Best 5 Modular & Plastic (PVC) Cat Tree & Tower Reviews 2022

Are you interested in a PVC cat tower product or PVC cat tree product for your feline friend? You never were disappointed in PVC or plastic products?

Then read this review about PVC and modular types of products!

In this review, you can read all about PVC cat tower or PVC cat tree products and in the end, maybe you find a PVC pipe cat tree product for your little furry friend and you.


Things You Should Know About PVC Cat Furniture Products

Modular Cat Products

What does it mean to have a modular cat tree product? What are the advantages that make it better than the other products? Well, modular cat products are the products that come in different shaped pieces or maybe the same shaped pieces from which you can build a tree or a tower-like you want. The advantage of these products is the possibility of rebuilding a tree or a tower so it never would be boring for you or your feline friend.

Plastic Or Cardboard Material

What are PVC cat tree products or modular cat tree products? Well, that are cat trees, cat towers or cat condos that look like regular cat trees and the only different thing is the material. These products are made from plastic or cardboard material but also have all the things that regular cat trees have.

PVC Or Cardboard Brands

Are there some special brands for these types of products? Well, it can be said that on the market there are brands that make just plastic and cardboard modular cat tree products but there are the other brands that just have these products in their one specific line. For example, brands like Katris, Goetland, etc.

Price And Ordering

What about the prices and where to look for these products? Well, the thing about these products is that they are a mostly cheaper type of product which everyone can get for their pets. You can search the products on site or just go and visit the brand’s web page and order the products there. For example, or

Building A Cat Tree With Pvc

Of course, there is always an option of a tree or a tower that you can do it yourself. If your cat tree package has instructions included it is the best thing to follow them step-by-step. If you are willing to build a cat tree with PVC pipes you can read many different DIY projects like this PVC DIY cat tree guide.

Best 5 Modular & Plastic Cat Furniture Product Reviews

Modular Cardboard Cat Furniture

Katris Modular Cat Tree

Different From Others

Katris brand is different from all the other brands. Its cats in cubes modular cat furniture product contains 5 blocks so you can build anything you want. The color of this product is the original craft.

Katris Modular Cat Tree

Heavy-Duty Durable Cardboard Material

This beautiful modular product is made from sustainably sourced 90% post-consumer content plus FSC-certified paper or more specifically heavy-duty durable cardboard material. The dimensions are different for each piece of this tree.

Build It As You Want

The package contains 10 clips for securing the blocks together. However, it includes an extra 5 bags of natural catnip. You can build it like you want so it can be a cat tree, a cat scratcher, a cat climber, a bookshelf, etc.

Katris Modular Cat Tree review

Holds Up To 300 Pounds Of Weight

This modular cardboard cat tree is great because you can build endless combinations and it will look great in your home. It is made for every cat type and it can hold up 300 pounds of weight so you can have multiple cats too.


  • heavy-duty durable cardboard material
  • original craft color
  • 10 clips and 5 bags of catnip included
  • holds up 300 pounds of weight

Modular Cat Condo

Goetland Cat Tree Condo

Plastic Cat Furniture Product

This plastic cat furniture product from Goetland brand has a sleeping area, a cat house, a climbing ladder, a dangling toy, a scratching post, and a lay-on platform. The color of the product is dark-gray.

Goetland Cat Tree Condo

Oxford Cloth And PVC Material

The Goetland PVC cat furniture product is made from 420 Oxford cloth material, PVC material, and natural sisal scratching post. The dimensions of this product are 27.6×15.8×31.5 inches.

10 Minutes Assembly

This product is easy to assemble within 10 minutes because the package contains detailed instructions. However, it is easy to disassemble the product too and the package also includes a hanging toy. It is easy to keep it clean too. Soft plush cushion is also included.

Goetland Cat Tree Condo review

Holds Up To 17.6 Lbs Weight

This product is multifunctional and gives your feline friends a lot of possibilities for having fun. It is made for multiple cats and the product can hold up to 17.6 lbs weight. It looks interesting so it will in your home.


