any of these products on and order it there.

Best 4 Over The Door Hanging Cat Tree Reviews

Cat Tree That Mounts To Door

K&H Pet Tree

Hello To Innovation

Say hello to the innovation in cat furniture, hanging cat products. The best thing about these is that you don’t have to make space. Just put the hanging cat condo on any door in your home and enjoy it.

K&H Pet Tree

7 Holes To Pop In And Out

This hanging cat condo has 5 connecting levels and 7 holes to pop in and out. The color is tan and it comes in two sizes, small and large. The dimensions are 16x16x65 inches.

Unique Cat Tree

The best about this unique hanging cat condo is that it is made from sturdy material and waterproof 600 denier nylon. Another thing is that it mounts on every door o you don’t have to worry about the space.

K&H Pet Tree review

Don’t Need Tools

You don’t need tools to set up this product. You can just hang the tree on the door and kitties can have fun. The product can easily fold down for storage and removal or maybe travel. Because oft he material it is easy to maintain too.

Multiple Kitties Any Size And Type

Multiple levels promise multiple happiness and it is a great choice if you have multiple kitties any size and type. However, it will look fun and interesting by hanging on any door in your home.


  • 600 denier waterproof nylon material
  • comes in two sizes
  • tan color
  • no assembly

Tall Wooden Over The Door Cat Tree

SmartCat Cat Tree

Combination Of Climbing, Scratching And Exercising

When you have a combination of climbing, scratching, and exercising it can’t be a bad product. It isn’t. Cat loves this unique climber and it is a space-saving tree.

SmartCat Cat Tree

Over The Door Cat Perch

This cat tree has 4 levels or better said 4 flat perches and scratching posts. It is great for your cat to jump from one level to another and just have fun. The dimensions of this product are 9x6x82 inches.

Long-Lasting Product

The tree is made from quality materials. It is made from durable wood, carpet material, and natural sisal scratching posts. Because of the materials, it is a great choice because it is a long-lasting product. The color is beige.

SmartCat Cat Tree review

Easy To Move Around

This tree has a spring-loaded bracket system that makes it easy to move around the space. It is easy to assemble and it takes only a few minutes. It is easy to clean it up too. It fits on virtually any door.

Looks Great In Your Home Decor

It is made for every cat any size and any type. It is a great choice for multiple kitties. However, it will look great in your home decor and that is a plus for people who take care of the interior design.


  • wood, carpet and natural sisal material
  • beige color
  • easy assembly

Door Hanging Cat Tower

X-Zone Pet Activity Tower

Different, Unique And Modern

Can it be more fun than hanging the cat tower on the door? The even better thing is that it is not a regular cat tower. It is different, unique and modern. The bonus is you are saving space with it.

X-Zone Pet Activity Tower

5 Roomy Levels

The dimensions of this cat tower are 22x15x60.6 inches. This door mounted cat tree has nine peepholes, 5 roomy levels and on each level, there are two portholes for easy access.

Sturdy Material

It is made from a sturdy material such as heavy-duty nylon canvas mesh and a metal frame. The color of this tree is black and gray. Your kitties will be entertained all day long.

X-Zone Pet Activity Tower review

Easy To Set Up And Clean

The product easily folds down for removal or storage. You can set it up also easily in a couple of minutes. The tree is very comfortable and also it is easy to keep it clean so you don’t have to waste your time on long term cleaning.

Every Kitty Can Enjoy

Like almost all of these products it is made for every kitty and it doesn’t matter about the size and type. It saves space in your home and the bonus is it looks great on your living room door or any other door in your home.


  • sturdy material
  • black and gray color
  • made for every cat

Over The Door Cat Perch

Penn Plax Cat Door Perch

Something New And Very Practic

Well, this product is something new and very practical. It can hang on the door or just stay on the floor. It is your choice to decide where are you going to put the product and make your kitty happy.

Penn Plax Cat Door Perch review

Little Cat Gym

The dimensions of this product are 27.5x20x46.8 inches and the color is espresso. It has 3 shelves with carpet on each of them and a hole for better access. It looks like a little cat gym.

A Two In One Product

It is a two in one product. The product is made from sturdy and durable metal material and metal secure legs are included if you want your Penn Plax tree to free-stand and brackets too to hang it over the door. This cat tree door hanger is the product that can hang on the door or be used as a free-stand.

Penn Plax Cat Door Perch

Great Choice For Smaller Homes

The product is easy to assemble and to keep it clean. This beautiful espresso color will look great with your regular furniture. It is a great choice for smaller homes and smaller rooms.

A Must Have

This product is a must-have. Besides it looks good it is made for any type of cat so you can have seniors, kittens, and large cats. However, you can have more than one cat for sure.


  • sturdy metal material
  • espresso color
  • legs and brackets included

Conclusion: What Is So Great About This Products?

Well, these products save space in your home and that is important if you have a smaller home. The best two products are X-Zone Pet Activity Tower because of its possibilities and adventures it offers to cats and Penn Plax Cat Door Perch because of the interesting design that is going to match your regular furniture.

If you are a fan of regular cat trees but you need a smaller one then you can read a small cat tree review. From the other side if you want a tall but thick cat tree then you can read a tall skinny cat tree review. However, if you want a hanging cat tree or better said a door cat tree or over the door cat tree then you should read my review about cat tree products from this category.