Top 4 Go Pet Club Cat Tree & Tower Furniture In 2022 Reviews

If you’re searching for the perfect cat tree, you must’ve heard about Go Pet Club cat trees. And, in this article, I will tell you why exactly they are the best match for you and your cat.

With thousands and thousands of satisfied customers, various sizes, colors, and uses of their cat trees, it’s not surprising they are so well known and liked.

Go Pet Club’s team is lovingly doing their job and if you want to know more, and find out what are they contributing, keep reading.


If You Want To Get To Know Go Pet Club A Little Better

About The Go Pet Club Company

The Go Pet Club was founded in 2003, and since then is a leading provider of pet furniture in the United States. With their own manufacturer, they are treasuring the unique and remarkable design of a wide range of cat trees and other pet furniture. With the constant upgrading of products, but remaining affordable, they are trying their best to support “pet parents” to raise joyful, bright and healthy pets. After this article, and when you’ll be more introduced to Go Pet Club’s business, you’ll see that they are very passionate about taking care of pets and customers, who are their number 1 priority.

Wide Range Of Go Pet Club Products

Go Pet Club is taking care of all the pet’s needs. For that reason, they are offering everything from cat trees, cages, dog crates, exercise pens, pet strollers, training pads, pet beds, and even grooming tables. All of these products are beautiful creations of Go Pet Club’s manufacturer that last for years. The offer of cat trees is particularly extensive, choose between different sizes of cat trees, or types – comfy beds, economical, forest, busy box, jungle rope, kitty cat, premium carpeted, rattan wicker and sequoia cat trees. With over two hundred types and forms of cat trees, you will find precisely what you’re looking for.

Prices Of Go Pet Club Furniture

All the pet furniture, including cat trees, manufacturers should have one thing in common – the love for pets. This important thing Go Pet Club warmly shows with the quality of the products and the products’ prices. They want to offer the best cat trees that everyone can provide to their cats, so you can find good-quality cat trees for even less than 50$, and the largest and more complex ones are around 200$. It, of course, depends on size or complexity of the cat tree, but the prices are reasonable and acceptable.

Where To Buy This Furniture And Cat Trees

These wonderful cat trees, cat condos, and cat furniture you can buy on Go Pet Club’s official website, or you can always check out the offer on The biggest and most famous online retailer also provides a good deal of Go Pet Club products, with prices and sales that will make you even more pleased. On Amazon, you will find various sizes, patterns, designs and colors of the cat tree, see what other people have to say and recommend, and simply compare products between themselves to find the perfect one for you.

The Offer Of Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

About 62-Inch Cat Tree

This is the most commonly used Go Pet Club cat tree. It’s is a beautiful looking cat tree that has everything your cat needs, from places for rest and sleep to playful ladders, ropes, and a tunnel. It will provide comfort and entertainment at the same time. Your kittens will be intrigued and amused by both, the look and the possibilities of this fancy cat tree. This fun cat tree playhouse comes in various colors, too.

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

What Does 62-Inch Cat Tree Contain?

The elegant looking 62-inch cat tree has four levels. On the first one, it has sisal-wrapped posts and small playful ladders to the second one where are quite a few possibilities. The second level has sisal posts, wiggling rope for play, small condo for a hideout, a resting nest on the side and cute hammock beneath. The third one is plain perch for rest, from where your cute cat or kitten can jump on the top and observe its’s territory or play through the tunnel.

Size And Colors Of The 62-Inch Cat Tree

The overall cat tree is 38 x 27 x 62 inches big. The baseboards (first, second and third floor) are 26 x 19 inches, and the size of the top perch is 13. 25 x 13. 25 x 2. 75 inches. It’s great that the cat tree with condo comes in six colors – Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, and Grey. With this kind of choice, it’s easy to fit the cat tree into your space. All these colors are matching well with other neutrals or colorful.