  • oxford cloth and PVC material
  • dark-gray color
  • detailed instructions included
  • made for multiple cats up to 17.6 lbs weight

Modular Cat Tower

Kitty City Cat Tower

Modular Cat Condo

The Kitty City brand made this fun modular cat condo for your felines. Your kitties will be thrilled with it because of its cute design and all the space they have multiple levels to have fun and it includes condos, perches, hanging toys and scratching posts.

Kitty City Cat Tower

Plastic And Polyester Combo

This plastic cat condo is made from a combination of polyester walls and the pipes are made from PVC material. The PVC cat condo dimensions are 32.5×46.8×47.5 inches. It looks like a real playground.

Set Up And Clean Up

The plastic cat tower is easy to assembly and the best thing is that it can be assembled as you wish to create a different look. It is easy to maintain the product too. The product is lightweight so it is easy to move it around the space.

Kitty City Cat Tower review

Made For Multiple Cats

The Kitty City cat playground is perfect for multiple cats and it doesn’t matter if you have kittens or adult cats. However, besides it is perfect for cats it is a perfect choice for the owners too because it looks so fun and interesting.


  • a combination of PVC and polyester material
  • easy setup and maintain
  • perfect for multiple cats

Small Plastic Cat Condo

Small Town Merch Portable Cat Condo

Small But Fun Cat Condo

The Small Town Merch brand launched a product that is perfect if you are looking for something small and fun but made from high-quality material. The small PVC cat condo includes a cat condo and a perch on the top for resting and lounging. The color is light blue.

Small Town Merch Portable Cat Cond

High-Quality And Affordable Product

The product is made from high-quality materials and it is very affordable. The frame of the product is made from PVC material and it is covered in soft polyester. The dimensions are 14x14x27 inches.

Perfect For Travelling

The condo can be easily set up and take down for only a few seconds. It is easy to maintain the condo too. However, the product is lightweight so you can easily move it around the space and it is perfect for traveling.

Small Town Merch Portable Cat Cond review

Two Kitties

The condo is perfect for two cats and it doesn’t matter if you have kittens or adult cats. However, besides it is perfect for the owners too because it looks cute and it doesn’t take to much space in your home.


  • high-quality materials
  • light blue color
  • easy setup and down
  • perfect for two cats

Cubes Modular Cat Furniture

Catty Stacks Modular Cat Cubes

Modular Cardboard Cat Furniture Product

This is the modern take in cardboard cat furniture, the Catty Stacks modular cat tree. It is great because you can pick your favorite type and design it like you want it to be. It has many possibilities and it is your choice to pick the right one for your pet.

Catty Stacks Modular Cat Cubes

Interesting Cat Cubes

The Catty Stacks product includes unique cat cubes with different entrance shapes and a bridge. The dimensions of the product are 15x15x15 inches and it is lightweight. Another great thing is that it comes in different colors so you can pick the color too.

Many Possibilities Of Building

This product is an award-winning product in modular cat furniture. It is easy to assembly, to maintain and it has many possibilities of building. The product material is pet-safe and planet-friendly. The package includes a bridge, connector clips and two cubes in each kit.

Catty Stacks Modular Cat Cubes review

Made For Every Kitty

The best about this cat product is that it is made for every kitty no matter the age and the size. The product is so cool and unique so it will look great in your home. In fact, it will look like your kitty or kitties have their own playground. You can buy more cubes in different colors and mix them to create an even more interesting place to have fun.


  • cardboard pet-safe and planet-friendly material
  • bridge and connector clips included
  • available in different colors
  • made for every cat

Conclusion: Why Are These Modular & Plastic Cat Products Such A Great Choice?

Well, because you can build it how you want and they are lightweight. The best two from modular cat tree and plastic cat tree products are Katris Modular Cat Tree and Kitty City Cat Tower. The first is great because you can reassemble it and build it as you want and the second PVC cat tree tower is great because of the possibilities for kitties to have fun.

If you are a fan of cat trees that look like real trees then you should read cat trees that look like real trees review. If you are a fan of wood products then you can read a wooden cat tree review. However, if you want a PVC pipe cat tree or PVC cat tree then read this review about the best cat trees from this line of cat products.