Best 5 Cat Tree & Tower For Multiple Cats In 2022 Reviews

You love kitties so much and you also have more than one in your home?

Then you are probably looking for the best cat trees for multiple cats.

Here you can read all about cat trees for multiple cats products that are all completely different. I will describe 5 best cat trees for multiple cats with their main characteristics so you can decide which is the best choice for you.


Things To Know When Buying Cat Tree For Multiple Cats

The Best Brands Of Cat Trees

The best brands are The Cat Tree King, The Refined Feline, The Vesper, The Armarkat and The Kitty Mansions. All of them are special because of their way of construction and different material. They are offering not only comfortable cat trees but also the biggest and beautiful designed.

Good Choice For Cats

If you have just one kitty you know how sometimes it can be hard to keep it entertained and away from your furniture so you can imagine what it is to have more than one. Kitties need their own space to play, scratch, sleep and simply have fun. Cat trees are a good choice because the pleasure is on both sides, you and your cat.

Find Your Perfect Tree

Your choice also depends on how many kitties you have and how old are they, are they bigger or smaller, etc. And on the other hand you are going to watch the design, do you want something that is more natural with leaves or maybe you want something that is modern furniture like, etc. You have many possibilities and the choice is yours.

About The Prices

The interesting fact about cat trees is that you can choose a tree without being afraid of spending too much money. The prices are going from the lowest, for example, 50 $, for the ones who don’t want to spend too much on the highest ones, 300 $, for people who are willing to spend more. It is worth spending your money on it.

Buy The Product

Every product from these brands you can find on their web pages like and order your cat tree. You can also ask their customer service by e-mail everything you want to find out. Products are also available on where you can also get the information you need.

Best 4 Multiple Cat Tree Reviews

Best Multiple Cat Tree With Leafs

Redwood Cat Tree

Outdoors Feeling Inside Your Home

Redwood cat tree is the biggest from the brand’s forest line of furniture. The combination of green leaves and brown color of material bring the outdoors feeling inside your home. Your kitty will enjoy the natural look indoors.

Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree

Comfortable And Fun Places

It includes many comfortable and fun places like one sleeping and hiding condo, three places to rest and enjoy the look on the top, little ladders and scratching posts. Your kitty will be happy playing with the hanging toy which you can easily remove.

High-Quality Material

It is made from high-quality material which gives this cat tree a longer life- span. The very sturdy construction is what makes this product special and it doesn’t take too much space because of its dimensions 23lx23wx75h inches.

Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree review

Build It By Yourself

The best thing is that you can build it by yourself. It is very easy to assemble. It is made for people who like nature and simplicity because that is what this product brings. The replacement posts are available too. However, the good thing is that is not too expensive.

Smaller And Bigger Kitties Are Welcome

If you have more than one kitty this tree is a great choice. It doesn’t matter if kitties are smaller or bigger, both can enjoy it. Any type of cat is welcome and also any size, it has enough space.


  • the biggest from brand’s forest line
  • easy to assemble and maintain
  • replacement posts are available
  • made for smaller and bigger cats

Best Multiple Cat Tree For Large Cats

Cat Tree King For Large Cats

Royal Place For Multiple Large Cats

European leading brand for multiple large cats. Royal design for the royal feeling of your pet. It is different from the previous product because of its design, material, and size. Your kitty can feel like a queen on this comfortable cat tree.

Cat Tree King Mansion

Rotatable Hammock Included

It includes two large places to lay on or more specific, one large bed on the top and one large hammock that can rotate, playhouse, sisal posts, and base stand. The hammock is what makes this design very modern and different from the first one.

Modern Look In Your Home

The tree is made from very sturdy material but the innovation is in plush that covers all panels. The product is large and the dimensions are 71x29x23 inches and weight of 108 lbs. It looks very modern with this neutral grey color but you have to find space where to put it.

Cat Tree King Mansion review

Luxury You Can Build Alone

With this luxury product, you get soft pillows for a more cozy feeling of your kitties. The pillows are removable. It is big but you can build it alone with the tools included. It is very easy to assemble but to maintain too. It is a product for people who are willing to spend more money.

Large Cats Only

This cat tree king product is specially made for large cats because of its size especially. A large cat can easily jump on it and jump from it which is not the case with the small kitties. This product is made to spoil your big kitties.


  • royal design
  • rotatable hammock included
  • removable pillows available

Best Wooden Multiple Cat Tree

Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

Modern Innovation In Cat Furniture

Modern innovation in cat furniture is a refined feline cat tower. It reminds a lot of regular furniture that you put in your living room or any other room and that makes it different from the previous two products. The best thing is that it looks good in room decoration and your cat will love it.