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree review

Materials Of Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

Our pets, of course, like to be comfortable. That’s why it’s important to have good and soft materials on their furniture, and for you, it’s important that the furniture will last. So, the Go Pet Club brand will please both of you. With its pressed wood board, covered with soft, comfy and elegant faux fur and sisal post on which your cats and kittens will sharpen their claws, it’s suitable for cats of every size, or even few of them.


  • very good quality
  • suitable for all types of cats and multi-cat homes
  • available in six colors
  • many possibilities of comfort and play

Go Pet Club 72-Inch Cat Tree

About The 72-Inch Cat Tree

Also, one of the most famous go pet club cat trees. It’s tall, it’s beautiful, it’s clean-looking, and most importantly cats and their owners love it. The 72-inch cat tree has fifteen possible levels including three top perches, two condos, two ladders, numerous posts, and one small dangling mouse toy. This is why it’s popular, it’s simple, but it has everything important – comfort and playfulness.

Go Pet Club 72-Inch Cat Tree

Size Of The Go Pet Club 72-Inch Cat Tree

The overall size of this tall cat tree is 50 x L x 72 (w x l x h) inches. But, having a lot of components, I will tell you the exact size of each one of them. The cat tree has 10 posts of various sizes. The baseboard is 28 x 24 inches. The smaller condo’s measurements are 15 x 12 x 10, and bigger ones are 20 x 15 x 11.5 inches. The top three perches, for cats the most important, because they love to watch and be above, are 3.5 x 13.5 x 2.5 inches.

Go Pet Club 72-Inch Cat Tree review

Materials And Colors Of The Go Pet Club 72-Inch Cat Tree

Solid compressed wood construction covered with nice faux fur and sisal post are the basis of every quality cat tree. This pretty cat tree comes in seven different colors – Beige, Brown, Black/Brown, Black, Beige/Black, Paw Print, and Slate Grey. All the neutrals that fit seamlessly into the interior, but there is also a fun and cute-looking paw-print pattern for those who want to go extra for their cats.


  • tall cat tree with two condos
  • available in seven colors
  • fifteen possible levels
  • hard construction covered in soft material

Go Pet Club 51-inch Cat Tree Condo House Furniture

About Cat Tree Condo 51-Inch

This is a little bit smaller cat tree than the previous, so it’s perfect if you have smaller cats or smaller place where you can fit in the cat tree. But still, if the tree is smaller, it doesn’t mean it not as useful as the big ones. This cat tree proves it – you have four levels, three perches, one condo, numerous sisal posts, and a mouse toy.

Go Pet Club 51-inch Cat Tree Condo House Furniture

Size Of The Go Pet Club 51-Inch Cat Tree

The overall size is 19 x 19 x 51 inches, with a 16 x 16 inches board base and 13.75 x 13.75 inches top perch. The condo that this cat tree includes is 16 x 16 x 9.5 inches. Even with these few sizes and parts, the cat tree is easy to assemble with step-by-step instructions, just like all the other Go Pet Club cat tree.

Go Pet Club 51-inch Cat Tree Condo House Furniture review

Materials And Colors Of The 51-Inch Condo Cat Tree

Go Pet Club wants to give comfort and peace to the pets but also keep them playful. That is possible with soft faux fur all over the hard compressed wooden construction. if you add the sisal posts, you have everything necessary to spoil your cat. And if you want to include the cat tree nicely into your interior, it’s easy because it comes in four colors, three neutral – Beige, Brown and Grey, and one playful, paw-printed.


  • for smaller cats
  • one roomy condo
  • available in four colors

Go Pet Club 74-inch Forest Cat Tree Furniture

About The Forest Cat Tree

Now, this is a special cat tree. It is big, has a unique look and lots of space for play and rest. The distinctive thing about this cat tree is green leaves around natural sisal posts that resemble the forest. Every animal, even if it’s our house pet, loves nature, and this is a wonderful way to bring a touch of green into the playground.

Go Pet Club 74-inch Forest Cat Tree Furniture

What Does Forest Cat Tree Contain And What Are Its Possibilities?

Eight different levels, numeral posts for scratching wrapped in green leaves, five perches, one roomy condo, one nest on the side and one semi tunnel-like perch. Plus there is also a little mouse toy. Whit this much space is simply for your cat to enjoy. Whether they want to observe, rest, hide, play or scratch, nothing is holding them back.

Size Of Forest Cat Tree

The size of the overall 74-inch cat tree is 35 x 23 x74 inches. But, the cat tree has its’ components. So the measurements of them look like this: baseboard size is 32 x 21.5, condo’s dimensions are 16 x 14 x 13.75 inches, the top perch is 13.5 radius, and for the last piece the size of baskets is 12 inches radius.

Go Pet Club 74-inch Forest Cat Tree Furniture review

Materials And Colors Of Forest 74-Inch Cat Tree

As I mentioned above, the must-have materials are fur faux and sisal posts. That’s not different from this cat tree, soft material is covering hardboard construction and ensuring snuggles and warmth to kittens. This cozy material comes in a mix of Black and Brown colors, including white posts and green leaves.


  • tall and multi-purpose
  • forest like posts
  • mix of colors (Black, Brown, White, Green)
  • cozy and warmly
  • durable

Go Pet Club IQ Busy Box Cat Tree

About IQ Busy Box Cat Tree

This cat tree is something quite different and very useful. This cat tree is coming with a box that has holes and inside of the box, you can put toys and entertain your cat while it’s trying to get them. With this innovation, you can see that cat trees are constantly evolving and providing your cat best mental and physical play.

Go Pet Club IQ Busy Box Cat Tree

Sizes Of IQ Cat Tree Busy Box

the IQ busy box cat tree comes in thirteen sizes – 15″, 20″, 26″, 32″, 34″, 45″, 48″, 52″, 59″, 60″, 61″, 70″ and 74″. As I told you in the introduction of the brand, Go Pet Club will always try to provide products that will please just anyone. Whether you have a small cat or space, or big ones, you can choose what suits you and your fur baby best.

What Does IQ Cat Tree Contain

Depending on the size, it has various possibilities. But one thing is sure, your cat will be well taken care of. The main piece of this type of cat tree is the IQ toy box, plus cat trees have perches, sisal natural posts, condos, wiggling toys, tunnels, ladders, nests and more. You can also buy just the IQ box on the post.

Go Pet Club IQ Busy Box Cat Tree review

Materials And Colors IQ Busy Box Cat Tree

Hard and solid wooden construction covered in soft faux fur is epitome of Go Pet Club cat trees, plus the sisal posts. The IQ box is also compressed with wooden construction, plus the plastic removable balls inside. The colors of Go Pet Club cat trees are usually neutral, so you can choose between Beige, Black, Brown, and Gray. It’s simple – you will always find the perfect one for you.


  • IQ box with removable balls
  • numerous colors
  • numerous sizes
  • numerous possibilities
  • durable and quality

Conclusion: Why Is Go Pet Club Such a Good Option?

It’s simple. They love animals, and they care about the customers. That’s why they can so easily provide good-quality innovative products that suit everyone. Whether you want big and lavish cat trees, smaller ones or the ones that sharpen your cat’s mind, they have everything. My recommendation would be the IQ box cat tree because it’s important to keep the mind healthy and busy, plus you have so many choices. The second suggestion would be the most famous one, the 62-inch cat tree, it’s not too big and it’s not too small, it has just everything you need – plus, it looks gorgeous.

Now that we together reviewed Go Pet Club cat trees, and hopefully make your decision easier, we can together learn about more cat trees. If you would like that, I also have articles about best cat trees for sale, best climbing cat trees, decorative cat trees, floor to ceiling cat trees, cat tree baskets, and much more.