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

Minimalism In Design

It includes a cat condo on the bottom of the tree, two large flat platforms up in the air and one curvy platform on the top. If you like minimalism than this is the tree for you. Beautiful, simple and fits in every room.

Sturdy Material In Color Of Espresso

A refined feline lotus cat tower is made from very sturdy material in beautiful espresso color. The design besides it’s minimalistic it’s also very sleek and organic. Dimensions are 60x20x20 inches.

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower review

More Like Regular Furniture

Together with the tree, you get tools for easy assembly. On every platform, you get soft carpet which is washable and replaceable. It is easy to maintain like your regular furniture and it is made for people who are looking the best for their home and pet and the price isn’t important.

For Large Multiple Kitties

The tower is made for any type of cat but large cats only because of its big platforms and height of almost 6 feet. A bigger cat can jump easily and for you, your living room must be going to look modern with a happy pet in it.


  • made from sturdy material
  • espresso color
  • minimalistic design, very sleek and organic
  • for large cats only

Best Multiple Cat Tree With Scratching Posts

Vesper Cat Tree

Combination Of Innovation And Elegance

Every person who ownes a cat knows how it can be a demanding job. Vesper-V line of cat trees is a great combination of innovation and elegance. Isn’t it a great feeling when the product is everything you kitty wants but at the same time you will be very satisfied with it.

VesperV High Base – Walnut

Simplicity Is The Key

It includes cube cave with two platforms, one on the top of the tree and one on the bottom and sctratching posts. If you like simplicity and a little elegance in your home then this is the product for you.

Safety With Rounded Corners And Edges

The product is made from high-quality sturdy material which is cat-friendly and it comes in elegant walnut color. The thing that makes this product different from others is rounded corners and edges of the tree for safe feeling. Dimensions are 22.5x17x11 inches.

VesperV High Base – Walnut review

Easy Installation

The tree has removable cushions and scratching surfaces so you don’t have to worry if your kitty destroys it. It is easy to install the tree and keep it clean like your regular furniture. It fits great in every room decor. However, its price is affordable.

Safe Tree For Little And Medium Size Kitties

The product is made for multiple cat owners. It has enough space for them to play and rest together. The tree is safe because of rounded corners so kitties can jump and you don’t have to be afraid. This tree is not made for large kitties.


  • made from cat-friendly material
  • rounded corners and edges
  • easy installation
  • for little and medium size kitties

Best Tall Multiple Cat Tree

Armarkat Cat Tree

Combination Of Quality And Beauty

This tree is a part od brand’s line of cat trees and beds from the most practical to the most luxurious. The brand is internationally recognized as the most reliable brand for quality of it’s material. The best combination of quality and beauty.

Armarkat Cat Tree Model B7801

From Practical Design To Nice Room Aesthetic

This multi-level tree includes 4 big platforms, scratching posts and one cat cube high-up in the air. Beautiful combination of material, color and practical design is made for people who take care of their room aesthetic.

Completely Harmless Material

This product line is pet-centric and pet-friendly. It is made from the combination of soft covers like faux fleece and sturdy material like pressed wood. Materials are completely harmless to cats and their owners. It comes in alabaster color and the dimensions are 32x27x78 inches.

Armarkat Cat Tree Model B7801 review

Building And Replacement Parts Availability

The tree is easy to maintain and to assemble. If something breaks on the tree within 6 months AeroMark will replace it for free. All parts you need you can get on their official website. Toys for the tree are not included. You can get your tree for an affordable price.

All Day Entertainment For Every Cat

Armarkt cat tree is made for multiple cats and the size of cat is not important. It will look great in any room and cats will be entartained all day. From more fun you should consider to buy cat toys too.


  • faux fleece and pressed wood
  • pet-centric and pet-friendly
  • harmless material
  • cat toys not included

Conclusion: Which Two Best Cat Trees For Multiple Cats You Should Consider To Buy?

The best two products are Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree and Cat Tree King For Large Cats. The redwood cat tree is a great choice for multiple cats no matter if they are big or small and it’s a very affordable product. The cat tree king is a little bit expensive but definitely worth it and great for large kitties to make them feel like royal cats.

If you want the best cat trees for multiple cats but you want it to be cheap then you should read cat trees under $50 review. If the price doesn’t bother you and you want to find out more about cat trees for multiple cats then you should read my review about the best cat tree for large cats.